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JD Hayworth Enters Senate Race Vs McCain - McCain Denies He Backed Amnesty

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JD Hayworth
JD Hayworth, the former congressman from Arizona threw his hat into the senate race this week to take on Senator John McCain. McCain on the other hand decided that he would throw out blatant lies that he didn't support amnesty for illegal aliens, though he was co-sponsor, and lead pusher, of amnesty bills with Ted Kennedy.

Hayworth came out swinging at McCain's whole record saying it was clearly liberal with McCain supporting the closure of Guantanamo, support for cap-and-trade and his vote for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). I would agree with Hayworth, more often than not McCain has been the epitome of a RINO. Republican In Name Only.

Hayworth has the endorsement of Joe Arpaio and Arizona state senator Russell Pearce, two of the most pro-active immigration enforcement leaders in this country. Hayworth, the author of Whatever It Takes: Illegal Immigration, Border Security, and the War on Terror, has been firm on illegal immigration. In 2006 he gave an interview to National Review where he laid out his stances. Of particular note is his common sense on the issue of terrorism caused by lack of enforcement.

Lopez: If immigration is such a security issue why hasn’t a nightmare scenario happened already?

Congressman Hayworth: I’d say we have already had a nightmare scenario. Could 9/11 have happened without lax immigration laws and lax enforcement of those laws? Probably not.

Most of you already know about McCain, so with that let me start by asking you to support JD Hayworth at his website. After all, his vote in the Senate affects you.

For others who may be a little in the dark about Mccain... well you be the judge. I will try not to make this whole piece about McCain, but it is hard to ignore the ridiculous statements by the McCain campaign that he doesn't support amnesty and has the backing of the Tea Party movement.

"I would do [comprehensive immigration reform] in the first day ... I was the one who led with Senator Kennedy"
- John McCain to Univision if elected President, Sep 2008
McCain is clearly trying to back away from all of his RINO stances and recently has been trying to sound more conservative. Recently McCain's communications director, Brian Rogers, came out and actually tried to claim that John McCain didn't support amnesty for illegal aliens.

“Mr. Hayworth falsely said today that Senator McCain supports amnesty when in fact Senator McCain has never supported amnesty, and continues to fight every day to secure our borders first and find solutions to solve our immigration problem," said Rogers.

I guess all of America was simply mistaken when McCain co-sponsored Comprehensive Immigration Reform bills. As a matter of fact I guess he wishes we'd forget an interview McCain gave to Univision in September 2008 when he was trying to court the fabled "Hispanic vote" during his run for president. If you didn't catch it or forgot about it let me remind you...

Ramos: Senator ... Would that include massive legalization for millions of undocumented immigrants in this country?

McCain: ... we go through a step by step process of allowing people to apply and achieve citizenship in this country ...

Ramos: It goes against the platform of your party ... because they are against the legalization of millions of undocumented immigrants.

McCain: My position is very clear, and that was part of our proposal, that I took up twice ... [illegals] who have come here and have been here for a period of time and are law abiding citizens and are willing to go through a certain process, of course, there are not twelve million pairs of handcuffs in America.

McCain: So, we can together, republicans and democrats, work out this issue, provide a path to citizenship ... as I said at the Convention, these are God's children and it will be done in a humane and compassionate fashion.

Yes, you did read that right. McCain is proud of his support and sponsorship of two amnesty for illegal alien bills and he looks at illegals as "law abiding citizens" who should go through a process to be legalized and given citizenship. However here is the most disturbing part of the interview. McCain is even more gung-ho for amnesty than Obama. He claimed that on day one of his presidency he would start an amnesty.

Ramos: Senator Barack Obama told us in an interview that he would present a comprehensive immigration reform to congress during the first year. Could you match that?

McCain: Sure, I would do it in the first day, but I was the one who led, I was the one who led with Senator (Ted) Kennedy

The facts speak for themselves, as do the admissions and pride McCain takes in his selling out of the American people and this country's sovereignty.

JD Hayworth has been solid on border security and opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens. So much so that upon his announcement he was running, Minuteman Civil Defense Corp founder Chris Simcox, who was running against McCain, bowed out of the race and threw his full support behind Hayworth. I applaud Simcox for this action, he didn't take a bow for the Republican Party, he took a bow for his beliefs and ideals of which Hayworth closely aligns.

Both Mccain and Hayworth are claiming the backing of the Tea Party movement. McCain is the absolute poster child of the Washington establishment and I'm not sure how he honestly believes that he has Tea Party backing. McCain's press releases say that since Palin endorsed him the whole Tea Party does. A fact that sticks out though is that Sarah Palin also told Univision just before the 2008 election that she supported amnesty. Palin rode into town recently to back McCain's senate run as she did for Rick Perry in Texas. Perry supports in-state tuition and a host of other pro-illegal alien stances. If anything this speaks ill of all three of them.

McCain was elected as a congressman in 1982 and served two terms and then was elected to the Senate in 1986 and has served four terms. He has been in Washington for nearly 30 years, overseeing all of the problems that have put this nation in the predicament it is currently in.

McCain plays all of the political games. In 2002 he backed the campaign finance reform McCain-Feingold Act. What campaign finance reform does is hamstrings anyone running against an incumbent. Thus he further solidified his power and control. McCain already has name recognition, he wanted to ensure that people running against him would have limited funds to get their name out there.

So with all of this regarding McCain is he really looking out for you? Or is he looking out for himself, illegal aliens and an agenda that continues our country's downward spiral of big spending and loss of sovereignty?

I ask you to support JD Hayworth for Senate.

As for McCain? Judge John McCain by the company he keeps. It is time to send him home.

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Posted by Digger on February 17, 2010 09:35 AM (Permalink)

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McCain is the candidate who said a short time before our financial collapse that the economy was good.
And, now votes against bills he once supported and at times co-sponsored, just to defeat anything and everything that will help our country get back on it's feet. He has voted against bills to help veterans, women, the less fortunate and middle class America.
The republicans are a disgrace to our political system with their lies, distortions, lack of responsibily and hypocritical actions.
They continue with their politics as usual that almost destroyed our country.
The survival of our country is more important than immigration reform, but, as ususal, Mccain and the republicans are clueless.

Posted by: katiec on February 17, 2010 01:38 PM

We know better McCain. We heard you pound the podium when you chose to support illegal immigrants despite your constituent's wishes. I wish I were in AZ so I could vote for your opponent. See http://rightwingagenda.blogspot.com/.

Posted by: Kevin Smith on February 18, 2010 12:49 PM

A great candidate. He should do well. Or maybe not.

His deep involvement in the Abramoff lobbying disaster, and six-figure payments to his wife through a political action committee, his book on immigration that quoted approvingly from racial theories of Henry Ford during his pro-Nazi phase; the publisher reported sales of less than a thousand,a notorious pork barrel spender and his identification of a birther.

Yeah! Go JD!

Posted by: Ralph on February 18, 2010 06:25 PM

JD Hayworth is another career politician who will say anything to get elected. We need to throw McCain out, no doubt, but Republicans have screwed this country over already.

Democrats have screwed this country over and over again.

Does it really make sense to keep electing R's and D's so that they can continue to work together to steal your wealth and give it elsewhere (while taking a large chunk for themselves)?


Posted by: AL the Alien Drummer on February 21, 2010 10:23 AM

McCain you were the guy having secret meetings in Chicago assuring La Raza of your bonafides; you stated you'd have an "immigration bill" within 24 hours after you were elected president, that's POTUS;

I voted for you; only because you selected a conservative AND I knew BO was awful; as he is; Retire McCain; I'll take even Hayworth over your brand of flip flop conservatism.

Posted by: whitneymuse on May 24, 2010 12:30 PM

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