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Mexico May Use International Courts To Block Proposition 200

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So now international courts are supposed to be able to control whether illegal foreigners in our country should be able to vote or receive the benefits and services of our taxes. The audacity of a foreign government stepping in to control our tax system is appalling and asinine.

In a logical world you would expect our lawmakers and government officials to come out and rebuke this ridiculousness, but it will not be. How about we appeal to international courts that Mexico should allow us to vote in their election and give us some of their tax money.

San Francisco Chronicle

Mexico may turn to international courts in efforts to block a new Arizona law limiting services to undocumented aliens, Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said Wednesday.

He said in an interview on W Radio that Mexico might take such a step after it has exhausted all possibilities under U.S. law to halt Proposition 200.

"We are seeking all the legal opportunities that exist, first using the legal capacities of the United States itself and ... if that does not work, bringing it to international tribunals," Derbez said.


Derbez said the government already has made a verbal protest to the United States and now will file a written protest at the request of Mexican lawmakers. He did not say when it would be issued.

He expressed regret that, according to polls, about 40 percent of Mexican-Americans in Arizona had supported the measure.

"It's sad and it gives an idea of how we have to work to educate even our own Mexican-Americans about why it is important that these proposals are not accepted," Derbez said.

Outrageous. He even hates Mexican-Americans who have found that they want legal voters and legal people to receive the benefits of the taxes they pay.

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Is Juan Manuel Alvarez, 25(train derailment in LA a mexican National???

Posted by: Milek on January 29, 2005 04:14 AM

Man, it's time to declare war on Mexico and remove our elected obstacles from office. With war powers we could brush aside the crazy judges, too. The constitution does not apply to foreign nationals, the INS/ICE does. Try going to a foreign country and tell them the U.S. constitution is the law of their land. Because those foreign nationals are physically in our country doesn't change their citizenship; they are subject to their laws, not ours unless they commit serious crime here. Deport, deport, deport.

Posted by: ken pope on October 11, 2007 11:36 PM

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