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McCain Pledges Amnesty On Day One In Univision Interview

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Straight from the mouth of Amnesty McCain... work begins for Amnesty provision on day one of his presidency if elected.


Ramos: Senator, the last time we talk, you told us that it would take a year or two to secure the border, and then you said we can address the other part of it. Would that include massive legalization for millions of undocumented immigrants in this country?

McCain: I think it means that we go through a step by step process of allowing people to apply and achieve citizenship in this country, of course. But, I want to point out again; it's a little more complicated.

Ramos: It goes against the platform of your party, by the way, because they are against the legalization of millions of undocumented immigrants.

McCain: My position is very clear, and that was part of our proposal, that I took up twice. By the way, Senator Obama tried to kill it, because he proposed an amendment that would have done away with any temporary worker program. So, there is a huge difference there. So, what we need to do is take the two million according to (Michael) Chertoff, that have broken laws in our country, and deport or imprison them. They are law breakers. Other people who have come here and have been here for a period of time and are law abiding citizens and are willing to go through a certain process, of course, there are not twelve million pairs of handcuffs in America.

McCain: So, we can together, republicans and democrats, work out this issue, provide a path to citizenship, on the principle that they do not take any priority over anyone who came to this country legally, or waited legally. And, of course they should pay a fine, because they acted illegally. But, our heritage, the heritage of this country, is people who have come to this country for a better life, and as I said at the Convention, these are God's children and it will be done in a humane and compassionate fashion.

Ramos: Senator Barack Obama told us in an interview that he would present a comprehensive immigration reform to congress during the first year. Could you match that?

McCain: Sure, I would do it in the first day, but I was the one who led, I was the one who led with Senator (Ted) Kennedy, a great political risk to myself. Senator Obama tried to kill it, because he was doing what the unions wanted. The unions in America do not want a temporary worker program, so Senator Obama came to the floor and had an amendment that would have basically killed immigration reform, because it was a fragile coalition between republicans and democrats. So, don't let Senator Obama get away with saying that he supports comprehensive reform, when he tried to kill it.

These illegal aliens are "law abiding citizens", "God's children", "I would do it in the first day"... out of the mouth of McCain... a few days ago.

But you know what... I'm sure Sarah Palin will change his mind right? Right?

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Posted by Digger on September 22, 2008 02:54 PM (Permalink)

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Not even Palin can save this fool from himself. Seriously, is he trying to lose this election? Everyone knows of his perverse love of illegals. And his intentions. Even with Palin on board, voters are still wavering over whether they can hold their noses long enough to pull that lever.

Here's a tip for you Juan. 80 percent of American's don't agree with your amnesty schemes, so don't delude yourself into believing you have enough support to win. You were already losing, big time, before Palin came on board. Any support for you or the down-ticket R's will evaporate just as quickly as it appeared, if you don't SHUT UP about amnesty. Preferably forever, but at least for the next five weeks. Win this election first, then we can fight about it.

Posted by: Nikita on September 22, 2008 11:23 PM

I don't know anybody voting for this fool! No dispute, I'm writing in Newt.

Posted by: John Ansell on September 23, 2008 01:48 PM

McAmnesty's never going to learn. I'm sure he's trying to be all things to all people to get elected, but maybe the GOP voters and his GOP colleagues will put pressure on him to not push for amnesty. We all know if Obama's in charge, and if they Dem's are in control of the House and Senate, we're toast. Please call McCain's campaign and tell him you will not be voting for him if he keeps promising amnesty for illegals (even if you're going to vote for him anyway, while holding your nose, which I'll be doing).

Posted by: April on September 24, 2008 02:18 PM

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