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DHS Launches New Website - Top Stories Include Saving Bald Eagles

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The Department of Homeland Security has announced it's launch of the - highly anticipated by all - new design of their website. As soon as it went live I was one of the first to go there as I just kept hitting refresh in my browser for the past week. I have full faith that DHS is looking out for the American people first and defending our country of course. Apparently looking out for terrorists, illegal aliens and business that hire them and protecting our homeland is not enough for this organization though.

The links at the top - in order of importance to DHS apparently - include things like Find a Homeland Security Job and Check the Threat Level. Because of course with our expanding government the first priority of DHS should be hiring people and everyone is constantly concerned with the threat level. When the shit hits the fan the first place I go is the DHS website to check the threat level.

One of their top 5 stories on the front page that DHS felt all Americans need to be concerned with for their safety is apparently the fate of two bald eagles. Under a story entitled "Protecting an Important Habitiat" that was posted in the category of "Leadership Journal" the DHS let's their utter insignificance show.

Protecting an Important Habitat

Washington, D.C. - You may have read media that our headquarters consolidation project at St. Elizabeths could endanger a pair of nesting bald eagles. But much of what has been written is inaccurate. In fact, we are taking great care to not disturb the eagles' habitat.

Posted July 22, 2009 in Leadership Journal

Here is a screenshot of the sickening BS.

DHS Website Incompetent

This organization is tasked with defending our homeland. The top stories should be how they have foiled infiltration into the United States. How they are doing their job and keeping us protected. Instead we are treated to stupid fluff stories about how they are worried about two bald eagles that are nesting. It simply disgusts me over and over again. While they were staring at two bald eagles and one of them was writing about it (after it went through another 15 levels of the agency I'm sure), potential terrorists were wandering across our southern border carrying 50 lbs backpacks with unknown contents.

Incompetence at it's best.

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The DHS website, as is customary with many other websites, includes a section for the latest news releases from the organization. They are arranged by date, not order of importance. News released on July 22 would ordinarily appear at the top on July 22 and then work its way down as later news releases are published. The fact that a news release dated July 22 appeared at the top on July 22 does not mean that it is the most important news release ever. It just means that it is the most recently published news release.

Stories about how they foiled terrorist attacks against the United States or what they are doing to protect the homeland are rarely made public for good reason.

Posted by: Ralph on July 28, 2009 07:51 PM

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