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ACLU Threatens To Make Escondido, CA "Pay Dearly" If They Attempt To Crack Down On Illegal Immigration

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Escondido, California recently backed down on putting through a Hazleton style ordinance cracking down on landlords that rent to illegal aliens. By backing down Escondido agreed to pay $90,000 to cover the costs of the ACLU's lawsuit against them.

Now the ACLU is gloating over their "win by threat" and threatening that they will make Escondido "pay dearly" if they even think of trying to crack down on the illegal aliens that are sapping Escondido taxpayer's coffers.

San Diego Union-Tribune

The lawyers who successfully challenged the city's illegal-immigrant housing ordinance said recent statements by council members that legal obstacles can be overcome are unrealistic.

They also warned that should Escondido try to enact a similar ordinance, it would cost the city dearly.

David Blair-Loy, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego and Imperial Counties, said fundamental problems will exist with any ordinance designed to banish illegal immigrants.

In other words any attempt to curb illegal immigration by any American city will be challenged by the ACLU. After all illegal aliens have the civil liberty to run cities into the ground by leeching off taxpayers by using their educational, welfare, social service and health care systems.

And who brought the lawsuit forth in the first place?

The law was challenged in a federal lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of two landlords, two illegal-immigrant renters and others.

Yep, the illegal aliens and those who profit off of them.

This lawyer for the ACLU is a total asshole. Read on for what else this asshole had to say:

“If they even get close to this topic again, we will look at it with a microscope,” Blair-Loy said yesterday in response to the comments. “If we do have to sue them, it will be a lot more painful experience than it was the first time . . . they may not have such a quick, easy, painless exit from the case.”

Alan Mansfield, of the law firm Rosner & Mansfield, concurred. “There would be no discount and be no settlement this time,” he said.

The original ordinance, approved on a 3-2 vote, was intended to punish landlords who rented to illegal immigrants. Proponents said overcrowding and crime caused by illegal immigration – and the federal government's inability to do anything about it – were hurting the city.


Philip Tencer of the law firm Cooley Godward said the Escondido ordinance “will require something more substantial than a little tweak.”

Tencer said he hoped the city has learned its lesson. “To blame all the ills of a city on illegal aliens is ridiculous,” he said.


First, [Blair-Loy] said, the issue of housing illegal immigrants is “purely for the federal government. . . . This is not an area the cities and states are allowed to get into.”


Mansfield said, “If they think they can just amend it, they are sorely mistaken. They should not even be considering it.”

I think they need to change their name to the IACLU or Illegal Alien Civil Liberties Union because they certainly care little about the liberties of Americans and to ensure that their liberties aren't trampled on.

If you trace ACLU donations I'm sure you'll find in there lots from illegal aliens, their proponents and those who make a ton of money off of them. This has nothing to do with civil liberties and everything to do with greed.

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