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PA Based Thomas Jefferson Club Explodes Onto Scene

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The Thomas Jefferson Club was just recently formed in the Pennsylvania area and has burst onto the local political scene attracting hundreds of members. The group supports and speaks to traditional, conservative and libertarian ideals. Jeff McGeary, a Captain in the Army Reserve and the founder of the club, realized that something more was going on after giving a speech at the April 2009 Tea Party at Washington Crossing (see my coverage of this event and Jeff's speech). People came up to him afterward and were asking for more information and what they could do to help. I watched his speech and was very impressed.

The local Democrats are quaking in their boots as can be found in the story below on the explosive growth of the Thomas Jefferson Club and their response. The Dems try to minimize people like McGeary, who care for their country, by basically calling them whiners. However there are leaders who are paying attention and many members are no fans of the Republicans or George W Bush.


[McGeary's] organization, started in December with five people, had more than 100 spilling out of a room at The Temperance House on Wednesday night for its sixth monthly meeting. His goal: "Educate, organize and mobilize to secure America's future."

A future that's been put in peril, members claim, by the banking and car company bailouts, a $778 billion stimulus package that hasn't yet slowed the unemployment rate, a cap and trade energy plan that threatens to impose costs on American households, and vast reform of the nation's health care system.

Groups like the Thomas Jefferson Club are sprouting all over this country as people have realized that those who claim to be our leaders, from both parties, are selling out the American people en masse.

McGeary, 32, has surrounded himself with like-minded board members who see an urgency to act and find candidates who support fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, constitutional government, immigration reform and the defense of America's Western culture and values.

"The time is now to step up and take a leadership role, it's a position I'm comfortable with," McGeary said. "We're hoping to channel the frustration out there in a positive way."

While much of the group's frustration is directed at legislation supported by Obama and the Democrats, many are no fans of former President George W. Bush.

"He surrendered capitalism without even firing a shot," one group member said during a Q&A Wednesday.

I couldn't agree more with that last sentiment. I also am quite disgusted that people in power in this country continue to bash it as if the United states is the worst country on Earth. The fact is our country is great because of the values and rule of law that has allowed people to flourish. What has distorted this country is the continued degradation of these principles and the rule of law.

It is simply amazing that so-called "leaders" would denounce those who are calling for the principles our country was founded upon to be restored. It is basically them saying that they do not accept those principles and they somehow know a more "magical" way. Something that others throughout history whom have formed countries have never discovered. The words arrogance, incompetence and outright ignorance come to mind.

I am pulling for groups like the Thomas Jefferson Club, because they are really the only hope we have of getting our country back on track in a peaceful manner. If they fail, lord have mercy on our souls for the other alternative.

Tim Bloom of Edison, N.J., who was raised in Germany and spent eight years in the Marine Corps after becoming a US citizen in 1991, was one of the five people at McGeary's first meeting.

"I grew up under socialism," he said. "America's values are what set her apart from the rest of the world. They should not change."

Hear, hear Tim Bloom!

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Posted by Digger on July 23, 2009 05:01 PM (Permalink)

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Is there a Thomas Jefferson Club near Hazleton??? I'd love to find a new group to get involved with.

Posted by: Turtle on July 25, 2009 10:43 PM

Hey, y'all in Texas - I'm in Austin - where are y'all at. This sounds pretty good to me. I don't know anything about twitter, blogging or any ot the newfangled stuff because I'm ok where I am, but I'd like to talk about this to those of y'all that don't think we're on the right path.

I'm here to tell you that I'm not willing to sell out and be a liberal democrat. There are just too many of us who listen to Rush and basically want to do right - and have right done to us - and we are the minority. I'm in South Austin - and they all make fun of us with pickup trucks and that we're rednecks or white trash because we're just secretarys, plumbers, tow-truck drivers and all of that.

It takes any coward to e a liberal. I'm female, but I have way too many women who lived through the Depression, raised their own crops, went to Church, believed in the Country and never took a dime from anyone. I have too many men who were farmers who were in World War II who watched TV and said, "look what they're doin to our boys" when the Viet Nam war was raging and it is these same men who never took anything but always made a garden with way more than they could ever use for their family. All the neighbors would drop by on Sunday afternoon to visit and no one went home without a trunk ful of watermelons, tomatoes, or cantelopes.

And now I'm expected to forget this upbringing and be willing to take a generous nature and ancestors (who are painted as criminals because they're from European descent) and let the liberal democrats decide that illegals who've never done a thing other than breed more like themselves who will never do thing despite the thousands of dollars spent to educate, feed, and give them social services - no birth control advice, no English lessons, no finding a job help - no that would hurt the poor things' individual liberties - anyway sorry I got carried away - I'm expected to just join the liberals and look the other way.

This is too much I know - or maybe not enough. I'm just talking about who I am. Ain't no Rodriguez or Hernandez or Flores on the Constitution. I'm sorry but y'all don't even know how bad this really is. I do. I can't say anymore. Just let me say if you would like to organize (someone will have to teach me how to blog, etc.) an online Thomas Jefferson club, lets email each other.

If you believe you have a right to your own opinion, if you are tired of being an unheard minority, if you want America for Americans, think about it. Too many of us send emails and "pray" and not organize. And it is this very thing that has let the liberal cowards get where they are. And about them, well, having a generous nature I'm glad they can afford to be liberal and buy this whole atheistic liberal package - believe me, Madalyn Murry Ohare is alive and well - . They don't realize what they're doing - but I do - and being able to afford it? I can't.

Posted by: Gloria on August 1, 2009 10:06 PM

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