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Margaret Hassan Hostage And Director Of CARE Video Released

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margaret_hassan_video.jpg Al-Jazeera has aired a video of Margaret Hassan, the Director of CARE that was taken hostage in Iraq on October 19th. In the video she pleads with Tony Blair to stop redeployment of British troops to Baghdad and says she is worried she may be killed.


Margaret Hassan, the kidnapped director of CARE International in Iraq, wept and pleaded for Britain to act to save her life in a video aired Friday. "Please help me. This might be my last hours," the gaunt Hassan begged, shaking with fear and burying her face in a tissue.

The wrenching appeal by Hassan puts new political pressure on Prime Minister Tony Blair's government after it agreed to a U.S. request to redeploy troops to the Baghdad region to free up American forces for a new assault on insurgents.

Hassan, an Irish-British-Iraqi citizen who has been doing humanitarian work in Iraq for 30 years, pleaded with Britons to persuade Blair not to carry out the redeployment and warned she might meet the same fate as British hostage Kenneth Bigley, who was beheaded by his captors

You have got to be kidding me. There are terrorist sympathizers out there in the world, but I believe if they kill an old lady, who was helping the starving and sick, brutally on video even terrorist sympathizers would be done with them.

Once again we see them trying to blame Tony Blair for their actions of disgust, as they did with Kenneth Bigley.

All women taken hostage in Iraq have been freed so far.

"Please help me. Please help me," Hassan said, trembling. "This might be my last hours. Please help me. Please, the British people, ask Mr. Blair to take the troops out of Iraq, and not to bring them here to Baghdad. That's why people like Mr. Bigley and myself are being caught. And maybe we will die like Mr. Bigley."

"Please, please, I beg of you," she said, then broke into tears and wept into the tissue.

"We", she must be with other hostages. Why use the plural instead of just "I". I know that she's been in Iraq for 30 years, but I don't think that would have diminished her English to the point of a foreigners, which routinely confuse the past-present and plural-singulars.

The British government calls on those she has helped to support her.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw called the video "extremely distressing."

"I have the greatest sympathy for what her family is suffering," Straw said in a statement Friday. "Margaret Hassan has spent more than 30 years working for the Iraqi people. We hope all Iraqis will join us in calling for her immediate release."

There are currently no claims of responsibility for the hostage taking and the group responsible is not known.

If the video is released I will post it. Expect updates.

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Posted by Digger on October 22, 2004 10:54 AM (Permalink)

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Hope tears of M.Hassan effect tony Blair's heart
they will kill her as Keneth ,
If tony Blair did not take any action for saving her life so I think he is not a right man to save UK citizen life ..
saving a child life is a saving of citizen life as he is a part of whole.

Posted by: Hussein on October 23, 2004 02:43 AM

"H", don't you understand that if ANY action is taken, it should not be to placate the animals who kidnap, murder and attempt to extort from any person, State or Government!

These people should not be considered Human, let alone "Resistance, Insurgents or Warriors". And they should be treated as same . . Put them in a cell by themselves, keep it dark, let 'em out for 1 hour at night, feed 'em Pork and do not let them communitate with any other human for the duration of their lives! Don't even tell 'em where Mecca is! No martyrdom! No heaven, no virgins, just Darkness . . . Never mention their names again . . Just darkness . .

Posted by: large on October 23, 2004 11:02 AM

M.Hassan is an example of what happens when one lives is a war zone. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her. A truly compassiante human being giving to others. It will be interesting to see if they give back. But it is doubtful. The people in Iraq stike me as being either lambs or pure evil.

Posted by: Mack454 on October 24, 2004 02:06 PM

I must admit that there are many out there that have yet to even see any of the videos that these monsters have released, the videos that show the world exactly what type of evil that we are battling. I can't help but feel that if the major news broadcasters would show just one of these, then the world could possibly understand WHY we need to continue to beat these dogs back with whatever means necessary. To the soldiers who think that they aren't making a difference...I say thank you for keeping the horror at bay and not here in our backyards. It ghastly and I cant imagine having to deal with that here in the U.S.

Posted by: Robbin on October 26, 2004 09:52 AM

I am so sick of these d*mn rag heads. I have had it. I say nuke the b*stards and be done with it. I used to care, now I am angry. Let them keep it up and ALL of America and the world will agree with my comment VERY soon. There will be a waist land in the Mid-East to remind them all of the STUPIDITY that was once displayed in Iraq!

Posted by: MrSmooth99 on October 31, 2004 03:38 PM

What kind of evil would do this kind of thing? This poor woman they have taken hostage, I'd kill them myself if I could. We can't give into them, they have to be stopped. I pray for her safe release.

Posted by: Kelly on October 31, 2004 05:24 PM

How would Tony Blair like it if one of his own family had been kidnapped. Only then would he react and do something to have them saved?? Does he not feel the anguish and anger that Hassan's family might be feeling right now?? Not to mention the other three innocent gentlemen that lost their lives to these beings - that to me should not even be classed as human. I also pray for her safe return, but the chances of that happening are probably below zero. But for now all we can do is keep faith and keep praying.

Posted by: Katy on November 1, 2004 04:49 AM

A "true" leader would do as he is doing now and not give in to terror! A weak leader, which you discribe, would give into terror and let those sick b*stards win. You need to rethink what you just said. Are you weak and give in or do you fight and prevail?

Posted by: MrSmooth99 on November 1, 2004 06:09 PM

It is so easy for MrSmooth99 to speak as he did: He is not in Irak, prisoner of very crazy people killing out of a horrible, cruel and slow way just for a yes or a no, or because you don't think like them. He's not right now prisoner somewhere in irak in distress, after seen videos of people wildly beheaded by the same organisation holding him and waiting with absurd hope Blair or anyone else would be human enough to save his life...That kind of thinking is comprehensible of him. After all, it is an unknow for him; it is not his wife or his sister or someone of his knowledge! So why have he to be interdependent with Margaret Hassan or her family and friends?
If that savage people has manifestly lost anything human, I think people must realize we also all not have more anything human if we let that inocent woman fought 30 years of her life for noble causes, to die so awfully, while we have the possibility to save her.

Posted by: Reyann on November 5, 2004 07:12 AM

I can not believe the stupidity of these people, biting the hand that feeds them, and their childern like this.This woman has helped their people, and their cause for 30 years. I don't care what religion you are, NO religion constitutes this kind of evil. They can call it a "holy war" if it makes them feel better, but the reality is that there is nothing "holy" about this behavior. I hope God punishes the responsible for torture and murder in the most extreme ways. God Bless Margaret Hassan, and be with her throughout this nightmare. I pray daily for her safe return.

Posted by: Suzi on November 12, 2004 08:34 AM

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