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Analysis of Sotomayor Decisions In Immigration Cases

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Charles Breiterman of NumbersUSA has done some analysis of Sonia Sotomayor and her decisions in immigration cases. In his article Breiterman has found that in cases since September 11, 2001 Sotomayor has sided with the deported illegal alien more often than with the government.

In immigration cases, generally the government is the one that is trying to deport the alien, while the alien is trying to remain in the United States. ... her record since September 11, 2001 runs decidedly against the government. Out of 29 cases she ruled only 9 times for the government, or 31% of the time.

For instance Breiterman found the case of Ali Hamdi. Hamdi was sentenced to two years in federal prison and ordered deported for making fraudulent visas and fake Yemeni birth certificates at his travel agency. He filed an appeal to have his sentenced reduced even though he had already served the sentence. This reduction was filed because having a lesser sentence on his record would make him eligible for a tourist visa.

This appeal was filed with Sotomayor who found that Hamdi should be granted a tourist visa even though he had felony convictions. Breiterman analyzes this case and noted that her decision comes in the form of an 8 page, 6500 word reasoning on why this felon should be admitted back into the country. Of course he should not have been allowed back into the country, no matter the reasoning. there are plenty of law abiding people who apply to come to the United States and it is asinine that a judge would find some sort of wiggle room to allow a felon back into the country.

Breiterman says this on the Hamdi case and then goes on to point out that Tunisia is a hotbed of Al-Qaeda activity.

Hamdi had already been actively subverting the immigration laws, so I would strongly suspect that once he re-enters the United States on a tourist visa, he will overstay that visa and also begin more activities such as issuing fake visas and fake birth certificates. I would be a fool not to suspect. Therefore, I think no sane U.S. government would ever re-admit Hamdi to the United States.

Tourist visas last 30 or 90 days. Why would anybody trust Hamdi to behave lawfully while in the United States and then to leave the country when his 30 or 90 day tourist visa had expired? The U.S. government still has no way of making sure that people leave the country after their visa has expired. As a federal judge who hears immigration cases, Sotomayor should have known this; if not, she didn’t know her job.

Breiterman has also given analysis of one, Richard Paul, a Jamaican immigrant convicted of robbery who Sotomayor ordered be given a new full court hearing after being ordered deported

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Sotomayor is Sotoliar !

Posted by: INFIDEL on July 23, 2009 05:41 PM

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