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761.. Wait.. 338 Illegal Aliens Rounded Up In Southern California

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The Feds are pushing out the news that they "rounded up" 761 illegal aliens in one of the largest busts ever in Southern California. Wow, really? The largest bust ever? I'm betting most people could throw a rock in Southern California and hit more illegal aliens than that.

Why am I so passe at this bust which most people would think would make an opponent of illegal immigration happy? Because it's a lie first of all. They didn't "round up" even half of these people. They found most of them in jails. I'm also betting they found most of them because of local law enforcement doing the screening in jails through programs like this one passed in Orange County in mid-December. So why the feds should get credit for those catches is beyond me.

I'm also down on them because yesterday alone 4,000 unknown illegal aliens entered our country as happens every single day in this country. There are also an estimated 600,000 federal fugitive illegal aliens in this country. So the busting of 338 illegal aliens over a week long period is ridiculously low though it is the headline story on FOX News and other news channels.

The only good thing about the media attention is that maybe it will scare some illegal aliens to self deport themselves, fearing they'll be picked up at random off the street (like they should be). The bad thing is that they're trying to sway the American people into thinking that they're actually being "tough on illegal immigration" when they are so far from tough it's not even laughable.

FOX News

Federal officials said Tuesday they arrested more than 750 illegal immigrants over the past week in the Los Angeles metropolitan area in what they described as one of the biggest such sweeps in U.S. history.

The weeklong series of raids in the five-county region targeted illegal immigrants who had previously been deported for crimes or had ignored final deportation orders.

The raids netted 338 illegal immigrants who were arrested at their homes and apartments and 423 who were identified in area jails since Jan. 17. Those already jailed will be transferred to federal custody when they finish serving their state sentences, said Virginia Kice, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

A whole lot of nothing. When you start busting illegal aliens on the street who are hanging out in groups of 50-100 like they do everyday in LA, then give me a call and let me know you're actually serious and doing your job. Until then, this is all BS publicity in order to justify your jobs as politicians.

And I'm not blaming the officers and agents who did the busting. This is purely political in nature by the higher ups like Julie Myers at ICE and Michael Chertoff at the DHS. The agents only do the jobs their bosses let them.

Tipped by: Michelle Malkin

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