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Illegal Alien Supporters Threaten Violence, Plan On Disrupting Protest In DC

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So I'm heading out the the Hold Their Feet to the Fire event this coming week and have been looking around to assess what those who support illegal aliens are planning. They always show up and usually stand around threatening citizens, yelling hate filled speech, calling for anarchy or socialism and calling anyone for immigration reform a racist. Yes, the usual cries of racist are flying already as can be witnessed by the article below and the underlying threats of physical violence.

Indy Media

URGENT-Anti-racists needed to confront Minute-Klan on Sun April 22

At 3:30 PM on Sunday,April 22, the Minutemen and other anti-immigrant racists will be at Lafayette Park spewing their poison. ALL ANTI-RACISTS NEED TO BE THERE to counter their presence!


What we do NOT want to do is make things so hot that immigrant groups have to pull out to protect themselves.

Yes, because we all know that people like myself are going there to attack immigrants and beat them. But that's not the only insinuations made in this "article".

Of course, a lot of immigrants are going to be damned pissed at the Minute-Klan, so if immigrants decide to go for it, we need to back them up and keep the cops off their backs.

So within a few sentences they have already made threats on our person. If their "gang" decides to "go for it" others in the "gang" should keep the police off them so they can inflict their damage.

Let's contrast this with what our mission is in Washington D.C. which is to address Congress on the majority of Americans feelings regarding illegal immigration. It's simply ridiculous that in this country we can't do so without being threatened with violence. All American should be outraged at the plans of groups like those above.

Groups that claim all those in favor of secure borders and immigration enforcement are racists and who want to attack them! They would also want to attack and threaten you if given the chance because I am you. I am just an American citizen who is seeing the destruction of our country before his eyes and has decided to speak out on it.

Let's read a little more...

SDS has called for a counter-presence starting at 3PM. WE NEED EVERYBODY TO BE THERE AT OR BEFORE 3:30 when the Minute-Klan arrives!

These racists will be calling for ...: “Secure borders; no amnesty....”. These groups seek to close borders to people, forced from their countries by US trade and military policies, writing “It is in the best interest of the American people for our government to close our borders to this ongoing invasion.” ...

These jackasses must be resisted. They continue to benefit from the exploitation of others, and have lived too long comfortably spouting their racist, fascist views.

Reposted below, is the agenda for their racist activities:

Outraged yet?

The threats are throughout their statement of "resistance" and claims of "exploitation of their countries". This is not simply some illegal aliens in our country, but revolutionary factions who want to get back at Americans and our government for their perceived exploitation by us.

Here's a few nice comments to their posting.

by Nino Patoko

Praise God and pass the ammunition!!!!


by minutemen are bigots

Securing borders is racist and classist; I don't think people are throwing those terms around lightly. It goes at the heart of what it means to be an anarchist. Borders enforce one reality for one people against a reality for another. They set up hierarchies. Those hierarchies in terms of nations have always been racist, classist, etc. Perhaps, a better word than racist is to say that the minutemen are all bigots.


by Anglo Hater

We are going to swallow Anglo America. We are going to take control and do whatever we want and you can't stop us. We don't care about your democracy or plymouth rock or your laws or your mythical border or your constitution or 'voter rights'-- all that means nothing because we are going to retake what you stole from us and restore Mexico here from the ground up. It's inevitable. You can't stop us. It's not possible. We love the joy of babies and our children too much. Hah hah--and you actually voted for George Bush too! You fools! He's going to make it happen because he fears us! We are laughing at you! You have already lost. Start learning Spanish. HAH HAH! Good morning Aztlan!

It's funny how throughout all of their past calls for action, none are ever directed at their governments who have failed them and - through corruption and outright fraud - deprived people in their country from a decent living, jobs, prosperity and security. No they'd rather blame America and then make threats against those in this country who have a right under their own Constitution to address their leaders.

When was the last time you saw a headline of "Minutemen attack and beat illegal alien" or "Those in favor of border security apply violence" or "Illegal aliens targeted by those in favor of immigration reform"? You haven't, because it hasn't happened. These groups are the ones attacking US citizens and legal residents of this country. They claim that racism is behind all of the calls for border security and law enforcement, but they have a hard time explaining why those calling for it come from just about every race, age and religion. Here's a little hint for them, it's because they're AMERICANs.

Don't believe they'll actually be violent? See these few entries for just a sampling:

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