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Border Agents Told Not To Apprehend Illegals To Lower Numbers

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has recently cited a decrease in the number of apprehensions along the border as being a sign that the borders are under control. The numbers do not tell the true story as several Border Patrol Agents have come forward to let it be known why these apprehension numbers have declined.

Sara A. Carter of the Washington Examiner has been in contact with these agents and they have relayed that orders were sent down from above years ago that they should no longer apprehend illegal aliens and drug smugglers along the border, but that they should simply turn them away and back into Mexico. This was done so that there was no record of the incursions and so that apprehensions would be lowered allowing DHS to claim the borders are more secure.

This is a game they are playing with our national security and all for the purposes of falsely claiming that initiatives put in place by DHS are working when in reality they are not. It is a form of fraud to knowingly not arrest criminals in order to lower the numbers. Many of these illegal aliens and smugglers will simply try in another place along the border the next day.

A decrease in the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States from Mexico touted by federal officials is a fiction created by an unwritten policy to avoid arresting those crossing the border illegally and instead to use a variety of tactics to turn them back across the border, federal law enforcement agents said.

"This unspoken policy isn't anything new," said one federal law enforcement official, who asked not to be named for fear of reprimand. "For years we have been verbally ordered to 'turn back south' aliens who already illegally penetrated the border. Agents are verbally ordered to 'TBS' illegal entries by using intimidation tactics ... therefore, the agency avoids documented arrest numbers."

In some cases it has put the illegal aliens - and the agents - at risk as some are forced at exhaustion to attempt to recross the Rio Grande River back into Mexico even though they cannot swim and no longer have the buoyant devices, such as inner tubes, they used to cross the river.

Border agents working along the Rio Grande River in Texas told The Examiner that sometimes scare tactics to drive back illegal aliens across the river came close to ending in the deaths of the migrants, as well as the agents. "Some didn't know how to swim so they would start to drown and we'd have to go in to save them," an agent working along the Texas-Mexico border said.

Of course the Department of Homeland Security is denying that this is occurring. They recently tried to claim that the number of illegal aliens has decreased by one million since the recession started, but as anyone who covers this issue can tell you there is no accurate count as to how many illegal aliens are actually in this country and therefore no way that they can accurately state that the numbers are down by one million. An actual number count of illegal aliens in the United States cannot be tracked because for decades open borders, pro-illegal alien and race based groups and politicians have fought tooth and nail to prevent laws from being put in place that will allow reporting of illegal aliens in places like schools, hospitals and jails. Jails that do not participate in an agreement with the federal government under 287(g) to screen their inmates to determine if they are illegal will simply not know if an inmate is illegal unless the inmate states it openly. The 287(g) program itself has come under attack by the same groups trying to prevent the true numbers of illegal aliens from being known.

All such other efforts, like that of SB1070 in Arizona, to determine the status of an immigrant that is stopped for other criminal acts have been viciously challenged by the Department of Justice at the behest of governments like Mexico and pro-illegal alien groups like the National Council of La Raza and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF).

For DHS to come out and say the numbers of illegal aliens are down in this country is just as false as their claims that apprehensions have been declining simply because they were not being recorded. It's a dangerous claim and you suffer the consequences in the end.

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