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Obama Turns To The Mythical 'Hispanic Vote' For Election Victory

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With his support among many dwindling, President Barack Obama has now turned to playing race issues to help him win in 2012. The only problem is that the groups he has turned to do not speak for all. Particularly these "Hispanic groups" that claim that they represent all the "Hispanics" in this country and can deliver him a large "Hispanic Bloc" of support if he'll just continue steering money into their non-profit coffers through his friends and government grants.

The truth is that there is no "Hispanic Vote". Obama will find this out in 2012. Americans from Puerto Rico vote differently from Americans of Mexican descent who vote differently from Americans of Brazilian descent who vote differently from Americans of Cuban descent. You can take two Americans of Cuban descent and find that they both vote in entirely different ways. It's funny how that works isn't it? It is almost as if they are actually thinking for themselves and not being led off a cliff by a race-based group that lies to them for money, power and donations!

The myth that there is actually any form of a "Hispanic Vote" is a fallacy the media keeps trying to shove down Americans throats. The lie is being spread through Press Releases from non-profit groups like La Raza and the press is eating it up. Well, not really. It's more of a laziness thing. Something that has become more common in this day and age in the "journalism" circles. You take a press release from one of these groups, move some of the words around with cut-and-paste, throw in a "said in a statement" here and there and - voila you have an article fit to print! Of course they never even bother to question the sources or that groups like La Raza make their living off of continuing to drive a wedge as deep and as wide as they can into the very fabric of the American Melting Pot. They have been an accomplice in destroying this nation's fabric due to laziness and - in most cases it seems - outright ideological support.

Here's a little truth for you media folks, since you tend to just reprint what you are sent. Not all "Latinos" think, vote and act in the same way. Just like not all whites, asians or blacks think, vote or act in the same way. Stop being a bunch of racists!

The continued race-warfare tactic that people like our current president are condoning and using for their own means should disgust every American. These people do so without a care about the consequences to those they stir up. They drive them on with a continued dowsing of twisted lies like the one that they have been given some sort of "raw deal". They believe that if they keep pushing the lie that there is "mass racism" and "the man is holding you down", some will believe it. Indeed, some do and those people will never succeed in this country and it all sits at the feet of people like Barack Obama who continue to ensure that they are kept down. They have been tricked into giving up their faith in the American Dream because of groups and people like those mentioned above. Then they pass this belief onto their children. Generations have been destroyed and put into abject poverty because of such charlatans and groups raising money on the backs of the people they have destroyed.

As we see, these groups receive the blessing of the president. He not only condones the continued destruction of these people's desire to succeed, he actively encourages it.

I continue to wonder, are people really that stupid and will they really listen to someone that is looking out for their own self-interest to their detriment? Will they fall for the trap these people are laying? Will they allow their actions and futures to be controlled by those who continue to come out and call them stupid, poor, uneducated and worthless and that they need their hand held to cross at the crosswalk because they are little children? Logically you would think not, but we're dealing with something illogical in this case and it is called Human Nature. There is a entire science devoted to destroying people using their innate nature as a human and it continues to work time after time.

There should be a good book out there telling everyone how people are using their natural human tendencies against them, to control and condemn them to a living hell. Bah, but who reads anymore these days right? I mean after all you can just go to your race-based group meeting and bitch along with all of the others there that you got the rawest of all the deals of anyone at the meeting. How that boot of the racist out there are the cause of all of your failures - and of your children's failures - and as a matter of fact, now that you think about it, your grandchildren aren't doing all that well either.

I would personally take the view of being considered an idiotic infant by these people to be an insult, but many seem to accept this coddling and disgusting behavior and then broadcast it as far and wide as they can as if it is a good thing that they are once again being looked down upon as invalids and handicapped ignoramuses.

Polls show that not as many "Hispanics" are supporting Obama now. I would ask the question, maybe it's simply that many of them are sick of being fooled. Many of them probably even want the border secured and no amnesty for illegal aliens. Why would that possibly be? Because they are not "Hispanic", they never were a "Hispanic Vote" they are Americans and they were simply fooled into voting for the Emperor With No Clothes along with many other Americans of all aces, classes, creeds and ethnic backgrounds..

Daily Caller

President Barack Obama is hosting a White House meeting for Hispanic advocacy groups Monday, just a week after a Gallup poll of Hispanic voters revealed potentially lethal news for his re-election chances.

The Gallup poll showed that Obama’s support among Hispanics fell almost a third in the last 18 months, down from 73 percent in December 2009 to 52 percent in June 2011.


The two-day Hispanic Policy Conference brings “community leaders from across the country together with a broad range of White House and Cabinet officials for an in-depth series of interactive workshops and substantive conversations,” according to a White House statement...

One thing that popped out at me in the article, beyond the fact that the Obama team thinks there is actually a "Hispanic Bloc" of voters, is that some of these racist groups will be meeting with Tom Perez. Perez "runs the social-issues arm of the Department of Justice". Why does a Department of Justice, which is supposed to be for equal justice under the law, running a social issues department that meets with race based groups?

There are already laws on the books for dealing with discrimination, both in the country and in the courtroom. The only reason to have this "social -issues department" meeting with race-based groups, is that the Department of Justice is openly giving their seal of approval to special treatment under the law and that should offend all Americans, regardless of color, ethnicity, class or any other factor.

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Posted by: Nightowl on July 17, 2011 04:53 PM

I think he is counting on the many millions he will grant amnesty to in the coming months by Executive Order.

He may be stupid at times but he knows those muchachos will vote for him if he gives them citizenship.

Posted by: Jerry on August 21, 2011 09:46 PM

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