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Rick Sanchez Bashes Arpaio Then Questions FBI On Free Illegal Alien Killer [Video]

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Rick Sanchez
You can't get much more hypocritical than pro-illegal alien Rick Sanchez. He was sitting in for Campbell Brown last night and managed to be the epitome of hypocrisy all in one show. First he attacks Sheriff Joe Arpaio in an "interview" on his crackdown on illegal aliens. It wasn't really much of an interview, it was Sanchez attacking Arpaio for arresting illegal aliens they come upon during investigations. Sanchez went as far as comparing Arpaio to Bull Connor, who in the 1960's used fire hoses and police attack dogs against black protesters.

Funny thing about Bull Connor, he was a lifelong Democrat and a Democratic National Committeeman. Arpaio is a fervent Republican. You didn't hear that mentioned by Rick Sanchez though.

SANCHEZ: Like Bull Connor in 1960s, you're going to sit there and tell the feds, you don't care what they say, you're going to do it your way and you're going to do it when you want to do it?

ARPAIO: No, they don't tell me how to do my job enforcing state laws. I worked 25 years as a top Justice Department drug enforcement official. I think I know the federal law and how to operate under the federal blanket. So...

SANCHEZ: All right. Well, for the record, they're saying you don't and they're saying you're violating it.

ARPAIO: Then come on after me, if he thinks I'm violating any of the federal laws.

Arpaio vowed to continue arresting illegal aliens.

A few minutes later in a different segment, Sanchez is covering new additions to the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list. Joe Luis Saenz (AKA Joe Luis Saenz, Gabriel Saenz, Gabriel Luis Saenx, Gabriel Luis Saenz, Louie Luis Saenz, Louis Joe Saenz, "Zapp," "Smiley," Peanut Joe Smiley, "Honeycutt," Jose Luis Saenz-Honeycutt, Giovanni Vasquez, "Toro," Giovanni Velasquez, Giovanni Gonzalez, Giovanni Torres, "Peanut," Peanut Saenz, Peanut Smiley, Louie Sanez, Garbiel Sanez, but the most common being Jose), is the latest addition. Saenz is an illegal alien wanted for 4 murders including the rape and murder of his girlfriend.

Jose Luis Saenz
Jose Luis Saenz
Sanchez acts outraged that this illegal alien killer hasn't been caught in over 10 years. The FBI Agnet he has on states that Saenz roams free crossing the border at will using aliases sometimes residing in the LA community while he works for a Mexican drug cartel. After berating Sheriff Arpaio, Sanchez then goes on to say that we all need to do our part in catching this guy and acts amazed that Saenz can hide out in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles undetected amongst the 3 million illegal aliens living there.

"How do you hide for 10 years?" Sanchez asks. Well Rick, first you become "Hispanic", second you become an illegal alien. Then to people like you in the media, you're a protected species with special rights above those of legal residents and American citizens. You can then hide with the other illegal aliens protected by Mayor Villaraigosa in LA and not have to worry a bit. And if you want to go to Mexico, just hop the border, plenty of "Human Rights" people will ensure that you aren't harassed by pesky Border Patrol and you don't need to worry about a fence because our lawmakers have ensured that it is as porous and ineffective as possible.

The fact that Sanchez can harangue law enforcement for cracking down on illegals and then harangue law enforcement for not catching a specific illegal living amongst the other criminal illegals in LA is the utmost in hypocrisy. This isn't the first time illegal loving Sanchez has tried to play both sides. Sanchez at one point actually seems to accuse the American public of being the true criminal saying that the Saenz case is a "call to action for many of you watching". Of course if you pick out the wrong illegal thinking it's Saenz, well then you'd be a hardcore racist now wouldn't you?

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Additional sources: Newsbusters

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Posted by Digger on October 20, 2009 11:53 AM (Permalink)

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Extraction by E-Verification will cause--expedited ATTRITION--without huge expenditures, without forced deportation. Agents of ICE only need to mobilize a large force of Auditors to investigate employer I-9 records. Especially if informants within, are on the payroll, having discovered suspicious individuals working there? Being responsive that there are severe monetary risks or even prison, for employing illegal employees? We surely need exemplary court sentences for companies that hire illegal labor. So when unable to support themselves as jobs are no longer available, they will leave by their own accord. NOW IS THE TIME TO COMMAND OUR RETICENT SENATE & CONGRESSMAN TO IMPLEMENT E-VERIFY PERMANENTLY FOR EVERYBODY IN THE WORKPLACE AT 202-224-3121. Also investigate the prestigious public watchdog legal group at JUDICIAL WATCH relating too sleaze and corruption in--ALL--government. CAPSWEB will explain to you about the risk of OVERPOPULATION.

If we think about the monetary consequences of another AMNESTY, it is unbelievably stagger the mind. Not only will it legalize somewhere between 20 and 30 million more people, but it will attract millions of despondent people from across the border and other impoverished nation of the world. We are informed by politicians that it will be an impossible task to deport the huge numbers of illegal entrants already in the United States. But E-Verify can and will exclude illegal immigrants from the job market as it’s available to every business freely on the Internet and there should be no excuse for not using this immigration enforcement tool? Out government is failing to protect our borders or even the interior enforcement of our nation. Sheriff Joe Ariapo is a good example of our lawmakers catering to the open border zealots, as they have stripped his usage of the 287 g police enforcement detainment law. It's a good thing that many of our state, county legislation cannot be nullified by federal accesses and corruption in the halls of Washington.

Posted by: Brittancus on October 20, 2009 03:29 PM

Sanchez is a moron. He couldn't hold a candle to Sheriff Joe Arpaio.When the revolution comes Sanchez
will be on the outside looking in. Don't ever under estimate the resolve of the AMERICAN people. The US government sold America out, not the AMERICAN people.
The AMERICAN people intend to take America back, one way or another.

Posted by: Jo Mauro on October 23, 2009 12:44 PM

Joe is a corrupt bullshit artist. Hey Joe, how did you buy million dollar estates on a sheriff's pay?

Bush's attorney general also wants Joe's head on a pike. Joe is a Republicon as in the crooked Rhino kind.

There's also lots of stupid asshats who want to divide the country based on self-loathing, hate and stereotyping.

Posted by: Doc Holiday on November 1, 2009 07:48 AM

What do say, we deport Rick Sanchez? Surely he would be more at home there with his own kind. Maybe CNNs ratings would pick up also.

Posted by: sue eighmy on November 7, 2009 10:10 AM

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