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Illegal Aliens Push Emergency Rooms To Breaking Point

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I've covered the continued attack on our Emergency Care Facilities that illegal aliens have imposed, but now it is reaching the mainstream -- minus the real cause of their strain of course.

You simply can't have this continued flow of illegal aliens into our country, require that everyone receive medical care if they show up at an Emergency Room and feel no impact of it on the citizens and taxpayers of this nation. Like our education systems and transportation systems, our health care systems were not designed to be swamped with massive amounts of people in such a short period of time. Especially ones who neither pay their bill, nor pay taxes into the system to support the services.

This isn't a new occurrence. Places like Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in San Bernardino and Emergency Rooms in New Jersey and California have had to close their doors to all people after being run into the ground by illegal immigrants.

Now this is putting all people in the United States at risk in the event of a terrorist attack or epidemic.


Half a million times a year — about once every minute — an ambulance carrying a sick patient is turned away from a full emergency room and sent to another one farther away. It's a sobering symptom of how the nation's emergency-care system is overcrowded and overwhelmed, "at its breaking point," concludes a major investigation by the influential Institute of Medicine.

That crisis comes from just day-to-day emergencies. Emergency rooms are far from ready to handle the mass casualties that a bird flu epidemic or terrorist strike would bring, the institute warned Wednesday in a three-volume report.


There were almost 114 million emergency room visits in 2003, up from 90 million a decade earlier. During the same time, the total number of U.S. hospitals decreased by 703, and the number of ERs by 425. And the total number of hospital beds nationwide dropped by 198,000, as hospitals strive toward more outpatient care — which in turn leaves fewer beds for ER patients to move into when they're seriously ill.

Hmm, what has been the major cause of population explosion over the past 10 years? Let me think really hard on this one...

Tipped by: Outside The Beltway who also points out this Washington Post story which says the following:

Fixing the problems is likely to cost billions of dollars and will require the leadership of a new federal agency, which Congress should create in the next two years, they wrote.

And people were bitching about the costs of a wall, enforcing our immigration laws and attacking employers of illegal aliens? We are paying more and more for all of these services we are providing illegal aliens than we could possibly pay in actually cracking down on them. Now they want a new massive money sucking organization to simply expand the Emergency services to handle this influx of illegal aliens rather than taking care of them once and for all. Asinine!

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