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Margaret Hassan, Director Of CARE And Hostage, Executed By Terrorists [ Update ]

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margaret_hassan_video.jpg Video received by Al-Jazeera reportedly shows that Margaret Hassan was executed by a single gunshot to the back of the head by the terrorist group holding her hostage in Iraq.

Yahoo/AP ( via In The Bullpen )

Al-Jazeera television said Tuesday it received a videotape showing the slaying of a woman believed to be hostage aid worker Margaret Hassan. Hassan's family in London said they believed the longtime director of CARE in Iraq was dead.

The station initially said it would air parts of the video, but then a spokesman said it would not. "We don't show acts of killing," said Jihad Ballout. "We've never done it before, outside war."

CARE said in a statement, "It is with profound sadness that we have learned of the existence of a video in which it appears that our colleague Margaret Hassan has been killed. ... The whole of CARE is in mourning."


The family did not indicate why they now believed Hassan was dead, but said: "Those who are guilty of this atrocious act, and those who support them, have no excuses."

I've really been hoping that with all the calls to release her, even by Zarqawi, she would be released unharmed. Such an event for someone just trying to help others is tragic no matter how you look at it. I hope her executioners are hunted down and shot without mercy.

Tipped by: Straight Bannana who reports that the husband has confirmed it is her on video.

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Update (11:53 AM PST)

More information on the video and the reaction from Tony Blair, Jack Straw and Mrs. Hassan's Husband.

Via The Scotsman

The film is said to show a blindfolded Mrs Hassan dressed in an orange jumpsuit being killed by a pistol shot to her head.

Tonight, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw sent their condolences and sympathy to the Hassan family.

A spokesman for Mr Blair said: "The Prime Minister sends his sympathy to the family of Margaret Hassan and shares their abhorrence at the cruel treatment of someone who devoted so many years of their life to helping the people of Iraq."

Mr Straw said experts had examined the video and concluded that she "probably" had been murdered.

He went on: "To kidnap and kill anyone is inexcusable. But it is repugnant to commit such a crime against a woman who has spent most of her life working for the good of the people of Iraq."

Tahseen Hassan, husband of the 59-year-old hostage who had been held in captivity since October 19, said he also believed his wife had been murdered.

In a television plea, he said: "I have been told that there is a video of Margaret which appears to show her murder. The video may be genuine but I do not know. I beg those people who took Margaret to tell me what they have done with her. They can tell me. They can call the helpline. I need her. I need her back to rest in peace."

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The murder of Hassan proves omce again the barbarism of the Arab people. President Bush should end the Arab nightmare once and for all...and use its nuclear weapons on the entire Arab race!

Posted by: scott on November 16, 2004 06:11 PM

A sad day indeed when a local (for she had an Iraqi passport) aid worker is murdered. Please do not use the word executed -- it is too dignified for what these terrorists have done.

Scott, I can see you have taken your prejudice pill again this morning. One person pulled the trigger against Ms Hassan's head, NOT the Arab race, you jerkbox. You were clearly the inspiration for the new hit CD, "Why the world hates Yonks", by Rapper Raghead MC.

Posted by: keith on November 16, 2004 10:08 PM

Dunno for sure about killing the ENTIRE Arab Race, but there has to be something done about them and their skewed ethics. There is a 25 million dollar reward for this Zarkawi dude and it's been posted for more than a year. And he's circulated amongst many of the iraqi's in the Sunni Triangle for over a year, with nobody ratting him off . . What's wrong with this picture? For 25 Mil any SMART Arab would rat him off, get the money and move to Palm Springs to play golf with his NEW friends!

Kinda lays out how well the Arab Race would do on an I.Q. Test, huh?

Another Skewed Ethics issue would be the way they choose to conduct warfare, ignoring all humanitarian rules about conduct, and then complaining when We, (the American Army, Marines) have an "Incident".

And all you lefties and do gooders, don't go ballistic here, but in my opinion we need to drive home the idea that, IF, you choose to harbor terrorist, insurgents, whatever, and they shoot at our military people who are there to provide security for the citizens, then we should be allowed to make a parking lot out of your city . . If you harbor criminals or terrorists in any civilized country in the world, you are punished . . You damned sure aren't considered to be "Innocent".

And the stupid bastards cannot understand, That, IF elections are held and they don't vote, (the Sunnis) then most of them will be hanging on light posts in the near future. The Shiites will see to that!

Posted by: large on November 17, 2004 08:13 AM


Don't get me wrong, as I agree with most of your sentiments. I just think we should stop blaming a whole race for the problems. That's what holds them together as a race, our prejudice.

First of all, let's clear out Fallujah of the innocents, and then nuke it

Posted by: keith on November 17, 2004 10:11 PM

I carry shame that fellow Muslims have committed this crime in the holy name of Allah. ABU MUSAB aL-ZARQAWI has brought his wrath upon Falluja. Allah has now turned his back on him and Falluja so that it could be devoured by the whoring nations. This sacrilige he allowed to be carried out has taken our eyes from him. Any Muslim must not suffer ABU MUSAB aL-ZARQAWI to live. Only then shall we gain favour in Allah.

Posted by: Jihad on November 23, 2004 01:50 PM

I am sorry but as a brit, I think all americans seem to revel in war and believe the hollywood movies when they say that America will save the day. We went to war on false grounds, we were all lied to. The only people I have pity for are the innocent soldiers/civillians who want to live and do their duty. The problem isnt muslims or Arabs it is the individual people not races or religions that make decisions. The Americans need to stop believing their own propaganda this isnt independance day this is real life and we will all pay for bush's decisons. The world doesnt begin and end in america. They didnt mind supporting the IRA when they bombed the UK. Hypocracy rules.

Posted by: Sophies on December 23, 2004 04:43 AM

Another Skewed Ethics issue would be the way they choose to conduct warfare, ignoring all humanitarian rules about conduct, and then complaining when We, (the American Army, Marines) have an "Incident".

Posted by: Photography Studios on October 2, 2009 02:50 AM

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