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Organizers Of Illegal Alien Protests Are Political Revolutionaries From Nicaragua And El Salvador, Speak Reconquista Behind Closed Doors

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While cruising the media circuit organizers of illegal alien protests and lobbyists for legislation in favor of amnesty say one thing, but behind closed doors they are talking Reconquista -- or the overthrow of the state governments of the southwest of the United States and their return to Mexico.

School children in Mexico are taught from grade school that the southwest states are part of Mexico and not the United States.

James Pinkerton at Newsday attended a recent panel discussion.

On Tuesday, I attended a panel discussion entitled "The New Immigrants Movement," part of a "Take Back America" conference convened in Washington, D.C., by the left-wing Campaign for America's Future. The event was open to anyone, although fewer than 100 people showed up. But to give you a flavor of the meeting, here are the surnames of the people on the panel: Lovato, Salas, Contreras, Lopez, Ramirez and another Lopez. All Hispanic - and some quite angry.

Consider the words of Roberto Lovato, identified as a writer for New American Media, describing itself as "the country's first and largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations." Speaking first, Lovato declared that he had problems with the words "civil rights." Why? In part because that phrase had been used by black Americans half a century ago - it was their term. But mostly, he continued, the term is inapt because today "a lot of the members of the movement were political revolutionaries in countries such as Nicaragua and El Salvador." And that's why, he concluded, "this is not just a civil rights movement - this is the northernmost expression of a continental rights movement."

Got that? This is "the northernmost expression of a continental rights movement" led by "political revolutionaries" from Nicaragua and El Salvador. Could Lovato have gotten carried away? Could perhaps I have misquoted him? Fortunately for the sake of a verifiable record, Lovato made the same argument in an article, "Voices of a New Movimiento," in the June 19 issue of The Nation magazine. And how do I know about this piece? Because it was handed out to all attendees of the breakout session.

And on Page 11 of the Nation article, Lovato writes the following, reinforcing his argument that immigration is a "quintessentially global issue." About this global issue, he declares, "Reframing it as a 'new civil rights movement' risks erasing its roots in the Latin American struggles and history." Is that clear enough? Then, for good measure, Lovato's article cites the "radical" efforts of one Miguel Ramirez, who left El Salvador in 1979 and now heads up Centro Hispano Cuzcatlán in Queens. The transnational experience of Ramirez and others, "shows that the U.S. movimiento is ... the northernmost expression of a resurgent Latin American left."

Is that what we want to let into the United States?

Tipped by: the Freedom Folks who say:

To hell with nice, I think it's long past time to get tough and throw these anti-American bums out.

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It's time that "leaders" of all of these so-called illegal alien and "hispanic" advocay groups be investigated. First, they use their tax-exempt status to promote pro-open borders, anti=American, pro-illegal alien political agendas and receive public money to do so. No U.S. tax dollars should be supporting racist organizations like La Raza, MECHA, MEXICA, MALDEF, and the thousands of La Raza "affiliates" nationwide. Many of the smaller, local "advocacy" groups use their organizations and funding dollars to assist illegal aliens in finding housing, jobs and access to public social services. The fiercest and loudest of their leaders, it seems to me, are of course, just fighting for their job security. After all, if illegal aliens were to be deported, then their organizations would no longer be needed and hence, they would lose their jobs.

Posted by: contessa on July 16, 2006 05:28 AM

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