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Illegal Aliens Threaten New Jersey Hospitals

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I have reported in the past about California Emergency Rooms closing due to illegal aliens, now New Jersey hospitals are facing the same fate.

New Jersey Times

New Jersey's escalating population of illegal immigrants is placing an ever-growing burden on the state's hospitals, which expect to lose $200 million this year on care to the underground community.

Doctors and administrators around the state are complaining that the cost of treating illegal immigrants has forced them to delay the purchase of life-saving technology or the addition of valuable staff.

And according to the New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA) in West Windsor, the burden will only increase unless state or federal agencies step in and pay the bills.

How about we enforce our immigration laws and get rid of the illegal aliens rather than banter about who should pay the bill? New laws need to be put in place like Arizona's Proposition 200 requiring staff and government agencies to ask for immigration status or face criminal prosecution and jail time for not doing so.

I have no problem with treating injured people, but upon finding they are here illegally they should be deported and not just let go to once again burden our systems in the future when they once again get sick or get injured.

In California, which has far more illegal aliens than New Jersey, the state medical association reports the cost of caring for illegal immigrants has helped force 60 emergency rooms to close during the past decade.

Those closures, in turn, have led to crowding at many of the others. In big cities from Sacramento to San Diego, patients with minor injuries often must wait hours for care.

The situation will likely get worse in the next few years.

The rate of closures is on the rise, according to reports from the California Medical Association, and considering that some 80 percent of the state's emergency rooms report that they now lose money, largely because of the care they give away to illegal immigrants, hundreds more emergency rooms may be at risk.

Now ask yourself where the high cost of healthcare is coming from. For every illegal alien who is receiving treatment at these emergency rooms -- even for minor care like a cold -- they are taking from millions of citizens and those here legally.

As long as we have people in charge like the idiot below these issues will never be resolved and they'll continue bitching without wanting to implement a system that solves their problem.

Federal patient privacy laws forbid New Jersey hospitals from telling authorities about patients who break federal immigration laws.

This suits hospital officials just fine.


"The law does require hospitals to notify authorities about every case of wound or burn related to a weapon used in an act of aggression," said Ron Czajkowski, a spokesman for the hospital association.

"But the hospitals in this state are quite firm in their opposition to any law that would require them to report immigration violations.

"Violence is one thing, but immigration is not really a crime. It's a social phenomenon that happens to be illegal. Besides, if people suspected that health-care providers would report them, they would not seek medical care, which would be bad for them and could create a public health menace."

Yeah, keep repeating that mantra to yourself Asshat! It's not a crime, it's just illegal. Similar to murder, which is also not a crime, it's just illegal.

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