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Woman Beaten, Elderly Cut, Cars Spray Painted By Illegal Alien Reconquistas As They Raise Flag Over Maywood, California At Save Our State Rally [Pics]

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Save Our State Patriots

The patriots at Save Our State in California held a rally over the weekend on August 26, 2006 in Maywood, California.

Illegal Aliens

While the protest was peaceful on the US side of it, the illegal aliens proved once again that they are racist, hate filled and anti-American. Arriving at the rally, the setup by the police was such that the protesters were actually forced to walk through illegal alien thugs in order to get to their location. During this trek, a woman protester was assaulted and beaten as police stood by and watched. On top of this, because of the parking situation, a number of the protesters cars were attacked and damaged by illegal aliens who saw them arrive. A few cars were spray painted and numerous car's tires were slashed. Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Art Olivier spoke at the event.

Good to see the police were looking out for the legal protesters who had legally and properly applied for their right. Somehow I'm guessing the illegal aliens didn't apply for their rally.

Illegal Aliens

During the protests, the Save Our State rally endured hate filled speech, hate filled banners, anti-American shouting and pretty much what has become common among these "counter protests". It always amazes me that the media continues to pass along the message that groups wanting immigration reform are racist, but they fail to show the massive amount of evident racist hate that is put out by the illegal protesters.

Mexican Flag Over Post Office
Then the illegal aliens showed their true colors by managing to storm a post office and remove the American flag and raise the Mexican flag in it's place. There was much shouting and joy from the illegal aliens as they "conquered" our post office here in the United States.

Police officers, in riot gear, were pelted with water bottles and other items as they tried to remove the Mexican flag. In the end it remained flying as the ropes got tangled and they couldn't get it down.

Another sad thing is that most of the protesters actually had to hide their American flags and flag poles as they walked to the rally. Some hid them in their pants. Here's some comments from Save Our State

Lardog I said it was a sad day in America when an American Citizen had to hide a American Flag while walking down a street in Mexifornia ... I carried my flag through the streets with my video on and I was threatened and spit at by some reconquista thugs. I'm really sorry to hear what they did to Kele. That girl is tough and deserves an award.

SZinWestLA has a great account from the time he arrived at the protest. Here's a little bit.

I knew other folks were going to have trouble putting their cars down and getting to us safely. Soon thereafter, the "walking wounded" started to show up. And what it was illustrating was disgusting. When SOS'ers were walking to the barricaded area (from any direction) they were being harassed and attacked by the locals. But that isn't the messed up part. They were saving their physical abuse for the elderly, infirm and females.


the first person I saw (with blood trickling down his right arm) and a story of being attacked to tell was my good friend from the Redondo Beach DLS, Newt the Minuteman. This is a rather fit retired gentleman who is approximately seventy years old ... Apparently these scumbags ran after him and he took refuge in an auto parts store until the police gave him an escort. ... he was lacerated in two separate places on his body.


I learned that she had been hit over the head, shoved to the ground, grabbed or punched at, and she was (understandably) really upset and distraught. FedUpInLA (who arrived 45 minutes later with an enraged PD in tow) told me that the goons, after spotting their party, yelled Death to the Minutemen! and attacked them. ... She (Kele) complained repeatedly that the police just stood by from a near distance

Yes, this is your America people. A place where you can no longer ask for the laws to be enforced or peaceably protest without being beaten down by thugs and foreign invaders.

There are a lot more pictures at the Save Our State website.

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Posted by Digger on August 28, 2006 09:44 AM (Permalink)

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Makes me sick to the stomack. This has got to stop!

Come November I will be voting for a 3rd party candidate. Obviously Arnold is not doing anything to solve this problem and Angelides might as well call himself a reconquista agent.

I will be voting for Art Olivier for Governor in California come November. I think this guy is the real deal. If you are from California, check out this link http://www.2006gov.com I think this guy is the real deal! Spread the word!

It is time to vote for someone who will do something to stop the illegal immiration problem.

Posted by: One Angry California Voter on August 30, 2006 03:16 PM

You know Arnold wants to change the rules because he wants to run for president but as the rule stands right now you have to be a natural citizen in order to run for president.

Posted by: david moore on April 5, 2007 06:05 PM

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