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A Word From The Cousin Of Victim Amy Kortlang Who Was Killed By A Drunk Driving Illegal Alien

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Amy Kortlang
Last week 22-year-old Amy Kortlang was killed in a head on collision with illegal alien Rafael Ramirez Perez. Rafael Ramirez Perez, who was driving drunk at a high speed in her lane after causing another collision that injured three, had previously been arrested at least 3 times on drunk driving charges and deported to Mexico just this past March. He quickly re-entered the country illegally and took the life of this young woman who was just trying to live life and had just moved into her own place.

This story was very disturbing and made me furious and sad at the same time.

I received the following message from Shelli Jackson, Amy's cousin.


Hello, my name is Shelli Jackson, my maiden name is Shelli Kortlang. Amy Kortlang was my little Cousin and to find out what I have in the past couple of days about this man outrages me.

A lot of things about this outrages me. I get home once a year to visit the family and this last summer we did not even get to see her, now she's gone and I just can't believe it has happened. No matter how many times her parents want to see or call her, not matter how many times my parents want to see or call her, and no matter how many times I come home to visit and want to see or call her, it will never happen. But this idiot gets out of a mangled vehicle and RUNS

The point I am trying to make is when does it stop? So many innocents being killed by low life trash drunk drivers and they just walk, or run, away from it. Take them on their first offence and lock them away, throw away the key and don't give them a chance to do it again. I'm sorry to rant, but I guess I needed to.

Something has to be done about it all. The Government needs to get the heck up and and start worrying about our Country for a change.

Thank you for allowing me to rant.

Shelli Jackson


Shelli has vowed not to let the memory of her cousin end and to take her thoughts to the government. She is particularly mad at the fact that he was driving drunk and that just suspending someone's license doesn't go far enough.

I am furious over the fact that this illegal alien was able to enter this country so easily and cause the death of a young woman. This man should not even have been in this country and the government is just as much to blame as this illegal alien in my opinion.

When will it end? Is there anyone out there paying attention other than the few who speak out and those directly affected by both drunk driving and illegal aliens?

Our thoughts here at The Realm go out to Shelli and all of those who have been affected by the death of Amy Kortlang.

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Posted by Digger on October 17, 2006 12:28 AM (Permalink)

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I just wanted to let you all know how VERY sorry I am to hear about Amy's death at the hands of some stupid, drunk, illegal alien, who of all things, was a repeat, repeat offender. I heard your story the other night on the John and Ken Show, and was driven to tears, literally, as I sat on the fwy. listening. While I am not a racist person, and I pray for all peaople who suffer in poverty, it certainly does not include a certain bunch of people from ANY country, who think they should have carte blanche to our hard earned tax dollars, to live off of and send back home, to build their palacial estates there, and live better than us, U. S. Citizens!! There are people all over the world who suffer far greater, even unto death, who belong here more to be helped, and would be glad to assimilate, and be a real part of America! I am sick of this country selling us down the river to a bunch of people who get hand outs, left and right, and even to the point of a slap on the wrist for egregous crimes, such as this schmuck who took beautiful Amy's life! My family's hearts go out to yours for your great loss. Please do all you can to get laws changed that will crack down on this murderer, and everyone like him. Our prayers are with you. And to the family of the murderer, you are correct. God will judge, hopefully, first, with the help of our judical system! Any support you give this lout, short of, of course, your love, because he is your family member, is nothing short of disgusting! I love my kids, but I would never support them for such repeat behavior. NEVER!

Posted by: Stan on February 16, 2007 10:10 AM

This nightmare will never end until (1) more US citizens become actively involved in our government by harassing their Congressional representatives until they send the bums home and build a fence they can't crawl over; (2) make a big noise until lobbyists (especially from foreign countries) are prohibited from roosting in the offices of our Congressional representatives. Democracy is dead so long as lobbyists with lots of money have the ears of Congress.

Posted by: Jacque on July 27, 2008 01:36 PM

hey this is very sad and im really sorry to here this. the person that dun this should get life in prison.

Posted by: jessica talley on April 28, 2010 05:09 PM

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