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We Should Not Support, Aid, Nor Pity, Poor Countries

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Here is why I am opposed to helping in Africa with Ebola or other nations. Supporting countries that have proven not to improve is not only a waste of money, it has also proven to be a waste of American lives.

The People of those countries need to stand up and overthrow their government and put in place one that protects and serves the people. If 20 years ago the people of those countries would have come together and established a well organized country - as Japan did after being nuked or Germany after having all their major cities turned into ruins after WW2 - they would have a civilized society with many of the basic infrastructures that reduce the spread of disease.

But they did not and they will not. So now decades later, when their own choices not to work together has put them in this position, I hold no pity for them. When I look at suffering people all I see is those who have not acted for the betterment of their society, their fellow citizens and their children's future.

In this age there are so many resources available to those who wish to form a flourishing country or those who want to improve themselves. They have chosen not to accept such resources and use them, but to expect further "aid" in the future without lifting a finger. Handing them food and aid does not work if they do not want to help themselves. This is proven in our own country with the expansion of the welfare state where we now have untold millions in second and third generations of not moving ahead because they are handed their sustenance with no demands in return.

Call me callous or harsh, but everyone has free will and if you choose not to use it then you deserve no pity.

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Why a Federal Minimum Wage Increase is Bad for America

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Mitt Romney recently came out in support of a federal minimum wage hike. I find this stance short sighted. Forcing a low cost of living state like Arkansas to pay the same wage as a high cost of living state like California is a horrible decision. All you'll end up doing is increasing the cost of everything and the cost of living in Arkansas to make up for it because it costs more to produce everything. This has the impact of decreasing the net worth of everyone in the state of Arkansas as the cost of living goes up to live there. Those who retired there are going to see their standard of living decrease as costs go up. Some on a fixed income who retired in Arkansas because of the lower cost of living may end up not having enough to live off of.

Any minimum wage setting should be at the state level, for they are closer to the working people in their states. Some Washington guy 1,500 miles away from another state could care less about workers in someone else's state. This is a case of high tax states like California forcing those in other states to devalue their resident's net worth and bring expenses up to California levels.

It helps nobody in the end, except for low wage workers for about 1 year, until costs catch up with them. And it punishes those who have worked to increase their wages above minimum wage. Someone working at a place for 2 years to move their wage from $7.25 to $9 could find themselves making the same amount as some inexperienced new hire who comes in at a new minimum wage of $9. This will cause friction in the workplace and does nothing in the end but punish the currently working.

Of course this is on top of the costs to businesses who may not hire as many people, may lay off some, scale back their business, automate certain tasks, outsource certain operations or even decide to close down. Remember, this talk of a federal minimum wage increase is already on top of health care increased costs to businesses because of ObamaCare, uncertainty in the tax law due to meddling of Washington bureaucrats and a host of other federal regulations that are strangling businesses.

It's just not a good idea when you look at the whole picture and don't just buy into the pictures you see of someone holding a sign demanding more pay.

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Illegal Alien Arrested, Deported Protesting Outside Phoenix ICE Office

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From Robin of We the People Rising California's Crusader

"The NotOneMoreDeportation website states that an illegal alien, Jaime Valdez Reyes, was deported after protesting in front of an ICE detention center in Phoenix.

Members of NotOneMoreDeportation are outraged that a PROTESTING illegal alien in front of an ICE detention center was actually deported. Of course, this should be the norm, not the exception...

It is admitted, in the letter below, that he has a DUI."

Jaime Valdez-Reyes

To: John Sandweg, Action ICE Director; Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, National ICE Public Advocate

I am writing to ask that you allow Jaime Arturo Valdez Reyes (A#201288309) be returned to the United States, after he was deported unfairly. On the night of February 24th, Mr. Valdez Reyes was deported without notice to his attorney or to his family, and while he has a pending appeal in the 9th circuit court. Jaime’s only charges are for one DUI. He made a small mistake and served his time. He should not also be facing separation from his family for the minor charge.

Jaime’s parents both live in Phoenix. Jaime’s fiancee, Berenice, is a U.S. citizen. Jaime’s family has already suffered enough from deportation. His brother was killed when he returned to Mexico. Jaime’s parents are terrified that their only living son will also die if he remains deported.

I ask that you immediately allow Jaime to return to his family.

I await your response.


The path has not been easy. On the night of February 24th, Jaime Valdez-Reyes, one of the hunger strike participants was deported to Mexico. He was removed as punishment for defending his civil rights.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix police outside removed the family members outside, and arrested two Arizona activists, Carlos Garcia from Puente, and Erika Andiola from DRM Dream Action Coalition.

The families and hunger strikers returned to the ICE offices the next morning, and they have been there ever since. Carlos and Erika were released by the police the next day, and have both said that what is important is to continue to fight for the release of those inside detention, and to ask ICE to bring Jaime back.


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How To Pass A Tax Without Actually Passing A 'Tax'

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How do you pass a tax without passing a "tax"? For those who haven't actually thought about it or haven't run a business, I thought I'd put this forward as it's multi-layered in order to hide the intention. Let's use a bank as an example (as everyone seems to hate banks these day it shows they've succeeded with their tactic).

The first thing you do is pass a regulation or legislation that imposes a fee on banks that goes straight to the federal government. In turn as a business (as banks are a business if you've forgotten) you can take the direct loss or pass that fee onto consumers (at all levels, rich or poor it doesn't matter it's a tax on the poor, middle-class and the rich). As a smart business owner you have to pass that on to the end consumer or you'll soon go out of business as there are a ton of these "regulatory fees" that are imposed every year and continue to be added on.

Then, as the slimy politician you are, you run a campaign against the banks and how evil they are for charging people more fees. The outrage! And there ya have it, you have raised taxes on everyone in the country - even the poor you say you care so much about - without actually calling it a "tax".

And that my friends is simply one industry. This is going on in every single industry in this country, from the evil banks and gas companies to the manufacturing and technology industries. These are all "invisible taxes" that you pay every day without realizing it. Place the blame where it lies and stop falling for their game.

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California Takes Lead In Poverty Ranking - Other Border States Follow

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Californians live in a bubble. They still have an opinion of themselves as being a leader in all areas. This self-conscience, high opinion has been instilled in them through the continued barrage of California vacation videos they have seen since they were children, the sports teams, the movie stars. "Californians are different. Californians are the trend setters. As goes California so goes the rest of the United States." This is the stuff they believe - at least until the TV goes off, the red carpet is rolled up and you actually walk outside.

I'm wondering if those who live in California have even taken a look around them in the past generation. Millions of illegal aliens have swarmed across the border adding to the sucking of their state and local taxes. At the legislative level, far lefties have been in charge for a long time and continue to put anti-business regulations in place. The radical and ignorant environmentalists and other "Greenies" have fought tooth and nail to drive their state back into indigenous cultural living arrangements. They rail against progress of technology - just read their Facebook posts.

On top of all of the above - the illegal aliens and the liberal overspending and environmental "feel good" bullshit - comes the people themselves. They continue to make ballot proposals that are idiotic. Rather than having spending come from debate in their legislature (not that they would vote against it mind you), people just propose a ballot measure to spend $50 million on a park or $60 million on a bike trail or to save some fish or bird. The voter goes to the polls - and without critically thinking (since their teachers unions have removed that from the classroom and focused on "feelings" and "emotion") - they say to themselves "aww, that would be nice for the little kids to play and ride their bike on and the birds will sing!". They vote yes not only for the park, but also for their own poverty. The nice thing about ballot measures - the spending cannot be cut by the governor.

All of this has come to pass, while all the time many out there have been warning them. I won't say "I told you so" though, because I am sitting back and enjoying watching a bunch of ignoramuses suffer. I simply cannot feel sorry for them. Sure, there are some conservatives out there, but that is their choice. They choose to live there, nobody is forcing them to. "But I have family here" or "I like the climate here". Well, then don't complain that you live in a liberal craphole that is in decay with blaring mariachi music coming in through your windows, gangs roaming your neighborhood and trash in the streets. That is a choice you have made to live with. You have chosen to support that system and live with it. So, no complaining out of you!

The main problem bogging down the state is illegal aliens. Many don't want to point their finger at the real problem because they are afraid they'll be called a racist or be looked at as some mean person. When it comes to poverty and people stealing your money, the finger must be pointed at the real source. "Illegal aliens add more poverty than even wasteful spending?" you may ask. Of course. When you are feeding, clothing, sheltering, providing medical care, "educating" and taking care of millions of poor people and their children from cradle to grave you are going to spend a ton more than just providing a little spending on those already here that are sucking off of the system.

The stats below prove out that illegal aliens are the cause - even though the article tries to ignore the true main cause of the poverty.

Daily Caller

The Golden State has reached a poverty rate that is now twice as bad as West Virginia’s and substantially worse than the rates of poverty in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Texas...

Here is the part that proves it out. Note where all the states are facing this increased poverty. Nearly half of the illegal aliens in the country have come within the past 10-12 years (since 9/11/01). You can't import that much poverty in such a short period and not have it drag your state down and increase poverty. All of the states below have been struggling with a large influx of illegal aliens.

The new ranking leaves California at the bottom, along with and close to the 23.2 percent poverty rate in the District of Columbia.

The next worst-off state is Arizona, which has a poverty rate of 19.8 percent, followed by Florida at 19.5 percent, Nevada at 19.4 percent, Georgia at 19 percent, and Texas at 16.5 percent.

And where do they say the poverty level has decreased? Well, in all those states away from the border, of course.

The least poor states tend to be the unglamorous, undiverse and sprawling communities close to Canada.

Iowa, Vermont, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming have poverty rates just below 10 percent. Iowa’s rate is the lowest in the nation, at 8.4 percent, roughly one-third California’s poverty rate.

The Daily Caller, as you may know, is libertarian in nature with a conservative slant. Being libertarian they are generally pro-open borders and pro-illegal alien. But even they can't ignore the impact that illegal aliens have had on the poverty rate and the destruction of the budgets of these states.

I'll leave you with this quote from the article on California.

... outside the wealthy zones, there are high rates of poverty in the Central Valley — where the agricultural sector still relies on low-wage, immigrant stoop labor, rather than crop-picking machines — and throughout the chain-link conurbations that stretch from trailer parks in San Jose to barrios in San Diego.

Barrios in San Diego...

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Voting In Protest FOR Romney

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I may have to swallow my pride and vote for Romney. I know I've been railing against him for months, but the fact of the matter is that it's not Obama or Romney that have swayed my stance. My decision would be based on Holder, Napolitano, Valerie Jarret, Hilda Solis (Labor secretary - La Raza), Cecilia Munoz (Intergovernmental affairs - La Raza) and that smug tax wasting first lady "queen" who flies around wasting our money.

La Raza and the illegal aliens in this country have enjoyed a nice fun time over the past four years as they've sucked our country dry and have faced no repercussions. In fact they have faced protected status, with anyone who challenges them having to worry that the Department of "Justice" would swoop in and charge them with a "hate crime" or sue their state for trying to combat the crisis.

For La Raza they have benefited with support at the federal level (support that you can't see on their books and that is not noted anywhere). What we do know is that they have certainly benefited financially.


In 2011, a Judicial Watch investigation revealed that federal funding for NCLR and its affiliates had skyrocketed since President Barack Obama had hired its senior vice president, Cecilia Muñoz, to be his director of intergovernmental affairs in 2009. The year Muñoz joined the White House, government funds earmarked for La Raza increased from $4.1 million to $11 million. Fully 60 percent of that money came from the Department of Labor, headed by Hilda Solis, who has close ties to the La Raza movement. Also in 2010, the Department of Housing and Urban Development gave NCLR $2.5 million for housing counseling, the Department of Education contributed almost $800,000, and the Centers for Disease Control gave approximately $250,000.

As seen above, they have received financial support from just about every corner of this administration.

Then there's the total incompetence regarding Benghazi. Really? You send our troops over there telling them you have their back and then when a SEAL - an F'ing SEAL - has to admit he needs some help (I've met some and trust me asking for help is the last thing these guys want to do) - you leave them out to fry.

For Holder it's the endless prosecution of whites in particular on Hate Crime charges that weren't hate crimes (i.e. convicting the boys, Derrick Donchak and Brandon Piekarsky, in Shenandoah, PA on violating an illegal aliens Fair Housing Rights after being acquitted by the state on the same type of charges.) These types of prosecutions fall right in line with Holder ignoring the Black Panthers at polling places and Holder's radical past that clearly shows he sees things along racial lines and not in the interests of all Americans.

For Napolitano, she's a lying sack of crap. Illegal aliens continue to stream across the border. Just ask those who live along the border if things have "slowed down". The arrests are down because they're not booking the illegals, they're just driving them back to the border and not filling out reports that they even tried to cross. Her continued incompetence and obvious ignoring of security issues in this country is disgusting.

As for Obama himself, that executive order to allow illegal aliens to file for legality is what started pushing me towards a protest vote FOR ROMNEY rather than for my preferred candidate.

Romney is full of crap on a lot that he is spouting (trust me he's not going to be tough on illegal aliens or the border - despite him having the backing Kris Kobach, the author of SB1070 and one of the countries foremost proponents of rule of law when it comes to fighting for it on the legislation side.).

I don't expect Romney to be too much better. I expect him to flip and be pro illegal. I expect him to "Repeal and Replace" ObamaCare - as he puts it - with something that is similar in nature with the feds controlling things. I expect him to appoint so-called "moderates" and liberals who have their sheep's clothing on tight to positions that put this country at risk. In other words I expect Romney will be a Bill Clinton type, except that he has some business experience - so maybe he won't forget everything he's learned in regards to making things easier on those starting businesses. But I expect he will forget some, and I expect he's going to play some Crony Capitalism.

The worst part of all of this is a vote for Romney pretty much ensures that there will not be another choice from the Republican side for 8 more years. If Romney wins he'll run as incumbent in 2016. Whether he loses in 2016 or not there will not be another choice until 2020. So a vote for Romney is a vote for 8 years of status quo. This bugs me, but it doesn't bug me as much as those who are being sacrificed on the altar of incompetence and outright hatred of the citizens of this country and putting foreigners first.

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Power Outage In New York Gives Liberals Utopian Future They've Been Fighting For

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As New Yorkers fight to hang on in their hellish conditions after Hurricane Sandy, I began to wonder why the liberals who live in new York are so upset. I mean conservatives there I can understand, but the liberals?

Without power, people have lost their internet connectivity, thus preventing them from getting to their Facebook accounts, Party Bingo and their farms are withering away in Farmville. I don't think the politicians realize how important these types of things have become to people. For some it is their whole social network or only for of entertainment and it is all gone with one blow.

Why are the liberals in New York City complaining? They've been trying to kill electricity, gas and promoting "locally grown" for years. Now they are living with what they wanted. No power, no gas and not enough food for everyone because it can't be imported. Yet they don't see they are living in their Utopia of what they want and have been pushing for decades.

There's no denying it. How many billions have been poured into killing the gas industry? The coal industry? How many billions into the green movement? And who can forget the eternal class warfare rhetoric that has been thrown around? In Bridgeport, Connecticut the mayor played it so well, trying to claim that the "rich" parts of town were having their lights turned on first over the poor, that people came out and actually pelted utility workers trying to restore power with eggs. The "evil" utility company had to actually pull their workers out fo the town until they promised to send police protection for their safety.

What kind of idiot attacks someone who is trying to help them get back to normal all because their so-called leader is playing politics and attacking the "rich guys" down the street?


Angry residents pelted utility crews with eggs as they tried to restore power in Bridgeport, Conn., after the mayor claimed the local power company had "shortchanged" the state's largest city as it tries to recover from superstorm Sandy.

United Illuminating workers reported eggs and other objects being thrown at them a day after Mayor Bill Finch said the utility was taking care of wealthy suburbs while his constituents suffered. The unrest caused United Illuminating to pull its workers out until the city agreed to provide police protection.

The utopia of the liberals is front and center in New York City though. The real question is: Are we going to let this occur throughout the country?

Do you want to live in a socialist utopia of no power? Power comes from coal, something liberals have been increasingly shutting down with regulations that are crippling.

Do you want to live in a world where you can't drive your car or put gas in your generator should there be an emergency? That is the kind of place you will live in if they have their way.

Do you want to eat just locally grown food? Sure it does help growers around you, but this is the United States for Pete's sake. I want to be able to get a pineapple or a strawberry or a banana and in a lot of places those things can never be grown due to climate.

Do you want to have to dumpster dive for food? There have been photos of people dumpster diving for food in NYC, but I'd like to point out that those are nothing new. Some people in cities like New York have been pushing this for years. They claim it saves the environment and reduces waste. It was also dubbed as some kind of urban hip thing to do only a number of years ago. There was even a movie made about it... and this was before Sandy, so the people diving now may indeed be those who were diving before.

Many "groups" have been claiming they'll have mass riots if Obama loses.... well without power... how fun is it going to be if Romney wins and the power is still off in parts of NYC?

All of this should be a slap in the face and a huge wake up call to all people across this country. If the liberals have their way, you'll be living in the Utopia that they are currently enjoying in New York, whether you're in Kansas or Nevada or Florida.

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Romney Picks Paul Ryan For Vice President [Update]

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has reportedly picked Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate for the 2012 election. Ryan is the chairman of the House Budget Committee and been in congress since 1999. Recently he has been on the fiscal warpath introducing a budget plan that cuts a ton of waste and aims for a balanced budget. Part of the bill includes an overhaul of Medicare. Upon introducing the bill the liberals came up with a quaint little advertisement you may remember from mid 2011 that showed an actor portraying Paul Ryan pushing an old lady - "grandma" - off a cliff.

I personally think that from a reasoning and logical position Paul Ryan was a good choice. He compliments Romney in terms of fiscal policy and will allow Romney to focus on other issues. It is like a CEO hiring a very fiscally responsible COO or CFO to take care of all the details while he focuses on the task at hand of building the business.

Dem Ad Shows Ryan Pushing Grandma Off A Cliff
June 2011 liberal ad shows
Paul Ryan pushing "Grandma" off a cliff
From a political standpoint, in this day and age of celebrity, Ryan may prove a disaster. Of the short list of VP potentials that were floated around almost none of them carried any star power or excitement other than Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio has turned out to be the typical wolf in sheep's clothing when it comes to the ongoing disaster of the Republican Party in this country. In the typical fashion of trying to take both roads when it comes to immigration, Rubio talked tough and then turned around and pushed for a Republican version of the "DREAM Act" that would give illegal aliens amnesty. The other was Congressman Allen West, but many dismissed him as being too tough for Romney to handle.

How Ryan stands up when it comes to his assertiveness before the cameras during the campaign could make all of the difference in the outcome of the election. From what I've seen of Ryan he can hold up under pressure, but he really does not make me want to get up and take any action. There is no spark there and in the end that is what truly the Romney campaign needed. At least with Joe Biden for Obama he demands attention - even if it is for his idiocy, flubs and general unintellectual babble.

Just something to keep in mind in addition as the rhetoric starts. Not that Ryan is on the top of the ticket, just as Palin wasn't. When you hear them mention Ryan as a "Tea Party" candidate. He's been in congress for 14 years, in other words long enough to have been part of the decline of America since the boom. He dubs himself as a fiscal conservative, yet he supported numerous things that a fiscal conservative would never support. As always watch their actions, not their words.

Ryan voted for the TARP bailout.
Ryan voted for the auto bailout.
Ryan voted for the extension of unemployment benefits.
Ryan voted for housing subsidies.
Ryan voted for No Child Left Behind.
Ryan voted for the 2008 and 2009 bailouts.

Of other concerns to some: he voted for making the Patriot Act permanent, surveillance without warrants and remaining in Iraq.


Fox News

A Republican with knowledge of the development confirmed the selection to the AP, hours ahead of an official announcement at 8:45 a.m. during a campaign stop Saturday morning in Norfolk, Va. Romney will then launch his "The Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class" bus tour.

The selection comes roughly two weeks before the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and gives Romney plenty of space to rally the party behind his pick before the official nomination.

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Clark County, NV 12% Unemployment - Illegal Aliens 12% Of Workforce

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A recent report shows that the unemployment rate in Clark County, Nevada is currently at 12%. Another report shows that illegal aliens make up 12% of the workforce in Clark County. These numbers are revealing because it shows the disconnect of the American populace - and in particular people in Clark County who have their head in the sand. The connection between the two issues is lost. Recent polling in Clark County shows that their top concern is not illegal immigration, but the economy. Clark County includes Las Vegas and Henderson.

News flash to the people of America, when you have a large portion of your populace unemployed they are not contributing to either the tax base, nor the economy. When you have a large portion of your economy made up of illegal aliens, who are working illegally and paying no taxes they are a drain on your economy. This is because most illegal aliens either work under the table or under a stolen identity, which they then use to file taxes under for a refund because they are considered the working poor and are not in the top 50% of the populace who pays taxes. On top of this studies have shown that there is an increase in crime with high populations of illegal aliens. Then on top of that you have to add all of the services that the family of illegal aliens use, increased law enforcement, infrastructure, fire protection and emergency services care at hospitals.

In addition to all the costs that come with illegal aliens, those out of work also require the use of all of these services as they are neither contributing to the tax base and requiring more taxpayer provided services.

Clark County, Nevada is just a microcosm of what is happening all across this country, yet time after time citizens are not realizing that when they think it's the economy, one of those drains is the illegal aliens within their community. Removing even a portion of the illegal aliens would reduce not only the unemployment rate, but start to get local economies back on track and this nation as a whole.

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Mexican Cartel Los Zetas Graffiti In Seattle: 'Coming Soon'

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Seattle Zetas Coming Soon

Seattle DEA and Seattle officials are trying to downplay graffiti found in the Seattle area that announces that the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas will be in the area soon. The graffiti simply says "Coming Soon Zetas" and was found on a bridge overpass. Despite denials by government officials locally and nationally, most people realize that there are major drug gangs in every major and most minor cities in the United States. In the liberal bastion and sanctuary city of Seattle, according to officials, it simply couldn't happen there. After all, they've been so open and welcoming to illegal aliens and the gangs that come with them, so how could the cartels possibly not like them?

Los Zetas is a top drug cartel and is responsible for the beheadings, public hanging of mutilated and dead bodies and mass graves in Mexico. They were trained by the US special forces to fight against drug cartels and are thus a highly trained killing team in all environments and conditions. They turned all of this training into carving out a very nice niche in the massive war with rival cartels like the Gulf Cartel. Recently they have been using more terrorist tactics like the beheadings and car bombings in public area to show that they control area and strike fear in their opponents, both other cartels and the Mexican government.

None of this could possibly happen in Seattle though, right? The blind cannot see their own demise.

The Blaze

“Although it is possible, we do not have any intelligence that graffiti is being used as such domestically by Mexican drug cartels,” DEA spokeswoman Jodie Underwood said in a written statement.

More from Seattle Weekly on how a Los Zetas thug born in Yakima (yes, Yakima) ended up slaughtering hundred in Mexico.

As for Los Zetas, in April 2011 Mexican authorities arrested a 34-year-old Washington native named Martín Omar Estrada Luna and accused him of leading the massacre of more than 200 migrant workers found buried in mass graves in the Zetas stronghold of San Fernando, Tamaulipas. Luna, nicknamed “El Kilo,” was raised in the Yakima area and grew up a member of the La Raza street gang. He was deported in 2009, and later turned up in Nuevo Laredo.

The article goes on to downplay it - despite a guy straight out of the hood of Yakima who went on to be a hardened Zetas killer.

it’s more than likely the handiwork of some trifling wannabes. And that’s a good thing. With all the gun violence lately, the last thing Seattle needs is a vicious Mexican turf war.

Note how they point out gun violence... as if knife, bat and fist violence are fine, just as long as no guns are involved. Stupid liberal logic. I say, ignore at your own risk. Trifling wannabee? Maybe, but they dismiss it as if it is not even possible and that should worry some.

Picture courtesy of Northwest Gangs

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