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Minuteman Attacked By Pro Illegal Latina [Video]

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Illegal Alien Supporter Attacks Minuteman
A San Diego Minuteman protesting outside a Day Labor Site in Vista Vons was attacked by a woman who came up to him and asked what they were doing. When they said they were documenting the illegal aliens looking for work, and the employers trying to hire them, she stated that "they may just be on a break". Then she accused the Minutemen of trying to instigate a fight and not more than 10 seconds later, unprovoked, attacked the Minuteman clawing him with her fingernails.

Police were on-hand and took her into custody immediately.

Attacks on protesters are on the rise as illegal aliens and their supporters realize that they are in the wrong on this issue and that Americans aren't falling for this scam of illegal immigration anymore. If you are going to attend a protest, make sure that you are vigilant in keeping an eye on the opposition. They have proven time and time and time again to be violent thugs.

As you will see in the video below, this woman came up with the intention of smacking, scraping and attacking him from the very beginning. Her questions were simply to get him to see her as a non threat and to let his guard down. She had no intentions of just talking.

mike-sdmm-1-250.jpg mike-sdmm-2-250.jpg
Injuries sustained in the attack
mike-sdmm-3-250.jpg latina-arrested-250.jpg
She was arrested, but will she held accountable for her actions or just released?

This is the word from Jeff Schwilk, of the San Diego Minutemen

We had a very successful op this morning at the infamous Vista Vons DLS recording the approximately 55 Day Laborers who were loitering all over the large shopping center and the employers violating the Vista City Ordinace and Federal law to hire them. We recorded at least 8 illegal hirings in 3 hours.

... As we were preparing to leave at about 10:10, a man started yelling at us from in front of the nearby Discount Store. We went over to see what it was he was saying and a young Hispanic woman approached us in the parking lot and began telling us that we shouldn't be there. The rest can be seen in Mike's video [below]...


This is at least the 18th unprovoked attack on a MM in San Diego County since June 2005. Pres. Bush was right about vigilantes being in the illegal immigration movement, he was just mistaken about which side. The Latino activists and alien supporters have a long history of violent confrontations with American activists. Americans are now seeing just how violent and third-world some of these "immigrants" truly are.

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Posted by Digger on December 30, 2007 04:18 PM (Permalink)

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The MM are, indeed, instigating trouble. If they would only step aside and allow trespassers to stay on the property without being filmed, there would be no trouble.

Same with that troublemaker Joe Horn, if he had only stayed in his own house two upstanding Columbian citizens would be alive today.

This is a bully mentality. Victims should capitilate if they "know what is good for them?" Like a rapist who kills the raped for not cooperating.

American citizens are free to film in public. Too bad some police side with the bully mentality.

Posted by: ken pope on December 31, 2007 06:55 PM

Miserable looking wench and ugly too.

Posted by: 31scout on January 5, 2008 01:31 PM

I saw what happend in the video in I think that this people were talking to the lady kind of mean, sayig bad things about illegal people, I think that this people were mean to the lady and + they are pro immmigrant, they were trying to make her mad, I think that this is the reason she hit this man, he was trying to be the victim here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Rosa on January 19, 2008 01:37 AM

I think that this people were talking to the lady kind of mean, sayig bad things about illegal people

Saying bad things like "enforce the law"? It doesn't really matter what they were saying though, in the country of the United States there is freedom of speech and even if someone says the nastiest thing, escalating it to violence is taking it a step beyond.

She deserves every charge she receives.

Posted by: Digger on January 19, 2008 01:44 AM

You guys are Dumb. Instead of standing around harrasing people you should be WATCHING your own kids and teaching them morals... Because if you would of taught your kids to work then you wouldn't need all these imigrants over here in the first place. Well if you don't like it to back to Europe.

Posted by: Mz B on September 29, 2008 09:30 PM

Yeah, morals like the girl in the video...

Posted by: Digger on September 29, 2008 10:03 PM

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