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Margaret Hassan, Director Of CARE, Taken Hostage In Iraq [ Update 3 ]

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margaret_hassan.jpg Aid worker Margaret Hassan has been kidnapped in Iraq, video has been released on an Islamic website and broadcast on Al Jazeera and Fox News.

The Star

The director of CARE International's operation in Iraq was kidnapped early Tuesday in Baghdad, the organization said.

Margaret Hassan, said to be a British-born Iraqi national, was abducted in the capital at 7:30 a.m., CARE International, United Kingdom said in a statement released in London and read to The Associated Press in Baghdad.

"As of now we are unaware of the motives for the abduction,'' the statement said. "As far as we know, Margaret is unharmed.

The statement said Hassan had been "providing humanitarian relief to the people of Iraq'' for more than 25 years. The British domestic news agency Press Association said she was born in Britain but became an Iraqi citizen, is married to an Iraqi and has lived in this country for 30 years.

"Needless to say, we are doing whatever we can to secure her release,'' the statement added. "But equally, it would be unhelpful for us to comment further at this time. Our overwhelming concern must be for Margaret's safety.''

* * *

Update (7:15AM PST)

Reuters UK

"We want to stress that she sees herself as an Iraqi. Iraq is her home. She has been living there for many years and would never consider coming back to Britain," the spokeswoman said.


Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said he was "very concerned" by the kidnap. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to her, her family and her colleagues," he told reporters.

A statement from the charity said Hassan is employed by Care Australia as its Iraq country director.


Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon said news of the kidnapping was "a very disturbing development".

"This just demonstrates the depths to which these terrorists will go," he said.

* * *

Update 2 (Oct 20 - 10:53AM PST)

CARE suspends operations in Iraq


CARE International suspended operations in Iraq on Wednesday after gunmen seized the woman who ran the humanitarian organization's work in the country. The victim's Iraqi husband appealed to the kidnappers to free her "in the name of humanity, Islam and brotherhood."


"I would like to tell the kidnappers that we are in the holy month of Ramadan and my wife has been helping Iraq since thirty years and loved this country," her husband Tahseen Ali Hassan said Wednesday on Al-Arabiya television. "In the name of humanity, Islam and brotherhood, I appeal to the kidnapers to free her because she has nothing to do with politics."


Early Wednesday, CARE Australia, which coordinates the international agency's Iraq operations, announced it had suspended operations because of the abduction, but it said staff would not be evacuated. It was unclear how many non-Iraqis work for CARE here.

It's a shame that the people she was helping now have to suffer because of a few who want to get some attention by holding a woman in her early 60's hostage. Disgusting.

* * *

Update 3 (Oct. 22 - 12:32PM PST )

See my new entry "Oct. 22 - Margaret Hassan Hostage And Director Of CARE Video Released"

CARE Website

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Posted by Digger on October 19, 2004 06:30 AM (Permalink)

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Ok, enough is enough! It is TIME that USA to blow that GODDAMNED Iraq off the face the earth along with Iran and Korea. Now,now we know that it won't ever happen BUT if the USA was to do the right thing that is what we'd do. I say kill ALL sand niggers in the USA and see what them mother fuckers think over that way! Damn it, it is time the Parotic Americans to kick some ass and stop taking it up the ass! DAMNIT TO HELL!

Posted by: Lee Marvin on October 22, 2004 01:37 PM

Where is the news of Margaret Hassan. Today 25.10 2004 can find no news of her. Last I heard was her husbands appeal to captors on Sat 23.4.2004.

Posted by: chris on October 25, 2004 07:31 AM

News of Margaret Hassan is currently quite heavilly censored in England right now, though front page news item for first 5 days of her being seized.
Suspect that British secret service MI6 together with the S.A.S are on the ground in Iraq right now and a rescue operation is imminenent, though if they can get to her before her captives take it upon themselves to behead her, is anyones guess.
Let us not forget that despite the stories we are being fed by moderate Moslems her beheading would be entirely consistent with the teachings of Islam with regards to Infidels occupying Moslem land.
I was so appalled by the beheading of Eugine Armstrong that I wanted to understand more about what drives these people to such barbarism.
When a Moslem country is occupied by non Moslem forces it is the duty of every Moslem to spite the Infidel above there necks in other words(cut of their heads}

The Infidel occupying forces 'will'must be broken. Any caprives are to be tied. It is fit that to spite them we cut of their heads-one of the first choices, hold them to ransome or in cases where the captor sees fit to be compassionate, let them go. Though Margaret we know is a humanitarian it is also evident that the beheading of a humanitarian would shock and undermine if not the coalition then the will of the electorate to go on supporting a war that was illegal in the first place.Regards all, digitman.

Posted by: digitman on October 25, 2004 08:07 AM

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