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Dan Stein Of FAIR Vs The Tag Team Of Andres Oppenheimer And Rick Sanchez Of CNN [Video]

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Rick Sanchez
Yesterday I posted on the ridiculous lies and other mistruths that Rick Sanchez of CNN's Out In The Open put forth regarding a legal immigrant, Sgt. Darwin Phillips, who had his citizenship papers expedited for serving in the US military. Sanchez openly lied on numerous occasions characterizing Phillips as an illegal alien and cut off and over-talked his guest William Gheen so much that I'm surprised Gheen didn't lose his temper.

Now there is just video coming out of the president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Dan Stein, on a November 10, 2007 interview on Rick Sanchez's show Out In The Open.

The lead in to the segment says it all as Rick Sanchez does the voice over referring to illegal aliens. "They are being chased, hunted down and rounded up. Told to go away. They are Americas new underclass." Then goes on to say he's "fighting for the little guy" and standing behind illegal alien "Pedro" who had $60,000 of illegally earned cash seized when he tried to cross the southern border with it. His obvious bias is showing in favor of illegal aliens if you didn't notice that already.

Now on to the Andres Oppenheimer / Dan Stein "interview", or should I say the Sanchez / Oppenheimer Vs. Dan Stein grilling on how wrong he is. For those not familiar with Andres Oppenheimer he wrote a piece in the Miami Herald saying that there would be a "Latino Intifada" in the US and violence from Hispanic illegal aliens if immigration laws are enforced. Some have taken this as a threat or an inciting of violence to the Hispanic community.

Rick Sanchez refers to illegal aliens and the work they provide to illegal employers as a "sacred cow". He refers to the children of illegal aliens as "just little Americans" and catches himself quickly when he realized he says the wrong thing, that "many of them don't speak English...err ummm...Spanish very well".

Sanchez gives Oppenheimer a full minute and a half of talking after his intro sob story on how these poor illegal aliens are being abused and victimized. Stein gets 25 seconds to make a point at which time Sanchez cuts him off and gives it back to Oppenheimer for 30 second. Stein then gets 35 seconds to try and make a point and is again cut off by Sanchez who gives Oppenheimer 35 seconds of ranting on how Hispanics are going to rise up violently in the United States. Finally, Dan Stein is given a full 10 seconds to close. In between Sanchez interjects his own many seconds of agreeing with Oppenheimer that an amnesty is needed and shutting out Steins points.

So, in full Dan Stein is given a full 1 minute and 10 seconds in a 7 minute segment to make his point. The rest is filled with sob stories of illegal aliens and how hateful law enforcement is for enforcing the law. How illegal aliens are a "sacred cow" and can't be touched. How if laws are enforced, Hispanic illegal aliens are going to rise up in violence and burn down our cities and make terrorist attacks on us like the Palestinians in the middle-east.

How any of this could be viewed as any kind of debate and not a simple piece of propaganda by Rick Sanchez - and those like him - is beyond me. I'm not really sure why they let this guy hang around any longer.

Once again if you would like to contact CNN and voice your outrage at this "reporter" or "anchor" or whatever they are calling him, you can do so at the CNN contact page.

Sanchez and Oppenheimer Vs. Dan Stein (and most Americans)

Tipped by: The Stein Report

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