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More Americans of Hispanic Descent Come Out Against Illegal Immigration And Its Supporters [Video]

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Ana Luiza Puig
Ana Luiza Puig
More and more Americans of Hispanic descent are speaking out against those who would tear down Arizona SB1070 as a racist law. They are speaking out against the race-based groups that wish to divide this great country. They are speaking out against illegal immigration. These women have done it the right way and they are incensed that they are being lumped in with a bunch of law breakers and groups who want to use their ethnicity to push for mass illegal immigration and amnesty.

These are the people that the illegal alien supporters do not want you to hear from and they have been doing their best to keep them quiet by slandering them as "race traitors" or the like. However, the truth is that there are more people like Yolanda and Gabriella below than the groups like La Raza want you to know about. I would venture to guess that more than half of the legal community of Hispanic descent in this country opposes illegal immigration, but they have been pushed into silence by threats of being outcasts by these hateful race-based groups.

I received the comment below from Yolanda M., an American of Mexican descent, who is fed up with the illegal alien supporters trying to smear her and use her good name to support their illegal causes. It was posted to my article "Americans Of Hispanic Descent Speaking Out Against Illegal Immigration"

Also at a recent Tucson City Council meeting a woman named Gabriella, who was born in Mexico and legally immigrated to the United States and became a citizen, spoke against the idea that the city of Tucson should sue the state over SB1070. The video of her below has gone viral.

Ana Luiza Puig immigrated from Brazil and became a United States citizen. Since then she has been traveling and warning the other citizens of this country about the socialism and marxism that is creeping into this nation, something she is both amazed and appalled to see. Ana has been very outspoken on the issue of illegal immigration and opposes it at every turn. In a country as free as the United States she wonders why people would voluntarily submit themselves to the chains of socialism and allow a flow of illegal aliens to continue into her country. A full video of her speech from Tampa in April 2010 is below. You can find a transcript of it here and visit the Kitchen Table Patriots website for more information on her group and coming events..

Ana, Gabriella, Yolanda speak for millions of legal residents and American citizens of Hispanic descent who have remained silent. Silent no more!

Comment from Yolanda in full.


I'm an American citizen. My paternal grandparents were Mexicans. My maternal grandmother was a New Mexico mestiza (Native American and Spanish) and my maternal grandfather was an Anglo-American. Culturally I practice both Anglo-American US culture and Mexican culture. I read, write & speak fluently in both English and Spanish. I've traveled significantly in both the United States and Mexico. I even lived in Mexico for a time. Because of my appearance most people would call me Hispanic or Mexican or Mexican-American or Latino. But those are their labels for me. As you can see, it can get complicated.

However, there are some values that transcend any and all cultures. One of those values is a commitment to truth, whether that truth be personal truth, scientific or mathematical truth, historical truth or logical truth. And that's really at the heart of this debate about foreign nationals living in the US in violation of immigration laws.

The truth is that such people are invading the US in violation of US law and sovereignty. The truth is that these people avail themselves of government benefits, educational and social benefits to which they are not entitled and which were meant for US citizens. The truth is that they take jobs which were not intended for them. The truth is that they siphon money out of American communities and send it back to their home countries to the detriment of the US communities from which that money came. The truth is that the vast majority of these people are from Mexico. The truth is that the Mexican government encourages this behavior because the Mexican government and the class of wealthy Mexicans make money off of it, both in expenditures they don't have to make for their own citizens and in money that the general population of Mexico receives in wire transfers. The truth is that many US citizens who self-identify as Hispanics, Mexican-Americans and Chicanos are major bigots who carry a deep resentment within themselves against the US and its citizens who don't identify as Hispanics. The truth is that many of these people who are academics and lawyers work ceaselessly to brainwash young American citizens with Hispanic surnames to believe that they are a victimized and powerless class that should hate and treat with disrespect other US citizens who don't self-identify as Hispanics. They also teach these young Americans that they should identify with Mexico and Mexican citizens against their own country and fellow citizens. These propagandists work in our public schools and in government and in the media and have no compunction about lying about history or anything else. Their only goal is power.

Right now, they are able to influence masses of ignorant people who self-identify as Hispanics and Mexicans because the belief system they offer justifies the illegal, unethical and dishonest activities in which many of them engage. Don't be fooled for a minute. These people are rabble-rousing opportunists. They don't represent anyone other than themselves although they go around waving the banner of "being Hispanic". Baloney! They are like any other small group that seeks to have absolute power over other people (e.g. Nazis, Stalinists, Chinese communists, the Khmer rouge, extreme capitalists, etc.). These people are corrupt and their unethical corruption shows in the current temper tantrums they are throwing regarding AZ 1070. The so-called "Hispanic" leaders have lied and misrepresented that law because they know that if the government of AZ enforces that law it is the beginning of the end for their opportunistic nationalist ambitions and their greedy commitment to self-enrichment. So they are busy "alborotando el gallinero" (raising a ruckus in the chicken coop) because they know their only hope is get all the self-identifying Hispanics and Mexicans to make as much noise as possible no matter how much that noise is all based on lies.

If what the Human Genome Project says is true, i.e. that there is no scientific evidence for the concept of human races then the whole idea of people who represent and advocate for the "Hispanic" race becomes the transparent falsehood that it is and then it can be exposed as the ridiculous sham that it is. It becomes obvious then that the May Day marches are all about an attempt to intimidate the population of US citizens who still think the rule of law and national sovereignty matter.

In my opinion the signing of AZ 1070 and the ensuing theatrics of the "Hispanic" community are the opening battle in the second Mexican-American war. Right now the battle lines are being drawn. Like it or not every person in the US, whether a citizen, a legal resident or a foreign national living here in violation of immigration laws is going to have to decide where he or she stands on the issue of US national sovereignty and the right of US citizens to have their laws respected and followed by all who live within the boundaries of the US. Where are you going to stand?

Yolanda M.


Gabriella speaks to the Tucson City Council as they contemplated whether to sue the state of Arizona over SB1070 (Tipped by Reader Lone Wolf)

Ana Luiza Puig Videos below in 3 parts.

Ana Luiza Puig Speaks In Tampa, FL April 2010 - Part 1

Ana Luiza Puig Speaks In Tampa, FL April 2010 - Part 2

Ana Luiza Puig Speaks In Tampa, FL April 2010 - Part 3

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Posted by Digger on May 3, 2010 12:40 PM (Permalink)

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I am in support of these ladies and all who think like them and me. I came also from Mexico and became US citizen. I expressed my opinion in the REDLatina net work here in Dallas, TX where I lived and I got a lot of hate, insulting, menacing mail. THEY DO NOT WANT FOR US TO SPEAK OUT. The law is the law here and everywhere in the world. Do you think Mexican people will allow americans to behave like these illegals in Mexico or from whereever they are coming from?

Posted by: Bertha Santillana-Outler on May 3, 2010 06:48 PM

It's not a matter of race, 'our side' says. But it sure goes to great lengths to emphasize the race of the non-Whites that are on 'our' side.

Posted by: frank on May 4, 2010 10:51 AM

At last Saturday's patriot rally against the illegal alien march in Dallas, TX, I saw a GREAT sign that TELLS it LIKE it IS: "ILLEGAL is a CRIME, NOT a COLOR!"

Posted by: joazinha on May 4, 2010 06:37 PM

Frank said:

It's not a matter of race, 'our side' says. But it sure goes to great lengths to emphasize the race of the non-Whites that are on 'our' side.

So in your opinion when La Raza says that they represent all Hispanics, we are not allowed to rebutt or respond in any way proving otherwise?

That's good to know because I was starting to think that we would actually be allowed to have an honest debate.

Instead, the race card is played once again.

Posted by: Digger on May 4, 2010 07:27 PM

Thank you Digger for highlighting by writing.

Posted by: Yolanda M. on May 7, 2010 01:12 PM

I am in agreement with this article regarding the mass influx of spanish-speaking immigrants with an agenda of power and no regard for the USA and its values.
I am of Mestiza and Mexican descent. Third generation. I speak fluent English of course and identify as a North American ethnically. However I constantly run into those who call themselves Hispanics who have been in this country illegally for decades and have not bothered to learn English. And yet, they are eligible for US government jobs! Including working at the US Post office. I ran into a young women from El Salvador who works at ROBEKS in Alexandria VA. She got my drink order wrong and actually asked me if I spoke Spanish so that she could understand me better. I was sympathetic with her at first, spoke English more slowly etc..., until I found out that she's been in the US for 17 years! Her goals are to leave Robeks and work for the US Post office! Cannot believe that everyone in the US is getting so brainwashed by these immigrants who have no desire to adopt the language of this country and I cannot believe what the lawmakers are doing to make this easier for them. Not good. I know that the agenda is not aimed to improve our lives, but to fatten up the greedy who thrive on continuing mass deceptions of the sort described in the article.

Posted by: GinaM on July 21, 2013 12:52 PM

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