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Same Old Immigration BS In State Of The Union Address

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There's really no surprise that President Bush brought up the same old tired bullshit in his State Of The Union address tonight. We get it George, you want to allow illegal immigration to continue and to give all those illegal aliens here amnesty, there's really no sense in continuing to repeat yourself. There's a reason the polls show you at an all time low and that isn't just because of Iraq. It's because your own party is starting to hate you with a passion.

Continuing to reiterate your stance to the whole nation, of which 80% are against your ridiculous notions on illegal immigration, just ensures that those polls will remain in the gutter and that the Republicans are sure to be handed a swift and deserved defeat in 2008.

Here's a quick pointing out of his asinine reasoning.

Extending hope and opportunity in our country requires an immigration system worthy of America – with laws that are fair and borders that are secure. When laws and borders are routinely violated, this harms the interests of our country. To secure our border, we are doubling the size of the Border Patrol – and funding new infrastructure and technology.

We have an immigration system that is fair. We allow plenty of legal immigrants into this country each year, unfortunately we also let in 4,000 illegal aliens a day. "I'll agree when laws are routinely violated this harms our country", so why are you letting it continue? If you were truly worried that border would have been closed the month after you took office. Border Security is just a word to you President Bush. Drugs, human smuggling, illegal immigration, terrorism, gangs, attacks on our law enforcement personnel continue on a daily basis and what's his solution? Send a token number of extra Border Patrol Agents there and that's about it.

A total Bullshit statement from this "man worried about border security and upholding the rule of law".

Yet even with all these steps, we cannot fully secure the border unless we take pressure off the border – and that requires a temporary worker program. We should establish a legal and orderly path for foreign workers to enter our country to work on a temporary basis. As a result, they won’t have to try to sneak in – and that will leave border agents free to chase down drug smugglers, and criminals, and terrorists.

We already have temporary worker programs and they are routinely used to allow "temporary workers" in who then never leave and disappear into society. Guess what? Even with the temporary worker programs in place we still have illegal immigration, go figure. We will always have illegal immigration as long as we don't actively secure our border and not just talk about it. There will always be the criminals and those who are unwilling to wait in order to come here. There will never be a high enough limit set that will stop illegal immigration and it will continue to occur as long as it is ignored by these ignorant people in Washington so that they can benefit at the American people's detriment.

We could also "take pressue off the border" by holding Mexico to account and starting to sanction them unless they deal with the problem on their end. Don't hold your breath on that one though as President Bush wants to integrate the US with Mexico even more, even if it negatively impacts Americans, of which he is legally responsible to.

We will enforce our immigration laws at the worksite, and give employers the tools to verify the legal status of their workers – so there is no excuse left for violating the law. We need to uphold the great tradition of the melting pot that welcomes and assimilates new arrivals. And we need to resolve the status of the illegal immigrants who are already in our country – without animosity and without amnesty.

First of all Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a clear amnesty. Amnesty is defined as "forgiving past offenses" and that's exactly what it does to the 10's of millions of illegal aliens here. They're not locked up, they're not deported, they're not held accountable, they are simply screened and then released as a legal resident. It's an amnesty, there's no other way of looking at it.

Secondly, the illegal immigrants that are coming here don't want to assimilate, they don't get a rats ass about a "melting pot". They want theirs and they want it now. They're not coming here for the beliefs of America, they're coming here for a quick buck and don't give a crap if they destroy this country in the process or affect its citizens and legal residents in a negative way or take away services and support that they're paying for with their taxes. For more see "Mexican Immigrants Refuse To Assimilate, Claim "Binationality" and ""We Will Never Assimilate!'"

Now most legal residents are a different story. They've actually waited and gone the proper route and are thrilled when they finally get here and want to fit in, but we've never really had an issue with that like the President wants you to believe. He wants you to believe that those against illegal immigration are against all immigrants, the "melting pot" theory and assimilation. That's simply bullshit.

As for the joke about worksite enforcement, there are already programs in place, such as the Basic Pilot program. The general problem is that the IRS cannot release data to the Department of Homeland Security and US Citizenship and Immigration Service for programs like the Basic Pilot when they detect Social Security numbers being used multiple times in many places across the US at the same time. They cannot share identity theft information that would cut down on many illegal aliens who obtain work. There are also other problems with Basic Pilot. This could all be resolved with a stroke of the pen by President Bush, but to this date he has not done this and it raises a serious red flag that this comment from him is total bullshit. True workplace enforcement could be in place now, but President Bush has never gotten behind it and it's probably because he truly doesn't care.

Convictions run deep in this Capitol when it comes to immigration. Let us have a serious, civil, and conclusive debate – so that you can pass, and I can sign, comprehensive immigration reform into law.

Been locked in DC a little too long George? This issue is not about the convictions of the people in "the Capitol", this is about the American People and our country. Sure it's the people in DC's country too, but when 80% of the country is against rewarding criminals who routinely break our laws - and then you ignore it saying that "Convictions run deep in this Capitol" - you are showing that you don't give a crap about what America wants.

Why don't you get out. Have an open town meeting on immigration in Real America and get out of your cocoon of constant lobbying by pro illegal alien forces and you'll soon realize why people are starting to despise you so and particularly on this issue.

All in all his statements on illegal immigration are total bullshit when compared to the reality of the situation and his statements just show that he hasn't actually studied the issue much at all to realize the true negative effect it is having on this country.

Full text of the State of the Union can be found at Drudge

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It's not just illegal immigration that's the problem. From 1989 to present we've been admitting anywhere from 800,000-1,130,000 immigrants per year, the majority of which are undereducated low-skill immigrants who get in through the family preference categories. Mexico is far and away our biggest sending country (legally). 15% of our annual total comes from Mexico alone. So for Mexicans to say that we don't let enough of them in legally is baloney. We get a lot of them legally and even more illegally. We just get a glut of Latinos in total. They have about a 50% dropout rate and a 42% illegitimacy rate, putting these unskilled single mothers and their children on the welfare roles long term. To legalize them would only drive up the welfare or workfare costs as even more would be eligible. I would say our immigration system needs an overhaul. Too many poor uneducated immigrants period.

Posted by: John B on June 8, 2010 04:51 PM

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