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Wife Of Border Patrol Agent Ramos Response To State Of The Union: "A total sell-out of the United States of America to Mexico"

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The wife of Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos, Monica Ramos, was in attendance at the State of the Union last night as a guest of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Agent Ramos has been in jail since last Wednesday. For more on that back story see "Border Patrol Agents Ramos And Compean Head To Jail, Bush Fiddles"

Upset and distraught she called President Bush's State of the Union speech hypocrisy.


"How could President Bush say that he wanted to secure our borders and that he would double the size of the Border Patrol when my husband is in prison," she asked WND. "Ignacio was trying to secure our border from drug smugglers. And what do we get? I have to show my children their father in prison in chains and I have to explain to them that the president of the United States is a liar."


"President Bush can say all he wants that the solution to border security is new infrastructure and technology," Ramos told WND, "but as long as my husband is in jail the American people should know that President Bush doesn't mean a word he says."

"What I sat in the gallery and heard tonight," she said, "was a total sell-out of the United States of America to Mexico. I heard President Bush's message loud and clear. All the president has to offer is electronic gadgets. Meanwhile, our borders are wide open to illegal immigrants, criminals and drug smugglers. God help the honest men and women of the Border Patrol who want to do their duty. It's a losing battle – just ask my husband, he'll tell you the truth."

"The American people only need to ask me," Ramos pleaded to WND. "Tell America that President Bush doesn't mean a word of what he says about border security. My husband is in jail for trying to capture a drug smuggler and President Bush wants electronics? My husband is a hero and President Bush is a traitor as far as I'm concerned. Let him tell my children that he wants new 'infrastructure' or 'comprehensive immigration reform' when their dad who wore the Border Patrol badge for years is shackled and in chains for doing his job."

Hear, Hear Monica! We're with you and agree with you 100%. President Bush is allowing this crime to go on unabated and that makes him an accomplice to every single illegal action along our southern border that he refuses to defend properly.

One other item of note that I missed catching in my entry on the State of the Union was caught by the Freedom Folks. Specifically the exact wording of this paragraph.

"We should establish a legal and orderly path for foreign workers to enter our country to work on a temporary basis. As a result, they won't have to try to sneak in, and that will leave Border Agents free to chase down drug smugglers and criminals and terrorists."

Wherein the Freedom Folks replied "Whoever slipped the phrase "chase down drug smugglers" into this address deserves the Ironic Bullshit of the Year award. Chase down drug smugglers? Like Ramos and Compean? You know -- the Border Patrol agents who are now serving over a decade in federal prison for doing just that?"

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