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Bill Richardson On Not Supporting Gonzales' Ouster 'The only reason I'm not there is because he's Hispanic'

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New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate Bill Richardson came out and stated his reasoning for why he isn't behind the ouster of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales over the lawyer firing scandal. And it's not because he doesn't think there was something illegal or unethical going on, but because Gonzales is Hispanic.

The Hill

Presidential candidate and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) said Monday the reason he has not called for the removal of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is that the two both have Hispanic backgrounds.

Richardson, in an interview with The Hill, said he is “pretty close” to making such a call, but added that he is reluctant to do so before Gonzales’s Senate testimony despite the high-profile involvement of New Mexico in the U.S. attorneys scandal.

“The only reason I’m not there is because he’s Hispanic, and I know him and like him,” Richardson said, adding, “It’s because he’s Hispanic. I’m honest."

It's not the first time Bill Richardson has made his racist views known.

Good to see Richardson cares about his race before the rule of law. It's also good that this is stated up front straight from the horses mouth so that all Americans can know that he is a racist before he is an American. How this guy got elected as governor is beyond me.

Tipped by: Lonewacko via Freedom Folks who had this to say:

Let's play a little game. Imagine if I was a politician and a fellow politician who was white had gotten himself into trouble and I went on record saying: I'm honest, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he's white.

How long would my head remain attached to my body? The double standard is truly mind blowing.

I'm guessing about 3.14159 seconds... oh wait that's Pi...

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Just wanted to let you know...you are relatively famous now...our professor used this editorial in our "Managing Global Diversity" class.

Cool huh :)

Bradley (fellow blogger)
The Egel Nest

Posted by: Bradley Egel on May 3, 2007 08:53 AM

Wow cool Bradley! Thanks for letting me know.

Posted by: Digger on May 3, 2007 08:15 PM

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