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Giuliani On Illegal Immigration: 'you're one of the people who we want in this city.'

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In 1994, Rudy Giuliani stated his position on illegal immigration quite clearly and there is no reason to think that his beliefs have changed since then.

Here are the exact words Rudy Giuliani said "If you come here and you work hard and you happen to be in an undocumented status, you're one of the people who we want in this city."

All of the Republican candidates have been running from immigration like it's a house on fire. The base of the party is strongly against illegal immigration and will crucify anyone who is in favor of amnesty. Of course it's not just the base of the Republican party, but Americans as a whole.

I will not vote for Giuliani ever!

Giuliani may be "tough on terror" and "tough on crime" (as long as it's not just the crime of illegally being in the country), but the fact is his opinion on illegal immigration puts this nation at a greater risk of terrorist attacks and crime than any single conviction can prevent. Allowing this continued flooding of our nation with unknown individuals is the single greatest threat to our nation in its history.

Now check out the rest of the ridiculous things Giuliani has to say about illegal immigration.

Washington Post

As mayor of New York, Giuliani filed suit against the federal government, challenging what he said were unconstitutional provisions aimed at immigrants. And he ordered his police not to divert time and resources from other crimes to process immigration violations.

Outright Sanctuary City policy.

"He was constantly extolling the glory of illegal immigration," said Roy Beck, president of Numbers USA, a group that advocates limits on immigration and penalties for undocumented workers. "He's backing away from some of it now."

Aides to Giuliani said he has not changed his positions on immigration and supports efforts to increase border security and find a way to deal with illegal immigrants.

That's a good thing to know. That he hasn't changed his stance on the issue of illegal immigration. Note how his aides tried to shift it to just immigration and not illegal immigration. When you see someone deliberately do that you know they are trying to hide something on this issue.

But Giuliani now rarely emphasizes immigration...

When he talks about immigration, he usually focuses on the need for a new, tamper-proof ID card for illegal immigrants and the importance of finding and deporting criminals or terrorists who enter the country illegally.

That's another good thing to know. Let us continue inviting illegal aliens into our country and then sort them out later as to which are "the bad ones". The only problem is that by the time you find out they are the bad ones they have already killed, raped, mugged or killed a legal resident or American citizen by drunk driving. It's an absolutely idiotic stance that should be questioned by all.

Here's a little parable. Leave your doors to your mansion wide open and let anyone come in uninvited. If you catch someone stealing or peeing on the floor then throw them out. Of course you're sure to miss some of them as they get away with stealing your stuff or defecating on your floor and then leaving. A more sane thing would be to only invite in people you know. But then again that's too logical for these politicians who would rather play games with our lives and our country than to state the obvious.

"We need to know everyone who's in the United States that comes in here from a foreign country. And we have to separate the ones who are dangerous from the ones who aren't," Giuliani said on "Fox News Sunday." "We need people to come forward who are working so they'll get identified, get fingerprinted, get photographed. And then we should focus our attention on the people who don't come forward."

These statements made by Rudy Giuliani are ridiculous. The first is that we need to know foreigners who are in the United States and to separate the dangerous ones from those who aren't. Obviously we want to know this, but then with his next sentence he shows how little he knows about the immigration situation in this country. We don't even know how many are here. How are we going to focus on those who haven't come forward? They're not coming forward now and they won't come forward later and obviously by our past actions as a nation we don't seem to care if they do or not if we continue on the same path.

His theory is just that, theory. How is he going to tell La Raza, MEChA, MALDEF, PRLDEF and the ACLU and other panderers to illegal aliens that he's just going to go around checking aliens at random as to whether they are here illegally before they commit a crime? As a matter of fact even after they've committed a crime we now have to fight as a nation to allow our law enforcement personnel to check whether someone is here illegally.

His proposals and latest stances are just the best he could do at covering over the fact that he's a huge supporter of illegal aliens. As poor as it is, it's sure to fool some people. It's not going to fool you though because now you have the knowledge of what this guy really stands for when it comes to illegal immigration.

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