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Shenandoah, PA Immigration Rally Coverage [Pics,Video]

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Shenandoah PA Immigration Rally

It was a humid day in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania as 600 people showed up to counter the vilification of their community by groups like MALDEF, LULAC and La Raza. Thunderstorms threatened all day, but we were graced with a rain free event. These racist groups that came to Shenandoah were there to point to an isolated incident of an illegal alien killed in their community in a park at 11:30PM in July. The illegal alien, Luis Ramirez was in the park with one of the youth's 13-year-old sisters that night.

Click image for large panorama

These groups are trying to slander the whole community of Shenandoah and all of those opposed to illegal immigration as having been behind this incident. It simply isn't the case and that was shown yesterday as the event was peaceful and pro-American. The only incident that occurred is when the girlfriend of Luis Ramirez showed up with a couple friends and thought unfurling a large Mexican flag was a good idea. The media ate that portion up, but it did not cause any violent incident that these groups wanted.

shenandoah-1-250.jpg shenandoah-2-250.jpg

The people of Shenandoah were patriotic and fiercely defensive of their community. I'd like to mention that a few skinhead types did attend the rally. They were not invited and came from outside of the community and tried to disrupt it by shouting out white power statements. I'd like to reiterate that they were not invited just as the girls who unfurled the Mexican flag were not invited. As you'll see in my speech - which will be up below - I'm sure they weren't too thrilled with me.

Mexican flag confronted

These groups on both sides - the skinheads and the racist La Raza groups - continue to think this is all about race. It is not. It is about our country. A country of diverse ethnicities working together for progress. These racist groups are not for ALL and those in our movement condemn their beliefs.


The community of Shenandoah's official population is only 5,400 people, so having 600 people show up, more than 10% of the community, is a huge victory in this fight against hate and in favor of America and American ideals. These numbers come from the police at the event and I don't particularly care what the media is reporting - some saying as low as 100 which the video and pictures clearly show is a lie - they are biased, have an agenda and will try to make our efforts look as minuscule as possible.


Video is up below these pictures from the event.



Ruth of Illegal Protest shoots the video


Videos below

Dan Smeriglio, President of Voice of the People USA opened things up with a pledge of allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence for Luis Ramirez. He addressed the demonizing of Shenandoah that is going on and that the community should remember that the majority of Americans are behind them. Dan will speak more later, so he kept things short.

Ruth Miller of Illegal Protest called out our government officials who are refusing to enforce the laws already on the books regarding illegal immigration. She also discussed how Shenandoah is not alone in being signled out by race based groups. Nobody asked illegal aliens to come into Shenandoah.
Me. I lost control once again as I addressed the realities going on across this country regarding these racist groups like La Raza calling patriotic Americans racists. I rant and rave and generally get too passionate and excited. *sigh* Either way my message is clear.

Ed Medashefski focused on the lack of jobs, yet that argument is being used by the government to encourage more immigration, both legal and illegal. He stressed that local law enforcement should be allowed to question a criminals immigration status. He pointed out that the Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA) that was passed in Hazleton should be enacted in other communities.

Dan Smeriglio spoke about... well he spoke about a lot of stuff and I'm not going to cover it all. Watch the videos below.
Wendy Medashefski said that they are going to bring a crime watch to Shenandoah. She also talked about a Criminal Alien Program (CAP) which gives local law enforcement the ability to deport aliens in jails that are about to be released, rather than be released onto the streets. She called for voting out officials who refuse to crack down on illegal immigration. She went after the mayor of Shenandoah, Thomas O'Neill, who said that their community deserved the negative spotlight they are getting. She also went on to point out the sacrifice of the volunteers who cover this issue and drive the rallies.

All videos are below.

After you watch all the videos be sure to check these out:

You can read Ruth's take on events at Illegal Protest

You can also read Wendi's take on events at PA Pundits

Dan Smeriglio of Voice of the People opens the rally

Speech by Ruth Miller of Illegal Protest

Speech by Dan Amato

Speech by Ed Medashefski of Voice of the People USA

Speech by Dan Smeriglio - Part 1 of 2

Speech by Dan Smeriglio - Part 2 of 2

Speech by Wendi Medashefski of Voice of the People USA and PA Pundits

Closing Remarks, Outtakes that didn't fit and a sudden singing of God Bless America end the rally

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Posted by Digger on August 31, 2008 03:08 PM (Permalink)

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Thanks for being there!!! Great speech Dan.

The woman challenging us to a fight over our territorial sovereignty in PA by bringing out the Mexican flag is dangerous!!! You struck a correct note. We need to remind folks, even the racist la raza members, that their best interests lay in a strong U.S. They need to know their race power agenda does not help.

And you're right, they do not have a positive caring agenda. They just see this murder as a way to further their power at the expense of America. Unfortunately, between McCain and Juan his advisor, they are gaining influence and access.

Again, thanks for speaking up!!

Posted by: John Press on September 1, 2008 08:11 AM

What "White Power" statements were shouted by the skinheads, Dan?

Posted by: Steve on September 1, 2008 10:48 AM

EXCELLENT thank you!!!

Posted by: RobinH on September 1, 2008 11:34 AM

This was an awesome rally! Shenandoah is a fantastic town and they are ready to stand up for themselves. I;m so proud of every one of them!

Posted by: Wendi M on September 1, 2008 01:00 PM

Why can't Mexicans BBQ? Bean keep falling through the grill...............

Posted by: Jack Ripper on September 1, 2008 01:43 PM

I heard someone at the beginning of the rally shout out "white power". At the end of the rally I had one of them come and talk to me asking if I had gotten my speech out of a Jewish text because he said it sounded like I copied it straight out of there. So they were present, no doubt about it. (as a sidenote I had never even heard of the text he was talking about).

There were not many though. maybe 4-5 and from out of town it seemed. Probably rode there together. A funny thing about them though, when the rest of the crowd was singing God Bless America and shouting USA I noticed that they were not.

Posted by: Digger on September 1, 2008 01:43 PM

You Pinchie Gringo's are gonna eat Mexican Dick!

Posted by: Pedro Bean Eating Bitch on September 1, 2008 01:56 PM

Dan, Dan, Dan. Please get your facts straight. Someone yelled "White Power!" and you automatically assumed it was the skinheads?!? The Keystone State Skinheads has attended lots of VOTP rallies and not once has anyone from my organization yelled "White Power!" or any other tired slogan such as that.
Also,there was a lot more than 4 or 5 of us at this rally. You should be working for the liberal media with your estimation of numbers lol.

Posted by: Steve on September 1, 2008 02:44 PM

This is a bold face lie....I was standing within 3 feet of Crystal most of the time she was present...Not one....I repeat not one of the young men said a Word to her until the "USA" chant. Look at the townspeople if you are looking for the disparaging comments. You guys have got to the point that you are just as bad as the liberal media and La Raza. Lies....just incredible...don't put down people to for your personal agenda....the more I see the worse it gets....these guys come out and support you time and time again and this is the thanks they get. BTW, did you send invites to everyone there Since when is a public event on invite only.

Posted by: Erick on September 2, 2008 08:30 AM

Dan - you, and all the other speakers did a brilliant job. You are very, very brave, committed, and genuinely decent people. Don't allow any-one or anything to derail you. I'm so thankful that you boldy handled the primary issue; the ways in which the illegal invasion destroys, and sows utter mayhem, by promoting wanton, malicious animus against Rule of Law. The names of those Americans, murdered for...no.reason...at all - they are what matter. Your bravery, determination, and focus are true treasures, beyond all estimation. Thanks, again.

Posted by: Ciaran on September 2, 2008 11:41 AM

Just FYI...
While TECHNICALLY, "La Raza" is translated as "THE race", this far to literal a translation. In Spanish, nearly everything has an article before it. So, "La" (meaning "the"), really means nothing.

Posted by: RBF on December 3, 2008 09:28 PM

How come none of you white people didn't give a shit about this issue in 2000? How come after 9-11 you people gathered groups to express hatred for all people of Middle Eastern descent? You people blame everyone else for your troubles except yourselves. White people = The most pathetic race of people ever.

Posted by: Mike on February 7, 2009 07:39 PM

The people of your community give our country a bad name. Shame on all of you. You have no clue what this country is about. You have no comprehension of the Bill of Rights, or of the United States Constitution as a whole. You are all simply clueless and ignorant stains on America, and on the face of this Earth. Go read a book. Do not venture outside of your state. Just so it is clear, I am speaking to the so-called good people of the town, not to any foreigners, legal or illegal. Shame on all of you. Not a so-called Christian among you. There is a place down below waiting for all of you.

Posted by: Bruce on May 2, 2009 11:37 AM

How sad and pathetic these people of Shenandoah are. They are clearly in need of education. The racisim , that they incite has carried over and taken the souls of Three young Impressionable youths.May God have mercy on thier souls and I pray for Shenandoah to turn to God and ask what is right and Just.

Posted by: TheGreat on May 4, 2009 11:26 PM

I love seeing White trash people make fools of themselves. It is free entertainment. I am sure this is all the talk of the trailer park. These white people have been here for generations and they still live like trash. What's up with that?

Posted by: Ezapata on May 17, 2009 11:36 AM

I love how stupid white trash are in Pennsylvania. After true Pennsylvania patriots shed their blood for the Union, the white trash disrespect them and their hollowed cause by flying the confederate flag. What ignorance and flagrant disrespect! I am sure none of them graduated high school, engage in child abuse, have been to jail, live in a trailer park, have no teeth, and are on meth. Shenandoah white trash must be really low in the totem pole since the are competing and threatened only by illegal aliens.

Posted by: Ezapata on May 17, 2009 11:45 AM

I guess comments like: "white trash" are acceptable and not racist. Wake up America. We're being invaded by hostile peoples and betrayed by our own spoiled homegrown liberal zombies bent on racial suicide. Every European ethnic group has come here to America and managed to integrate and enrich this country. I fear this is not the case with Mexicans in general, they are here to take what they can and mail U.S. dollars back home, until they can afford to bring the WHOLE village here to suck on the teats of our social services. I guess it sucks to live in Mexico, but that shouldn't be our problem and it especially should not be our children's problem in the future.

Illegal immigrants come here, get financial and social aid and can even own property. Americans can not by Mexican law even own property in Mexico, regardless of finances. Over ten percent of Mexico's population is here in the United States and a vast number of them are illegal. Wake up or learn to speak Spanish.

I congratulate and admire all you folks in Shenandoah who had the courage to stand up to anti-white tyranny and injustice. I have nothing but respect for the people of Shenandoah. I know them as good and decent people. As a kid I used to spend the summer up there with my extended family,..I fished at the pumping station and the reservoir. Great people and superb fishing. I'm seriously thinking of moving up there.

Stay strong Shenandoah.

Posted by: PS on May 29, 2009 12:25 PM

I just want to thank Joe Miller for sporting the Marine Corps T-shirts and flying the Marine Corps Colors next to the confederate flag while being interviewed by CNN. You truly disgraced the Corps and all those Marines who have served honorably. You most likely were the lower 10% in your unit and now the lower ten percent of the white community. Congrats Shitbird! Gunny Corral

Posted by: Gunny Corral on October 24, 2009 12:26 AM

Viva Viva Viva What an bunch of lunatic bastards. Come on idiots, wake up and live the American Dream... imbeciles. Sure, whine whine whine all you want while shopping for your made in China wife beaters shirts. You people posses such an narrow minded pea brain that while amusing at first ...wow how pitiful.

Posted by: Hispanic and proud of it on December 21, 2009 07:51 PM

How can you all Put together God and Hate People????
US belong to no one. If this land belong to somebody is to the native-indian-american. For your information jesus it was from the middle-est, and hece jesus it was nonwhite in fact probably he was completely black and hate it is not acceptable to God or jesus. Expands their minds, we are not in 1920's we are in 2010.

Posted by: Raysuri on January 13, 2010 01:57 AM

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