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Shenandoah Teens: Piekarsky and Donchak Sentenced To Minimum 6 Months

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Brandon Piekarsky
Derrick Donchak
Top: Brandon Piekarsky;
Bottom: Derrick Donchak
Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak were sentenced last night for the fight in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania that resulted in the death of illegal alien Luis Ramirez in July 2008. Both were convicted of simple assault in the case on May 1, 2009.

A judge sentenced Brandon Piekarsky to 6 to 23 months and Derrick Donchak, who was also convicted of corruption of minors, to 7 to 23 months.

Pro-illegal supporters have been pressuring the US Department of Justice to file Civil Rights violations against the two, a call that I find ludicrous since civil rights are endowed on citizens of a country, of which Luis Ramirez was not a citizen of the United States. They are really calling for "human rights" violations, which in essence means that our country doesn't matter and that it's world opinion that counts. Either way it shows their lack of belief in America and it's laws.

Not long after the convictions those in support of illegal alien Luis Ramirez started making threats on Donchak and Piekarsky. The image below was taken of a car with a message on it's windows which states "Kill Brandon And Derrick".

A Car Window Calls For The Killing of Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak

Since the sentencing last night I have received a few comments on my trial coverage posts from back in June.

Including this from "Aish":

Chances are great that one or both, will either get badly maimed in prison, brutally raped in prison, or beaten so badly that their parents will visit them in the hospital while they are in coma for two days... before dying from their injuries. I hope #2 then 3.

Those supporting illegal immigration have claimed that there's a "wave of hate" coming from those who call for immigration enforcement, yet time and time again the hate is proven to be coming from their side. I have yet to hear a legitimate immigration enforcement group calling for the deaths of illegal aliens, yet we do not hear a condemnation from those in favor of illegal immigration to those in this country who have called for the "death of the gringo".

If you are interested in the trial, video and other postings on this case please see the coverage below.

(Shenandoah Teen Trial Coverage: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, My Verdict, Verdict is in!, Shenandoah Rally and Archive)

Tipped by: Voice of the People USA
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Posted by Digger on June 18, 2009 03:08 PM (Permalink)

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Hopefully "Aish" will put himself/herself out of his/her misery. Probably a Philly-area white (Jewish?) liberal.

You might think MALDEF et.al. would be happy with the sentence, but they're intent on seeing Donchak and Piekarsky DEAD! That's what they really want. Any chance of an appeal?

I understand Crystal got knocked-up again? Let's see, now, that's #4? Please, someone pour cement into her vagina!

Hey, Digger, thanks for letting me post here. The politically correct Republicrat-Coward left-wing rag newspaper put me on their "do not post" list and refuse to print my comments. Gee, I don't understand why.....

Posted by: INFIDEL on June 18, 2009 04:27 PM

Commandment #6: Thou shalt not kill.
Nowhere does it say unless you are an illegal alien. Granted these boys got off easy, but there's a special place in hell waiting for them.

Posted by: Mo on October 23, 2009 10:27 PM

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