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Debra Medina For TX Governor Opposes Amnesty For Illegals - Perry, Not So Much [Video]

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Debra Medina
Things are heating up in the Republican primary for Texas governor. The race is pulling closer as the March 2 primary approaches. Current polls show Rick Perry leading with Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina in a statistical dead heat. If none of the candidates take at least 50% of the vote in March there will be an April runoff.

Medina, the "Tea Party Candidate", has been surging in the polls coming from 4-6% in December to near 25% in recent showings.

"inviting an invasion... will destroy us"
-Debra Medina
There is a significant difference between Medina and her opponents though. Medina opposes illegal immigration and an amnesty for illegal aliens. In a recent joint press conference with US Border Watch, Medina said that Texas needs to take things into its own hands because the federal government is a failure when it comes to combating illegal immigration.

Current Governor Rick Perry supports in-state tuition for illegal aliens, opposes the border fence, supports the Trans-Texas Corridor and has refused to crack down on services to illegal aliens. He has even stated openly in the past that he has a moderate record on immigration. You can see all of this and more in the video below entitled Rick Perry Patriot or Villain?. Perry was also behind the forced HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccinations that should have outraged every American. This is not the kind of leader Texans and Americans need as governor of Texas.

I questioned Sarah Palin in the past regarding her stance on illegal immigration. In October 2008, just days before the election, Palin stated to Univision that she is for a "pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens - amnesty. Every person that Palin endorses needs to be looked at carefully when it comes to immigration and Palin recently stumped and endorsed Perry (along with John "Amnesty" McCain. Birds of a feather...

It is very important that those of us who oppose illegal immigration support border governor candidates who have a clear stance on opposing illegal immigration. While you may not live in the state of Texas, decisions that those in Texas make have a profound impact on the rest of this country. Those illegal aliens who cross in Texas will soon be showing up in your state.

"The two candidates for the Republican nomination for Governor who currently hold elected offices (that of Senator and Governor) have repeatedly made promises and then turned their backs on these issues or completely reversed their campaign promises. They have consistently failed to protect the rule of law and the citizens of this great state."
- Debra Medina
Medina is clearly the only candidate in the Texas governor race who stands opposed to illegal immigration.

With that being said, I ask that you support Medina today by heading over to her official website at Medina for Texas

"Failure to enforce state and federal laws has contributed to abuse of property and humanity all along the Texas border. We can no longer turn a blind eye on the situation and will, in order to protect our citizens and their property, take matters into our own hands to insure peace and protection along the Texas border," stated Medina.

Medina has clearly outlined her plan for Texas to fight illegal immigration. Her stances are clear and to the point and include the following:

  • Calling sufficient numbers of Texas National Guard and Texas State Guard members to active duty to support local law enforcement particularly along areas in between legal ports of entry to combat drug and human trafficking;
  • Notifying Mexican authorities that the Texas Border will be secure and no entry will be allowed without proper documentation;
  • Insuring that Texas District Attorneys and Texas Attorney General exercise full prosecutorial power and have sufficient resources to enforce human slavery and child labor laws to their fullest extent;
  • Assisting local and state law enforcement in deporting individuals convicted of violating state or federal law;
  • Insuring that private citizens have the ability to protect themselves and their property without fear;
  • Insuring that the interests of Texans are protected by seeking legislation and enforcement actions that respect Texas sovereignty in the face of international treaties, like NAFTA, that violate Texas state sovereignty; These treaties create poverty in Mexico and Central America and benefit corporate investors. This poverty drives people to migrate north. Insuring that the interests of Texans are protected, Debra Medina will interpose, support nullification and declare unconstitutional all international treaties that violate Texas state sovereignty. We will not recognize those treaties or enforce their regulation or taxation.
  • Eliminating social incentives to illegal immigration by seeking legislation prohibiting use of state funds for service or benefit of illegal aliens.
Medina's full stance on immigration can be seen at here website here

Following in Palin's footsteps, Glenn Beck recently tried to tie Medina to the 9/11 "truther" movement. Medina denies such accusations. "There is no doubt in my mind that Muslim terrorists flew planes into those buildings on 9/11. I have not seen any evidence nor have I ever believed that our government was involved or directed those individuals in any way," Medina said.

I am not sure why there is a concerted effort to try and kill the candidacy of Medina by the likes of Palin and Beck, but it just makes one believe that they are more of the GOP machine than they are letting on. Do not be blinded by these accusations and endorsements, I believe they are for ulterior motives. Perry has been playing the 10th amendment/secession card in a populist move to get support and I think this appeals to Beck and Palin, but you should really question what a Perry-led succession of Texas would look like. In my opinion it would be an open-borders narco-state that puts at risk the rest of the United States and would have Texans living in fear under the thumb of cartels who set themselves up in the state.

In the Medina videos below (which are from December 2009 when she was only polling at 6%) you will see her comments on immigration starting with the last minute of the first video and the first few minutes of the second. She calls our current immigration stance as "inviting an invasion".

Support Debra Medina for Governor before we end up with the amnesty guy below again.

Rick Perry Patriot or Villain?

Debra Medina - Part 1

Debra Medina - Part 2

Debra Medina - Part 3

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Posted by Digger on February 12, 2010 12:30 PM (Permalink)

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This woman is awesome!

I put it on the Fight PC site.

Posted by: rewhblcain on February 12, 2010 02:48 PM

Shame on Texans if they put RINO Perry back in office. The guy's a sell-out to the Cheap Labor and ethnic hustling lobbies. If you're a US citizen, you're the Low Man on Perry's totem pole! If you're OK with that, go ahead and vote for this traitor.

Posted by: VivaLaMigra on February 12, 2010 04:39 PM

GO! Medina!!!!!!1 It's about time that someone stood up and did someting about the weight set upon the Texas tax payer's shoulders. I have nothing against
Mexicans, but what I do have is their blatent abuse of our system! Caes in point: A friend of mine owns a business. He employs Green card Mexicans as well as American citizens. The Green card holder claims the highest number of dependants he can, to keep from paying any taxes. He made very good money working for my friend: $24,800. per year Plus, he was doing work on the side as well as buying and selling cars. We sat down one day and figured out that with what he was making, plus the average he was making on the side "TAX FREE", he was probably clearing a minimum of $30,000 a year.He would buy cars, fix them and sell them in Mexico. On a week end, you would see him in $200. boots and $100.00 pants and $75.00 shirts.
This is the same man that came to my friend and wanted him to fill out a form to falsify his income income information so that he could get section 8 housing. My friend didn't do it, but some how, his Mexican employee ended up getting his section 8 housing where he brought in more illegals who rented space in that dwelling from him. He actually lived elsewhere.
The section 8 was just rental property courtesy of the American tax payers! The American tax payers paid for all of his children to be born at Parkland hospital, one time even giving her a private room!
By the way, she was an illegal! You are SOL as an American Citizen when it comes to being taken in and treated at a public hospital. It's first come, first serve! You could show up with a fractured arm, and cuts requiring stitches and be told to wait your turn.
So you may have 10 in front of you with anything from hang nails,cold symptoms, a minor cut,constipation or what ever and every one of them an illegal NON TAX PAYING DRAIN ON OUR ALREADY TAXED SYSTEM! This same guy has figured out how to get full benefits from the food stamps program as well as milking other services which are charitable and meant for the "REAL" needy and not those who are making the kind of money he is.
He is a sampling of thousands!!!!!! who have our system wired and are stealing from us on an every day basis. I haven't problems with being charitable but I do have problems with the thousands who are stealing from us and crying poor mouth blending into the sea of those who may need help. So, what do we do about it? SLAM THE DAMN DOOR SHUT AT THE BOARDER ON ALL OF THEM TO GET THEIR ATTENTION! Next, educate their brothers and sisters as the why the door got slammed shut? AMERICA HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE SHINING BEACON IN THE NIGHT WORLD WIDE, STANDING FOR FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND OPPORTUNUTY. Unfortunately, for some, they saw that beacon and said, hey the laws are lax, unless I do something really bad, all they do is deport me back to Mexico in which case, I'll be back on the US side in a few days! America is the land where it is easy to sucker people and take advantage of the system because one hand doesn't know what the other is doing! In short, going accross the boarder is like getting a lisence to steal! You can't get away with the kind of things in Mexico that you can in the US! SO LET THEIR OWN PEOPLE FERRET OUT THE ONES WHO HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITIES. GET THOSE TO BRING THEIR FAMILIES BACK TO MEXICO. GET THE LATINO ANTI-DEFAMATIONLEAGUE TO GRASP THE CONCEPT THAT SLAMMING THE DOOR SHUT AT THE BOARDER IS NOT PERMINANT, IT IS A WAKEUP CALL!

Posted by: mybunkey on February 28, 2010 12:46 PM

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