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Americans Of Hispanic Descent Speaking Out Against Illegal Immigration

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Lakewood Carmen Morales
Groups pushing for illegal aliens to receive amnesty would try to have you believe that they represent the views of all Hispanics or Latinos in the United States, but there is a large portion of this country who are citizens and legal residents of Hispanic descent that do not agree with them at all. One such group, You Don't Speak For Me was founded years ago during the push for amnesty in 2006 (Carmen Morales pictured at left).

Since that time many Americans of Hispanic descent have become very active in the community opposing illegal immigration. They are largely ignored by the media because they don't fit with their agenda. Most of the media will go to the National Council of La Raza or to some immigration attorney who happens to be of Hispanic descent to provide the "Hispanic view" when it comes to illegal immigration. One and all they spout that they represent the growing 44 million Hispanics in the United States and try to make sure it is understood that all Hispanics vote in a big bloc of voters.

The truth is that the views on illegal immigration in the Hispanic community are nearly equally split.

Arizona put forth a ballot proposal in 2004 called "Protect Arizona Now" (Proposition 200) to require photo identification to vote. The proposition also made it punishable by up to four months in jail and a $750 fine if a state or local official failed to report any suspected illegal aliens seeking welfare, medical care or other public benefits.

At the time Proposition 200 was signed into law Mexico actually threatened to challenge it in international court. That shows you the real intent of those opposed to any laws to crack down on illegal aliens in the United States. Groups saying they represented "all Hispanics" rallied against it and filed suit.

Raymond Herrera
Raymond Herrera
President California's Crusader
But there was just one problem with Mexico and the pro illegal alien lobby's claim that they represented the Hispanic community in filing the lawsuits...

Prop 200 was passed with 47% of the Hispanic community voting in favor of it.

Now a new law in Arizona, SB1070, will allow local and state law enforcement to start putting a stop to illegal immigration in the state during the course of normal enforcement. We are also seeing the same rush of race-based Hispanic groups coming out claiming they represent all Hispanics and that they all oppose Arizona SB1070.

The problem is that, just like with Prop 200, it simply isn't true. Americans of Hispanic descent are coming out and stating their opposition to illegal immigration and in support of SB1070.

As with most media, CNN simply can't fathom that Americans of Hispanic descent see themselves as Americans first. They titled their story "Some Hispanic Americans hope law deters illegal immigration", as if they are a handful of people.

Sue Schwartz says she's been called a racist so many times she doesn't mind the label anymore. If wanting immigrants to enter the country legally, like her great-grandparents from Mexico, and obey the laws of the land makes her racist, then so be it, she says firmly.

"I'm getting to the point I wear it with pride," says Schwartz, a lifelong Arizonan who has warily watched the growth of the illegal immigrant population in the state over the course of her life.

Yes, even Americans of Hispanic descent who want the laws enforced are being called racists. If you've just been paying attention to the mass media you'd come to think that it is simply some "white movement" pushing through these bills. Schwartz goes on to say that illegals are taking over towns like Phoenix and turning them into "mini-Mexicos", blasting loud music and trashing the streets.

Anna Gaines
Anna Gaines
The friends I have met in the movement who are of a Hispanic background usually got involved after witnessing first hand the destruction illegal aliens are having on this country. Some at the government services level and many at the educational level. CNN found a former teacher to talk to. Anna Gaines was born in Mexico and came to the United States during the Vietnam War on a work visa as a nurse. As a teacher in the Paradise Valley School District in Arizona she started to realize something was not right.
"Many of these families were having one child after another just to earn a paycheck from the U.S. government and they didn't care about their children's education," says Gaines, the controversial founder of American Citizens United, a grass-roots organization known for its extreme views on immigration enforcement. "They didn't want to contribute, just take."

"There used to be a level of dignity and self-respect. They were hard-working people who wanted to contribute to American society because it was better than where they came from," says Gaines, a petite woman in her 70s. "But our government has been giving them handouts for so long that now they expect them."

Then there are my Puerto Rican brothers and sisters. Puerto Ricans are US Citizens at birth. Many who come to the mainland United States reject the title of "Hispanic" and claims by Hispanic groups that opposition to illegal immigration is a racist plot. My good friend Carmen Morales sent me a letter not too long ago from a 63-year-old man who put it this way.

For many years I have protested against the term "Hispanic" as a contrived governmental label with no validity that has taken root worldwide. There is no such thing as an "Hispanic" or "Hispanic culture." There are 21 individual countries around the world that speak Spanish. In most cases the Spanish language is the only thing they have in common. This false term has now become synonymous with being in favor or supporting illegal immigration. Both the term and premise are wrong.
Martha Payan
Martha Payan
Martha Payan is highlighted in the CNN piece. Payan has been cast out as a traitor by her neighborhood. She has had enough and wants it to end now.
Payan has also been called "traidora," or traitor, by neighbors in her primarily Hispanic neighborhood who know how she feels about illegal immigrants.

"They know how I feel. I don't hide my feeling," she says. "I've already had by apartment broken into and had my car hit by an illegal. What more do I have to lose?"

Law abiding Americans like Gaines, Schwartz and Payan are being treated as the criminals in the eyes of the groups like La Raza and the racial views they espouse to communities throughout this country. They push for the illegal alien to be viewed as the victim, while the true Americans calling for law and order and equality for all legal residents are somehow the bad guys.

Mexico recently has been pushing for a boycott of Arizona. Why? Their illegal aliens in our country send back so-called "remittances". As I reported back in 2006 the current president of Mexico at the time, Vicente Fox, was boasting that since 2003 remittances sent to Mexico had surpassed their oil revenue.

This never has been about race. It has been about money, power and control. If a few Americans have to be destroyed along the way by calling them racists, then so be it in their eyes.

Just don't be fooled by their propaganda. Americans of Hispanic descent are opposed to illegal immigration on a much grander scale than they would have you believe.

Here is an older video from Escondido, CA of Americans of Hispanic Descent speaking out against illegal immigration from 2008

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Posted by Digger on April 30, 2010 04:20 PM (Permalink)

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haha, it's always the same few White Cubans and Mexican coconuts. You just need Lupe Moreno there with her BBQ Chicken.

Posted by: yeahsure on April 30, 2010 11:32 PM

CNN is covering this as if these Latinos had two heads but at least it is covering it. I don't know what the exact percentages are but I know there are a lot of Hispanics who are opposed to Amnesty and support border security. As a legal immigrant, now a US Citizen told me a couple years ago, "I know first hand what Mexico is like and I don't want that **** up here". The competitive pressure for jobs put Hispanic US Citizens at the biggest disadvantage in many cases.

However many do not speak out except to their friends. They get no respect from the media, and the "activist" crowd subjects them to the most vicious attacks. Liberal Anglos are given a pass to declare open season on anti-Amnesty Latinos, joining in the ridicule and shunning.

Bottom line, we must join together across racial lines, support each other, and demand that the borders be secured. Supporting these legal changes in Arizona is a good first step.

Posted by: DaMav on May 1, 2010 01:04 AM

I left Mexico to find a better life in the States. I am a contributing member of society, learned the language of my country of choice and take pride in maintaining my culture's traditions: at home. I'm all for closing the border to those who want to come here illegally and overrun our communities with the very crime, filth, and social disregard that I LEFT Mexico to avoid! I wish I could say that I embrace everyone coming here for a better life, but the reality is that most of the illegal immigrants breed like rats and expect us, the taxpayers to support their lazy asses. I don't mind hardworking people being allowed to come and work, but not to simply pop out kid after anchor kid and expect to be taken care of. Enough is enough. More power to the people of Arizona for trying to take care of this long overdue issue.

Posted by: Maricia K on May 1, 2010 02:25 PM

Hi Digger,

I've linked this entry here where you will also find a very interesting video to add to your post.

Posted by: Darleen Click on May 1, 2010 04:52 PM

I'm an American citizen. My paternal grandparents were Mexicans. My maternal grandmother was a New Mexico mestiza (Native American and Spanish) and my maternal grandfather was an Anglo-American. Culturally I practice both Anglo-American US culture and Mexican culture. I read, write & speak fluently in both English and Spanish. I've traveled significantly in both the United States and Mexico. I even lived in Mexico for a time. Because of my appearance most people would call me Hispanic or Mexican or Mexican-American or Latino. But those are their labels for me. As you can see, it can get complicated.

However, there are some values that transcend any and all cultures. One of those values is a commitment to truth, whether that truth be personal truth, scientific or mathematical truth, historical truth or logical truth. And that's really at the heart of this debate about foreign nationals living in the US in violation of immigration laws.

The truth is that such people are invading the US in violation of US law and sovereignty. The truth is that these people avail themselves of government benefits, educational and social benefits to which they are not entitled and which were meant for US citizens. The truth is that they take jobs which were not intended for them. The truth is that they siphon money out of American communities and send it back to their home countries to the detriment of the US communities from which that money came. The truth is that the vast majority of these people are from Mexico. The truth is that the Mexican government encourages this behavior because the Mexican government and the class of wealthy Mexicans make money off of it, both in expenditures they don't have to make for their own citizens and in money that the general population of Mexico receives in wire transfers. The truth is that many US citizens who self-identify as Hispanics, Mexican-Americans and Chicanos are major bigots who carry a deep resentment within themselves against the US and its citizens who don't identify as Hispanics. The truth is that many of these people who are academics and lawyers work ceaselessly to brainwash young American citizens with Hispanic surnames to believe that they are a victimized and powerless class that should hate and treat with disrespect other US citizens who don't self-identify as Hispanics. They also teach these young Americans that they should identify with Mexico and Mexican citizens against their own country and fellow citizens. These propagandists work in our public schools and in government and in the media and have no compunction about lying about history or anything else. Their only goal is power.

Right now, they are able to influence masses of ignorant people who self-identify as Hispanics and Mexicans because the belief system they offer justifies the illegal, unethical and dishonest activities in which many of them engage. Don't be fooled for a minute. These people are rabble-rousing opportunists. They don't represent anyone other than themselves although they go around waving the banner of "being Hispanic". Baloney! They are like any other small group that seeks to have absolute power over other people (e.g. Nazis, Stalinists, Chinese communists, the Khmer rouge, extreme capitalists, etc.). These people are corrupt and their unethical corruption shows in the current temper tantrums they are throwing regarding AZ 1070. The so-called "Hispanic" leaders have lied and misrepresented that law because they know that if the government of AZ enforces that law it is the beginning of the end for their opportunistic nationalist ambitions and their greedy commitment to self-enrichment. So they are busy "alborotando el gallinero" (raising a ruckus in the chicken coop) because they know their only hope is get all the self-identifying Hispanics and Mexicans to make as much noise as possible no matter how much that noise is all based on lies.

If what the Human Genome Project says is true, i.e. that there is no scientific evidence for the concept of human races then the whole idea of people who represent and advocate for the "Hispanic" race becomes the transparent falsehood that it is and then it can be exposed as the ridiculous sham that it is. It becomes obvious then that the May Day marches are all about an attempt to intimidate the population of US citizens who still think the rule of law and national sovereignty matter.

In my opinion the signing of AZ 1070 and the ensuing theatrics of the "Hispanic" community are the opening battle in the second Mexican-American war. Right now the battle lines are being drawn. Like it or not every person in the US, whether a citizen, a legal resident or a foreign national living here in violation of immmigration laws is going to have to decide where he or she stands on the issue of US national sovereignty and the right of US citizens to have their laws respected and followed by all who live within the boundaries of the US. Where are you going to stand?

Posted by: Yolanda M. on May 2, 2010 02:30 PM

Yolanda, the war had started years ago.

The "genome project" is a political project with carefully crafted press releases, actual scientists state a reality that is a bit different.

Nationalism would be good for this country, but not mestizo Nationalism born out of Mexico.

So-called 'hispanics' that support the law of our land need to band together to reign in these rogue communities, just like educated and conforming negros need to do with their huge criminal population.

You can't rely on the White majority, we have twisted our collective mind into a massive guilt-paranoia syndrome. We keep ourselves in check, time for others to do the same.

Posted by: Carltonian on May 3, 2010 07:31 AM

Yolanda, your comments are featured in my latest article:

More Americans of Hispanic Descent Come Out Against Illegal Immigration And Its Supporters

Posted by: Digger on May 3, 2010 01:58 PM

If what the Human Genome Project says is true, i.e. that there is no scientific evidence for the concept of human races then the whole idea of people who represent and advocate for the "Hispanic" race becomes the transparent falsehood that it is and then it can be exposed as the ridiculous sham that it is. It becomes obvious then that the May Day marches are all about an attempt to intimidate the population of US citizens who still think the rule of law and national sovereignty matter.

Posted by: learn to speak spanish, spanish classes in phoenix, spanish classes, spanish lessons, spanish tutor on May 14, 2010 06:03 AM

I am a Turkish American, yes my parents LEGALLY came from the Republic of Turkey, and I am a proud college student, taxpayer, US Citizen born and raised in the United States and proud to be a United States citizen. We all unite as ONE as American Citizen, doesn't matter if you are an American of Hispanic, Black, White, Asian, Pacific Islander, or Native descent. We have to protect our borders and defend each and every single inch of our lands. La Raza, Leftists and Anarchists can squeal like little babies saying that people who are against ILLEGAL Immigration are racist, bigots, haters and Nazis. It is hate groups like La Raza, Brown Berets and Mecha who want to indoctrinate US Citizens of Hispanic descent with vicious hate and these hate groups want to massacre all non-Mexicans and Mexican Faschists want to claim that they are all Indian (NOTE: Some Mexicans are White, Some Christian Arab and Some Jewish, not all Indian). So that indigenous claim needs to be debunked as evidence and I believe that we, the patriots of the United States of America will create as massive of a buildup on the Mexican border and protect the South of our borders. Does drug trafficing, Islamic Terror, narco-terror, and other terror groups come from the North of our border? NO. Do you see people flooding in hordes illegally from the North disrespecting our laws, collecting welfare checks cranking 20-30 kids, refusing to get jobs, commiting crimes, robberies, flooding our jail systems, murdering our men, women and children in the most cold blooded ways. This is illegal aliens of ALL ancestries, not just Hispanic. Legal immigrants work their tails off to come to the US and they cannot come to the US and enjoy the American dream.

Posted by: S. Yilmaz on October 21, 2011 06:53 AM

Thanks to all these Illegal Aliens who hate America, we, the American citizens are seeing job cuts, the big banks gone totally out of control, our prison systems are flooded completely by illegal aliens and also Illegal Aliens commited many crimes such as child molestation, theft, car burglary, prostitution, drug trafficing, home burglary, and other things.

We should have watched our backs and started to look after our borders in the 1950s or 1960s, but no, unfortunately, we have a Left Wing Liar from Kenya (who is not eligible to be US president since he was born in Kenya, not USA) who is busy trying to claim that he has done something about the Lybian efforts, as well as the May 1 huntdown of Osama Bin Laden and others. The fall of Gaddafi was done by the Lybian people, as well as the fall of Mubarak was done by the Egyptian people and hunting down by Bin Laden was done by American patriots. We have a person who has an insufficient birth certificate sending troops to other countries when our country is being destroyed by a flood of America-hating illegal aliens who come from the South, as well as terrorism coming from the South, plus drug trafficing and militias that want to destroy America. It is La Raza, Mecha, Aztlan and the Brown Berets who are racists. Minutemen are just simply protecting America from being totally destroyed. The leftist mass media is demonizing and vilifying anti-illegal immigrant activists and trying to label them as racists. THEY ARE THE RACISTS. They need to know that this movement is growing massively and most anti-Illegal Alien supporters are American citizens who are not even White. I am stating this as a person who has parents who LEGALLY came from Turkey, became naturalized citizens, became well educated and both have PHD degrees and contribute to society. Versus illegal aliens who hate, loathe and envy the greatness of America.

Posted by: S. Yilmaz on October 21, 2011 07:13 AM

So my last suggestion is that we need to treate La Raza as a group which is as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan, Black Panthers, Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Neo Nazis. They want to destroy the fabric of how America prospered for so many centuries and rose to being the ultimate superpower. We need to expose there really hateful agenda and we need to expose the facts of illegal immigration through the mass media and slam all liberals, especially Barrack Obama, who has ties with Jeremiah Wright, who hates and loathes America to death. I can't believe the Media tried to silence people who know Obama's evil colors and claim that people who hate Obama are anti-Black. THAT IS FALSE AND A LOAD OF B/S. There are many African Americans who are willing to expose how vile Obama is, such as James David Manning and Alan Keyes. We need a patriotic revolution in the USA. RON PAUL 2012, that is all I say!

Posted by: S. Yilmaz on October 21, 2011 07:19 AM

I have 15 years living in this contry,nobody teach me speake english,nobody teach me drive,nobody teach me to pay taxes and I have no reason to hate peaple,well the peaple self called "you don't speake for me" don't know about the real causes of migration,some of them are:the power gun's trafic,the globalization,mexican product's block,the TLC that ruin mexican agriculture,etc .and I must to said "you don't speake for me" when call to migrants criminals,they are human peaple run away for the violence,hungry and bad bussines, support for u.s.a. peaple's goverment,if you want to stop ilegal inmigrtion,stop block mexican product, stop gun's trafic and let them to have job in both sides of the border,by the way SB 1070 bill it's a racist law that no stop the real criminals,an example is the congress Gabrielle Giffort's incident.

Posted by: temoc garcía on May 30, 2012 06:30 PM

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