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Par For The Course As Obama Addresses La Raza

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President Obama is set to take a trip on Monday to place his blessing on the continued racial and foreign national segregation that is occurring in this country as he addresses the National Council of La Raza - the self-proclaimed "largest Hispanic advocacy group in the country". Rather than advocating that all races in America should be treated the same, he follows a long line of politicians who continue to think it is a good thing that there are race-based groups in this country asking for special favors for those of only their race.

In this case it revolves around giving illegal aliens from south of the border - mostly Mexicans - amnesty. In return groups like La Raza claim that they will then get all people of their "race" - which they call "Hispanic", a made up name - to vote for Obama.

Isn't it time that Americans of all races stand up and cry foul? It will never happen of course, but just for once wouldn't you like to see the media report the truth? Maybe a headline like "Obama Endorses Racial Separatism as Good Thing" or how about in the case of the NAACP, "Obama Address Black Only NAACP, Promises Blacks Favors Over Others".

It should really disgust all Americans that it continues, but it's only getting worse. It is now common practice for not only the Democratic National Committee (DNC), but the Republican National Committee (RNC), to release ads in Spanish as well as English. Nobody flinches anymore even though to be granted US Citizenship you must know English. People continue to be afraid of being dubbed a racist for pointing out the truth. It is quite plain though that they are both endorsing the notion that you can remain separated from the population along your racial lines and still vote - as long as you vote for them - and it is a good thing for this country.

People like Janet Murgia, the president of La Raza say it quite clear in nearly every sentence uttered out of their mouths. Like in the article below for instance.


It's the latest effort in the president's intense campaign to win the hearts and minds of Latinos. In the White House, he has met with Hispanic celebrities, activists and policy groups for summits, lunches and parties.


But some Latinos still don't feel that Obama has done enough. "It was at our annual conference at [the National Council of La Raza] when he was a candidate that he did make a promise that comprehensive immigration reform would be an absolute top priority," says Janet Murguia, La Raza's president and CEO. "And I think it's been disappointing for many of us in the Latino community."

Just a note to Janet Murgia: those of us in the American Community are quite happy that Obama's plans to grant citizenship to criminal illegal aliens have failed. We don't need anyone from the "Latino Community" becoming members of our country, we need people who see themselves as part of the American Community. And as you point out time and time again that is not how these illegal aliens, nor even yourself, identify themselves.

For the record, none of the Republican candidates accepted her invitation to speak - even pro-amnesty candidates like Mitt Romney.

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To The American Community: You have to recognize that the Hispanic community needs to have Eveything printed In Spanish, since the are Mostly all I.Q limited, that is why the Government has to go out of its way to give them Placement Points for Jobs, education, food Stamps etc etc. Besides they have no Interest in becoming "Americans", they just want to take the "Beacon Home", and home is not the United States...Blessed Be. Ryan Santos, American.

Posted by: Ryan Sntos on July 27, 2011 09:21 AM

La Raza a civil rights group? Hahahahahahaha, yeah right!
La Raza preaches an ideaology which states "For The Race and Nothing for No One Else." La Raza is trying to fool everyone, but in reality, they serve a dangerous Brown Supremacist agenda and the "Reconquista" movement. The influx of illegal aliens coming from the S. of the Border poses a x1000 times bigger threat then Al-Qaida is to our National Security, as well as the concept of "Aztlan" and "Reconquista."

Posted by: Sean Yilmaz on November 29, 2011 02:41 AM

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