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Enrique Morones To Lead Illegal Alien 'Vigil' In Shenandoah, PA - Feb 14

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Enrique Morones
In its continued efforts to make the town of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania look like a town full of racists, the pro illegal alien race based groups are sending in the professionals. Enrique Morones - of Border Angels in California and a member of the Mexican government's Institute for Mexicans Abroad (founded by Juan Hernandez) - has come to the town and plans on holding what is termed a "vigil" for illegal alien Luis Ramirez. This is one stop prior to his heading to Washington DC to demand that lawmakers pass amnesty for 10's of millions of illegal aliens.

Shenandoah, Pennsylvania has become ground zero for race based groups like MALDEF, LULAC, ADL, PRLDEF and La Raza after illegal alien Luis Ramirez was killed in a park July 14, 2008 while being discovered there with an underage girl at 11:30 PM. The case against the four boys charged in the death goes to trial in the spring and ever since the incident the pro illegal groups have been prepping for it by holding rallies, deifying Luis Ramirez as a good hard working illegal alien and vilifying the people of Shenandoah as racists.

Here's a little time line and some connections on how much effort race based pro illegal alien groups are putting into Shenandoah, PA so that they can hold Luis Ramirez up as an example of why we need amnesty and how racist America is. Enrique Morones is simply the next step in their continued march towards demonizing a small town made up of hard working everyday American people.

Shenandoah PA Immigration Rally
600 Rally In Shenandoah, PA

Dr Agapito Lopez
Dr Agapito Lopez
You may remember that back in August I went to Shenandoah to speak at a Voice of the People rally that drew 600 residents (see video of the rally and speeches here). While our rally was going on MALDEF had organized a counter rally across town - and they didn't leave it to just anyone to organize the rally. They brought in none other than professional race baiter Agapito Lopez, a plaintiff in the original lawsuit against Hazleton, Pennsylvania and the Illegal Immigration Relief Act and who once said "We Will Never Assimilate". The mayor of Shenandoah, Tom O'Neill, sided with the illegal alien groups and attended their "unity" rally ignoring the resident's rally down the street.

In addition to this, apparently the pro illegal alien groups have some pretty good media ties because they had the Philadelphia Daily News show up and do a multiple page story on the two events that was 99% pro illegal with only one sentence from the side representing the residents of Shenandoah. At the time I actually dissected one such "news" report that was heavily pro illegal to show the clear bias.

Crystal Dillman Mexican Flag
Crystal Dillman Unfurls Mexican Flag
During the Voice of the People rally estranged claimed "fiancée" of Ramirez, Crystal Dillman who happens to be an American and whose relationship with Ramirez ended two years prior, showed up. During the president of VOP, Dan Smeriglio's speech she unfurled a Mexican flag and taunted the crowd (see video here).

Obviously this was not an act that she came up with herself and I believe that the pro illegal alien lobby was behind it hoping to incite an attack or riot that they could then use against the town via the media. The media went into a frenzy surrounding her clicking pictures and taking video. The pro illegal groups tendrils reach all the way into People Magazine who showed up and paid Crystal Dillman for a 3 page spread under the title of "A Town Torn Apart". Was this the payoff for her actions in Shenandoah promoting illegals and the unfurling of the flag?

Crystal Dillman People Magazine
Then on September 12, 2008 a Hispanic male, Javier Alcala Jr, claimed to have been kidnapped, beaten and tortured in a home in Shenandoah. Hoping to have more ammunition against Shenandoah, LULAC jumped in before any facts were known and filed a request with the U.S. Department of Justice to conduct a civil rights investigation. Even at the time the police didn't believe the attack was racially motivated, but drug related.

In order to combat the massive forces with hundreds of millions of dollars working against the town, residents started up a group named Save Shenandoah which was formed to not only fight the slandering of their town by these big organizations, but to combat crime and drugs in the area. under this banner was the first Save Shenandoah rally held on October 18, 2008. Speakers informed the town on how they could get their crime watch started and other information on how they could demand that their leaders fight against illegal immigration and how the police could help. Residents were encouraged to attend their local council meetings The turnout for this event was smaller than the original rally, but two days later at the borough council meeting outraged residents demanded that their mayor resign for not standing up for them. And at the meeting Mayor Tom O'Neill handed in his resignation.

Several months later the true scope of how the pro illegal alien groups plan on using Shenandoah and Luis Ramirez was exposed when Ramirez was included in an international complaint filed by the Puerto Rican Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF) - under it's LatinoJustice banner - with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an organ of the Organization of American States. The complaint says that Latinos are not being protected in the United States and says that local law enforcement in the US is actually actively encouraging attacks on Latinos.

The day prior to the filing Senator Chuck Schumer of New York held a press conference with Hispanic groups where he sited Shenandoah and Luis Ramirez as reasons for a "hate crimes" law. His press conference repeated almost verbatim what was in the recent PRLDEF claim filed with the OAS.

Which leads us to the next act in the story, one Enrique Morones.

Morones is a "dual citizen" of Mexico and the United States and has been active for years in pushing for open borders, unchecked illegal immigration and publicity stunts. Recently he was involved in protesting the Governor Pete Wilson statue being erected in California. He threatened that if the statue went up it would incite violence. He went to the San Diego City Council meeting and said that it would be the equivalent of erecting a statue of Hitler in front of a synagogue. He also said that those who want immigration laws enforced are hateful racists and Nazis.

Elvira Arellano Using Her Son For Gain
Elvira Arellano Using Her Son For Amnesty
Enrique Morones actively threatens and foments violence against Americans under the guise of being a "border angel". Just watch this video of his city council appearance. Morones has attached himself to all sorts of illegal alien national stories including that of Elvira Arellano, the illegal alien who hid in a Chicago street church for more than a year. He met with her at a border meeting photo op for the illegal alien loving press after she was arrested and deported to Mexico. So now the professional California race activist and illegal alien supporter comes into a small town in Pennsylvania of a couple thousand residents.

Enrique Morones Cross
Enrique Morones Likes Using Theatrics
The pro illegal alien groups sure are pulling out all the stops. They are all interconnected, Shenandoah is just a piece in their puzzle. A puzzle which started to form when La Raza and the Southern Poverty Law Center launched what they call the "We Can Stop the Hate" campaign. They see Luis Ramirez's piece fitting quite well into their strategy as an example of hate. Between now and the spring when the trial begins, you can bet they will do everything they can to ensure that the death of Luis Ramirez is not simply a fight in a park that ended in death, but was committed by a bunch of hate filled white racist thugs who were prowling the streets looking for Hispanics to beat up and kill. You can only expect more of this from them in the coming months.

Here is a general translation of the announcement article in the Spanish language paper Al Dia about the Morones visit to Shenandoah.

Enrique Morones ... from Border Angels ... San Diego, will be in Shenandoah, PA with the "Migrant March" arriving on Saturday, February 14th. The "March" left last week from San Diego and comes headed by two groups, Border Angels and Gente Unida and will travel to Washington, DC where on the 19th of February they will pressure the government to revisit the immigration issue. In Shenandoah the group will hold a Vigil from 5 to 7pm in the First Methodist Church of Pastor Brunilda Velez, which is located at 38 East Oak in Shenandoah.

Thanks to Mariann Davies of You Don't Speak For Me for the tip and translation.

For more coverage of Shenandoah and the Rallies click here.

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How appropriate that this should occur at one of the sites of the civil war. We could easily win this battle if our representatives were on our side. The situation is turning into arnachy and in such an environment don't be surprised if citizens do what citizens have to do...

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on February 14, 2009 05:13 AM

I understand the BBQ was cancelled. Fear of the "Bean's falling through the Grill"...............

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on February 14, 2009 08:59 AM

So how will the the Jewish Liberal dominated Philly media "spin" this? Well, tune in at 11:00 for "...but the big story on Action News..."

Posted by: PC Prisoner on February 14, 2009 03:38 PM

You guys make Pennsylvania look hateful, ignorant and backwards. The people who killed Luis Ramirez should be in jail. How can beating a man to death be simple assault? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of, right out of the Deep South of the 1950s.

Now Ramirez's three kids don't have a father. I hope Crystal Dillman files a wrongful death suit.

Posted by: Human Being on May 2, 2009 08:07 PM

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