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Voice Of The People Announce Rally At The Alamo At Press Conference [Pics] (Update 2 Videos)

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The pro-immigration enforcement group Voice of the People announced at a press conference that they will be holding a rally at the Alamo on July 4, 2008. The announcement was made yesterday at a press conference held at the Freeland Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post #5010 just outside of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Dan Smeriglio
Dan Smeriglio
Luckily, I had cut my Christmas trip short and was able to attend the press conference on my way back down to Philadelphia from upstate New York.

The announcement was made by Dan Smeriglio along with a grouping of other actions they plan for the coming year. He ensured those who are opposed to the group that they are just getting started and that in 2008 they would continue their rallies and protests "We're not going to let up," said Smeriglio.

Smeriglio was headed to Iowa after the press conference to "put a strong showing to the [presidential] candidates that we're not going to let up". "We" meaning the pro-enforcement community opposed to illegal immigration. There he will meet with Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a Secure America to go door to door explaining to people the presidential candidates stance on illegal immigration. In Iowa currently Mike Huckabee is leading in the polls for the Republican primary. "If Huckabee wins the primary, this sets a bad precedent for the future." Smeriglio said.

In Iowa Smeriglio will be involved in door to door operations and the 50,000 phone call campaign led up by ALIPAC to inform voters in the state. He will also be meeting with candidates and/or their campaign staffers including those of Thompson, Romney, Giuliani, McCain, Paul, Edwards and Obama.

Frank Scavo
Frank Scavo
The group itself has not endorsed any single candidate. They are currently in the process of getting their corporate filings for non-profit status in order.

Other actions for the coming year announced by Dan Smeriglio and Frank Scavo included (and most of these relating to illegal immigration):

  • Property tax and county budget issues
  • Working with the child protection group kidsneedprotection.org
  • Fighting for veterans rights being taken by illegal aliens
  • Working with the Crime Watch. They currently have 62 organizations on-board throughout Pennsylvania
  • Standing behind State Rep Daryl Metcalfe's "5 Point Plan" to combat illegal immigration

Renee Butts
Renee Butts
Renee Butts announced that they are currently working to get Brigitte Gabriel of American Congress for Truth and author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America to make an appearance and speech in their area about the threats of radical Islam and I'm guessing the stupidity of our current lax border security. They are not sure if they could solidify this appearance by Brigitte Gabriel and are looking for those out there who can help them secure her appearance. So if you can head to their website and contact them.

The press

Renee Butts And Frank Scavo Interviewed by Steve Mocarsky of the Times-Leader
Steve Mocarsky of the Times-Leader
interviews Frank and Renee

The general feeling in the room was serious during the press conference. The press itself had some really relevant questions regarding the groups actions and illegal immigration in general. Most seemed to focus around the Iowa trip Dan was taking as that is the current topic of the day, but I thought the Alamo announcement was the most important for anyone involved in fighting illegal immigration.

There are several other groups around the country that will be involved in the Alamo Rally, yet they have not made announcements as of yet.

dan-interview-1-250.jpg dan-interview-2-250.jpg
Dan Smeriglio was interviewed by local news stations

Dan Smeriglio also went on to thank all of those who nominated him for the Hazleton Standard Speaker Person of the Year award and to thank all of the people and groups that have supported them: Including (and I didn't get the chance to write all of them down so I'm forgetting half) Ruth of Illegal Protest, 9/11 Families for a Secure America, American Freedom Riders, Save Our State, US Border Watch, You Don't Speak For Me, Mayor Lou Barletta... too many to list. Unfortunately as I was just on my Christmas Vacation I didn't have the benefit of a video camera so I didn't get them all. See the news reports below for some of the video there.

Voice of the People was founded earlier in 2007 and splashed onto the scene with a massive rally in Hazleton, Pennsylvania in June 2007 in support of Mayor Lou Barletta and the Illegal Immigration Relief Act. They have been involved or planned and held rallies in Morristown, NJ in July, Freeland, PA in August, Harrisburg, PA on the steps of the Capitol in September and a rally against former Mexican President Vicente Fox in Wilkes-Barre, PA in November.

Other Coverage:

Times-Leader report by Steve Mocarsky

(Videos below)

WYLN coverage of the Voice of the People press conference

SSPTV coverage of the Voice of the People press conference

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Posted by Digger on December 27, 2007 12:00 PM (Permalink)

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The reason for having a rally about Rembering the Alamo is to reaffirm our sovereignty. It is a good idea because it reminds us of the importance of demographics. Texas fought for independence because the culture was Anglo, not Mexican. Being ruled by the Mexican government under such circumstances did not make sense. Demographics are very important. We must remember this lesson of history and so remember the Alamo.

To have the full effect we seek to have by remembering the Alamo, we must also remember the Gadsden Purchase. Many people of Mexican descent in our land think the South West was subsequently "stolen" by the U.S. in the Mexican American War. Such a sentiment is not likely to lead to loyalty on their behalf or American stability. To counter act this we must remember that Santa Anna, who was defeated in the Texan War for independence, sold us what is now Southern Arizona and New Mexico for $10 million.

The Gadsden Purchase is the best proof we have that the land was not "stolen." First of all, the Southern portion of these states were out and out sold. It was a legal transaction five years after the end of hostilities. No pressure was applied. Secondly, to say that you stole my land, but afterwards I sold you the rest does not make any sense. It is as if to tell police, "He stole my computer, but later I sold him the mouse and keyboard." Even if the land won in the Mexican American war was "stolen" (and it was not) the Gadsden Purchase land, the Southern portion of the southwest states, was undeniably sold. It is ours fair and square; no historical controversy.

Posted by: John Press on December 28, 2007 11:28 AM

Excellent timing. Two months after the May 1 "illegals rights" demonstrations and a few months before the 2008 election.

I hope the open borders crowd has a bigger showing than the May 1, 2006 and 2007 rallies to open America's eyes wide.

So, go ahead and shut down businesses and stores so we know who you are. It only makes us more determined to stop the invasion.

Posted by: ken pope on December 29, 2007 01:05 AM

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