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41% Of Latino Immigrants Say Do Not Have To Speak English To Be Part Of American Society

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41% of Latino immigrants believe that you don't have to speak English to be a part of American society. I think this would be a surprise to some and not a surprise to others depending on where you live in this country. If you live in a border state you've already seen that portions of the state are almost entirely Spanish speaking and that as an English speaking immigrant or citizen you are not wanted in those areas. They have effectively become a portion of another country while retaining all the rights to demand resources of the United States.

If you live away from the border you're probably shocked by this revelation. The most you're exposed to is that there is Telemundo and other Spanish speaking channels on cable and satellite TV. Occasionally you may run into a new immigrant that only speaks a few words of English.

This is the great divide in this country. Those directly affected by massive immigration -- and those who are oblivious. The main problem with the current immigration laws are that they are designed to be enforced by Federal law enforcement. This means that those in states who are not seeing this massive invasion are having a say over the states that are being affected through votes in both the House and the Senate. The border states are just now getting around to trying to implement their own form of enforcement against illegal immigration by local law enforcement after being stabbed in the back by the other states in this country and their representatives.

What this 41% should show to the rest of the country is that this has gone on so long that Latino immigrants no longer feel they even need to attempt to learn English. Our country has become a place where you can come and carve out your own nation within ours.

Dallas Morning News

A majority of Latinos, 57 percent, believe immigrants have to speak English to be part of American society, according to Pew, while 41 percent say they do not.

This cannot possibly be good for the United States. In the past immigrants have assimilated so that they can contribute to the growth of this country. Now it seems like the word of the day is simply extending the borders of countries like Mexico into the United States through non-assimilation is the way to go.

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