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Fate Of CARE Director Margaret Hassan Unknown After Dental Records Fail Match

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Forensic dental analysis of the mutilated body found in Fallujah November 15 have not resulted in a match to CARE director Margaret Hassan.

There is now speculation that Hassan may be alive. The video that al-Jazeera refused to air because it "was too graphic" is a grainy video of a what appears to be a woman in an orange jumpsuit being executed by a shot to the head. Her husband is now stating that he feels she is still alive after he initially determined that he felt it was her in the video.

Courier Mail

Dental records have shown a mutilated body discovered in the besieged Iraqi city of Fallujah was not kidnapped Irish-born CARE Australia worker Margaret Hassan.


No group admitted holding Mrs Hassan and no contact was made with her kidnappers, but a grainy video received by al-Jazeera television in mid-November showed a blindfolded woman in an orange suit being shot.

US marines found the body of a woman in in her fifties with her limbs severed and her throat cut two weeks ago.


"In my mind she is still alive," Mr Hassan told the newspaper, which reported the findings of the dental tests today, quoting British sources in Baghdad.

"Maybe I'm wrong, but I was with Margaret for 33 years. I cannot believe she has been abducted and killed."

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