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3 Members Of No More Invasion Assaulted Outside Liliana's Church [Pics]

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Newt Assaulted

Three members of the patriotic group No More Invasion were assaulted outside the United Church of Christ in Simi Valley that is harboring illegal alien "Liliana" yesterday, December 23, 2007. This is not the first attack on No More Invasion members, as in early November, Dennis Slater the head of No More Invasion, was assaulted at a Home Depot day labor site.

Things seem to be escalating now on the side of the illegal aliens as they fear no reprecussions for their attacks on American citizens. They are not being arrested, prosecuted and they are not being punished. No outrage is expressed to the Mexican government either on behalf of American citizens by our government.

The members of No More Invasion, Newt the Minuteman, SmallAndMighty and Ole Glory were protesting outside of the church against illegal immigration and for the removal of the illegal alien "Liliana" from our country. They say that while they protested, illegal aliens from a residence across the street came out and assaulted them. Note that of the three protesters, two were women and one was an elderly gentleman.

This seems to be a theme that is continuing where illegal aliens are preying on the elderly and female Americans in this country. The singling out of the elderly has happened before. Because you know by looking at the top picture above, Newt is such a serious physical threat.

Here is the word from Dennis Slater

Newt the Minuteman, Ol Glory and SmallAndMighty showed up at the church today and it was just the three of them. The illegal alien family directly across the street came out and violently assaulted all three of them. They were knocked to the ground, punched in the face and from what I understand Newt is pretty bloody. The other two are scrapped up and hurt in various different ways. The ambulance and police came but no arrests were made because they did not have a video camera. Apparently, the illegal alien family claims the patriots attacked them. Yeah right.

Newt and Ole Glory
Newt the Minuteman and Ole Glory

And here is a firsthand report from Ole Glory on how a leader of the church helped them after the assault.

The church people are only video taping the driveway, just in case we trespass. The head church person walked down the driveway and was waiting to cross the street to go over to the clown house. I said to the church person “Merry Christmas.” Church person replied, “Merry Christmas, what happened?” I told the church person "we were attacked and I called out to your church people for help." To which the church person replied, “we are not here to protect you.” I told the church person “it would have been a "Christian Thing" to do.”

This needs to stop and it needs to stop now! These church leaders need to be arrested along with the illegal aliens.

Your fellow citizens are being assaulted in the streets for no other reason than asking for our laws to be enforced!

Haven't we had enough yet? Isn't it time to demand that our leaders stop pretending that everything is A-OK in this country with the current way we handle this illegal alien invasion?

Remember this story the next time one of those smarmy politicians that are currently running for President or other offices kind of nod and wink when they say "I'm opposed to illegal immigration", because all but in a few cases of candidates it simply isn't true.

Why are these politicians not addressing this issue? Why are they not pointing to these American victims and saying "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I stand with my fellow citizens and not with criminals attacking them!" They won't say it because they are simply weak spined and don't truly believe the words they speak. The victims like Newt above are simply "collateral damage" and the "cost of doing business" when it comes to cheap labor or pandering to illegal aliens who will be given amnesty by them in the future and then supposedly vote for them.

That's right, American Citizen victims are collateral damage to them.

Are you going to sit around and wait until you're just "collateral damage"?

Well, if they aren't going to handle the issue I think it is well past time that we do. Do not vote for any of these bums. Throw them out of office and be sure to tell them why when you do. Write and call them and tell them why. Show up to their speeches and any public event they attend and tell them why. Make sure you mention that it is for people like Newt, Ole Glory and SmallAndMighty who they seem to care less than a dime about. Tell them it is for all the Amy Kortlang's. Tell them it is because you are an American and you have the choice about illegal immigration, not them!

More at the No More Invasion thread on the protest and assault

The "church" is located at:
United Church of Christ
370 Royal Avenue
Simi Valley, CA

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Posted by Digger on December 24, 2007 01:26 AM (Permalink)

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So what if intolerant, hateful, racist people are attacked for persecuting innocent undocumented workers who woke up one morning and magically found themselves in our country without permission (permission, we don' need no steenkin permission)?

Who are they to want enforcement of intolerant, hateful, racist US immigration laws?

They are obviously like Joe Horn, the trouble maker who shot and killed two undocumented burglars on his front lawn. Homeowners have no right to be on their front lawn nor citizens to be in their own country confronting those who should not be here. Insensitive creeps. (tongue planted deeply in cheek).

The irony is that if law enforcement was doing it's job and confronting those who misbehave then citizens would not be compelled to do something about it.

Hero citizens are driven to take matters into our own hands and then punished by those who should be giving medals, instead?

Hey, Joe Horn, educate us on the weapons at your disposal, we'll take on "law enforcement" too, if we have to.

Posted by: ken pope on December 25, 2007 02:57 PM


If the assailants can be identified does this not entitle them to deportation?

Even LaRaza and such claim to support deportation of those criminals beyond illegal border crossing.

Posted by: ken pope on December 25, 2007 03:28 PM

The above photo of Newt says it all. I wonder what explanation these so-called "family-oriented" hispanics have for their behaviour. So macho--beating up an old man and 2 ladies.
Unfortunately, until we can convince many more American citizens to boycott businesses that employ illegals, they will continue to behave with impunity. I don't mean that it's necessary to picket outside of businesses, but just to stop BUYING from them or using their services. Hitting them in their financial bottom line is the only thing that will work.

Posted by: Trish on December 25, 2007 08:52 PM

Trish, very good advice. And whenever possible, let them know why you won't shop there, or why you won't use their services. When you find businesses that play by the rules, send 'em your business. Tell your friends, too.

Posted by: Nikita on December 26, 2007 07:09 PM

This is sickening! I saw the vids on youtube of the attack at the Home Depot. Then Jim Picard at the Vicente Fox protest, who was attacked and roughed up by 3 hooligans who didn't even know why THEY were there, let alone why WE were there! Now we have these pieces of foreign trash picking on an old man and two women!! It's disgusting. I heard in Cali that the American Patriots are targets for frozen cans of coke all the time. Ian't that special ...

Posted by: Turtle on December 26, 2007 09:52 PM

Dennis Slater and these "patriots" sound a bit like pussies to me. Those "undocumented workers" gave them a perfect legal excuse to start kicking ass and showing that Americans mean business. Old age is no excuse for letting a foreigner bend you over his knee like some red-headed stepchild.

What's next, writing the ACLU for pro-bono legal representation? Maybe sending the attackers a plate of homemade tamales with a strongly worded letter attached?

Sheesh, I'm embarrassed FOR these people.

Posted by: Kyle on December 28, 2007 12:45 AM

Why do messages come to this Board calling the protesters Racist? In Mexico, you would be arrested, beaten in jail, raped and tortured. Here your just assaulted, and labeled a racist? I like our system better. And PAYBACK is a Bitch vato..........

Posted by: Jack Ripper on December 28, 2007 09:30 AM

Why is it that when conservatives preach hate -- and distort peace-loving Christianity to do so -- they complain when someone fights back?

Why is it that when conservatives "joke" about torturing and killing anyone who isn't a racist warmongering neo-con, that's considered heroic by you guys?

Being patriotic does not mean seeing everyone different from you as the enemy.

Posted by: BoredomCorner on December 11, 2010 11:33 AM

They are obviously like Joe Horn, the trouble maker who shot and killed two undocumented burglars on his front lawn. Homeowners have no right to be on their front lawn nor citizens to be in their own country confronting those who should not be here. Insensitive creeps. (tongue planted deeply in cheek).

Posted by: Article directory on May 18, 2011 11:10 AM

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