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House Shoots Down Mexican Truckers Free Reign Of US Roads - Flake Votes For Mexico

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The most dangerous and anti-worker plan has been shot down by the US House of Representatives. The plan to allow Mexican truckers to flood American highways across the country and undermine American truckers and the safety of our roads went down in flames yesterday when the House voted 411-3 in favor of the "Safe American Roads Act of 2007" to delay the Bush backed plan.

Concerns were around both safety of Mexican trucks and their drivers and the economic impacts to American workers. The Teamsters union, the Sierra Club, Public Citizen and the Environmental Law Foundation sued in April to stop the Bush plans. The plan would have not only hurt truckers by flooding their industry with low paid workers, but also American longshoremen who would lose their jobs to dock workers south of the border who would work for less and load the goods right onto Mexican trucks bound for America.

My concerns - and I'm sure other Americans as well - was the massive amounts of illegal immigration, drugs and the potential for terrorist related smuggling to go on putting our nation in an even worse situation than it already is. The fact is that Mexico is a third world country and we should not be allowing them to massively expand their corruption throughout our country with ease. I can see the searches on the Mexican side now "Hey man here's 15 grand, just let me through with my 800 tons of heroin." We do not need to put our country and citizens at risk in order to - for some unknown reason - make Mexico happy.


The House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to delay a Bush administration plan to allow Mexican trucks full access to U.S. highways.

The trucks would have to be declared safe first, the lawmakers said, and Mexico would have to give U.S. truckers the same access south of the border.

The House voted 411-3 to approve a three-year Department of Transportation pilot program that would restrict opening the border to 100 carriers based in Mexico. They would be allowed to use a maximum of 1,000 vehicles under the pilot program.

The Bush administration wanted to start a pilot program this year that would run for a year before fully opening the border to Mexican trucks.

The House bill, however, specifies criteria for the pilot program before it can start, including setting up an independent panel to evaluate the test program and getting certification from the inspector general that safety and inspection requirements have been met.

The Department of Transportation says it could be as late as 2008 before Congress’ criteria are met, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

On the global warming/environmentalist front I don't see how they could back this. I mean really, imagine the pollution created with all the extra miles driven from Mexico into America when less would be used if it was shipped right into American ports.

So who are the 3 representatives who voted against this? From the roll


That's funny, Flake is also proposing the illegal alien amnesty bill in the House. Go figure.

18 didn't vote. Some have legitimate reasons and some - I'm guessing - didn't want to be on the record as being a major panderer to Mexico.

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I think the truckers should not be allowed to drive in the states. this will take away from US citizens jobs.

Posted by: Randy on May 16, 2007 04:50 PM

Jobs are not the only issue. The DOT has not provided specifics on how they will ensure safety and securuty. Mexico does not have a reliable drivers license data base or drug testing. Imagine having a collision with one of these drivers...
You can post comment on this issue on the Federal Registry until May 31.

Posted by: OOIDA on May 17, 2007 11:28 AM

The above article concerning the pilot program for Mexican truckers needs to be updated, since the pilot program was extended for two more years. This is so huge and Americans in general aren't being made aware of what is planned and what has already occurred. They do not know about the growing foreign privatization of U.S. highways. While Mr. Bush mocks & denies the existence or plans for the NAU, the Communist Chinese-built port of Lazaro Cardenas in Southern Mexico already exists & is built specifically for the NAFTA super highway routed north into the U.S. via Texas, going up the I-35 & stopping at KC, MO. That is not myth. Having sealed containers docking into Mexico to continue unobstructed into the U.S. to stop only at the KC "SmartPort" operated by Mexican Customs in U.S. soil, then be on their way north, east and west, possibly carrying munitions, illegal aliens, drugs, terrorists, nuclear waste or any other illegal cargo is mind numbing. These websites that inform the public on the NAU, NASCO & the SPP is vital but not nearly enough, for the majority of Americans don't know about any of it. How can we get the TV networks to open up about this dangerous and controversial event?

Posted by: lfares on August 14, 2008 09:35 PM

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