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Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Applies For Federal Reimbursement For Treating Illegal Aliens

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Another medical center is facing the crunch of being legally bound to treat illegal aliens, but never being paid for doing so. The board of directors at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center have applied for federal reimbursement. The center spends about $1 million on treating illegal aliens each year. The money has been coming from San Bernardino County. In other words the law abiding tax payers of San Bernadino are paying for the medical care of illegal aliens. Other hospitals in the area are also incurring major costs by treating illegal aliens. This isn't a new occurrence emergency rooms in both New Jersey and California have had to close their doors to all people after being run into the ground by illegal immigrants.

Desert Dispatch

Federal law precludes hospitals from refusing to treat anyone who comes to an emergency room seeking help. Failure to provide care can result in federal fines. Because of this requirement, illegal immigrants often use the ER as their first and only form of health care.


University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona, has been collecting patients' immigration information for two decades, and illegal immigrants continue to seek treatment at the hospital, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. In 2003, the hospital spent $6 million to treat illegal immigrants. In 2004, that uncompensated figure rose to $12 million.


"I plan on making sure San Bernardino County gets every penny it deserves for services rendered to people in this country illegally," Biane said. "If the federal government cannot keep illegal immigrants out, it certainly must assist local governments like San Bernardino County that are financially impacted."


Last week, the Board of Supervisors appropriated funding for a program that will help the county secure more federal reimbursement for detaining undocumented immigrants arrested for crimes ... The Sheriff's Department estimates it costs the County about $11 million a year to detain illegal immigrants.

Everywhere you turn illegal aliens are taking a bite out of monies that should be going to those who are suppose to be here. When will the madness ever end?

Keep in mind this is just one county.

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