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Illegal Alien Drivers Receive Preferential Treatment Over US Citizens In Newport Beach Courtrooms

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Sometimes people have no other recourse in this country when they are wronged except to write letters to media and other sources to get the word out.

I received the below letter from Kenneth, who recently faced a charge in Newport Beach of which he claims he is innocent and was appalled to see the preferential treatment illegal aliens received over him.

I tend to believe what Kenneth is reporting. Why? Because who goes to the lengths Kenneth has gone to in writing this long letter to the judge and then also taking the time to send it around to places like Diggers Realm?

In the end the fine doesn't seem high enough for someone to be outraged enough to spend this amount of time exposing the problem unless they felt they were truly stabbed in the back.

Below is the letter in full that Kenneth sent to the judge in his case and then took the time to send to me. (I have bolded portions of the letter)


Dear Judge Glenn Mahler,

Recently I was in traffic court falsely accused of running a stop sign, which occurred during a period of my life that I had been living in my car for over 4 months. This incident happened at 2am on the UCI campus. At the time I could not afford paying the ticket and had an upcoming surgery, which forced me to ask for an extension for payment. I was fined $151.

Being not guilty I wanted to appeal the decision and was informed, I had to pay the ticket first then file an appeal. Also as stated on the citation my interpretation is you must pay the ticket, (bail) and then submit for an appeal. On 9-27-06 I was finally able to save the money to pay the ticket. I asked the teller at the courthouse that I would like an appeal. Your teller told me I couldn't, because I had to file before 30 of the decision. I told her that I was told that I was supposed to pay the fine first, which she said the information is on their web site and it is not their job to tell people about filing appeals. I think it would be responsible for your courts to give a simple explanation of the appeal process and I don't recall being given any sort of statement of rights from the courts.

Setting this aside I am disturbed by first by what occurred in the court pertaining to my case and second I am saddened and mad about the standards of integrity and character that I have witnessed in your courts.

First pertaining to my hearing, I brought photos of where this supposed infraction took place I gave my honest description of what took place and was shocked by the judges ruling. I was shocked because it was easily apparent that the officer testifying was contradicting himself and lying numerous times.

Even a lawyer came out to tell me that I pleaded a good case and it was more than obvious the officer was did what I just said. In addition my case was initiated by racism, prejudice, and intimidation. I was guilty of a car not in the best of aesthetic looks, a white guy, being prejudiced by a Latin officer. With out going into detail his prejudice and in my face intimidation and racism made me fearful of my life, and should be investigated for this horrible representation of law enforcement.

Setting that aside I paid the fine = $151 - I'm now getting screwed on my insurance, that's been increased, I suspect I have a point against my license and I'm back to struggling trying to survive, and keep my head afloat, not to bother with details.

My main complaint of this letter is how disturbing and shocking it was to see during my times in court was punished for a offense I was wasn't guilty of, fined and punished while law breakers, blatant violators who make a mockery of your court and U.S. law, who jeopardize hundreds of thousands of lives of men, woman and children every day, every time, before they go to your court and after they leave your courts

Truthfully the judges, courts, police officers and politicians who encourage these life endangering, lawlessness violators should hang their heads in shame, put their tails between their legs and step down from their positions and be replaced by those who will uphold the law, punish properly these people I'm referring to.

Who? I'm referring to I was fined $151. But yet in one quarter of an afternoon in your court over a dozen illegal Mexicans, stopped for various infractions who each one did not have car insurance, some not registration, and all, with out drivers licenses, who told the judge the Spanish interpreter they had no intention on getting a drivers license or insurance AND yet they were ONLY fined somewhere around $119 or $129 one after the other. 1 stated he had a Mexico driver's license. (I guess that made it ok then)

Compared to my $150 for being not guilty and NOT endangering any lives. It amazed me that 2 white Americans being stopped for similar minor infractions had their cars confiscated by the police. They did have insurance but because of circumstances couldn't produce documents at the time of their infraction but did have the documents shortly after in order to get their cars out of impoundment. I think one guy did end up loosing his car.

Imagine that! As I watched each illegal Mexican walk out of that court laughing under there breaths grinning from ear to ear and then later see some of these same illegals getting right back into a car laughing with their girlfriends and driving away. I don't speak Spanish, never will, but I'm sure they were laughing about what a bunch of stupid idiots the judges are and what a bunch of stupid fucks Americans are because they know the police, courts and judges kiss their illegal Mexican asses. I don't have a problem saying this because there are large populations of legal Mexicans that agree with me and are tired of it.

I would like to know just what law, judges, police officers and politicians follow now days? I know its not Mexican law: if it was these guys would have gone to jail, their family forced to pay a huge fine. I question if it was U.S. law because I think if it was these boys wouldn't be walking out your courtrooms laughing and smiling. I know I wasn't smiling, when I walked out after being found guilty.

I am shocked by your courts acceptance knowing that these illegals never intend get a drivers license, insurance or obey laws that provide for safety for American citizens. I would like to know the numbers of the ones that are ticketed and never show up in court, those that do; how many actually pay the fine. I would think a lot pay because they know it's like a fee paid (like in Mexico - a bribe) that allows them to drive illegally disregarding all safety to civilians. If you drive and keep up with the facts you know a lot of these illegals never having driven a car before, come to America and the first thing their doing is buying a car and driving with no regard for the law.

Some time ago I had an illegal Peruvian lady friend who was buying a car. She took me around to Mexican owned car lots. It stunned me how many cars didn't have VIN plates and how easy she could buy a car using fake identification, PLUS get financing through the dealership, never have to get insurance and drive off with a new car and listen to her say they work the system, the police and courts and Americans are a bunch of sissies that haven't the balls to do anything about it.

How can our courts condone and encourage illegal behavior and the endangerment of human lives. Personally I feel elected or appointed civil servants who are supposed to uphold the law who are charged and responsible to secure the safety of our communities and who use the excuse that its not their problem and it's a federal problem are nothing milquetoast weaklings that don't have the gonads to secure the safety of our citizens.

What does it take? For our judges, police, and politicians to have their lives infiltrated by having their wives and/or children murdered, maimed, crippled by illegals driving in every way illegally and walk away from accidents or crimes that could have been prevented by our courts and more so at the police level.

It is beyond me why these illegal didn't have their cars confiscated like they did with the white Americans. Why they weren't taken into custody, fingerprinted, seen if there were warrants for them and deported the following day

Your hands are not bound like so many of you claim. How about following the law or is that an unfamiliar concept. I can't imagine why these illegals make it to your courtroom and walk away with a prissy little fine. These criminals will repeatedly disregard any American laws and should not walk out that courtroom with anything less than a $1,000 fine, photographed, fingerprinted, their employers verified and contacted along with their address verified and verified if they are illegal and a sheriff should immediately handcuff them and deported. I'm asking for you judges to START doing the right thing. For you to start telling the police to start doing the right thing and start telling your supervisors to start doing the right thing.

Lets try some math. Morning and afternoon court using a minimum of 15 illegals endangering 100,000 lives a day x 5 days a week x 52 weeks one court putting 3,900 illegal back into illegal vehicles with no regard to U.S. laws federal and state and say ----- 500 out of how many Traffic courts in California? INTERESTING - 1,950,000 illegals a year endangering now millions of children and families. IMAGINE THAT!

Let me share with you a little experience. A few years ago my father was dying. I returned to Pittsburgh Pa. I spent my time with my father at his rest home. One day I had to use my fathers' car to be with him quickly. I was speeding and got stopped. Having already given all my fathers important papers to the power of attorney I did not have the insurance papers in the car. The police immediately confiscated my fathers' car even though knowing the situation and familiar with whom he was. Later that day went to the police station saw the magistrate who knew my father but hadn't seen me in years, I had to pay a fine, contact the power of attorney have her bring in the paperwork and pay for the cars towing and impoundment. Imagine that! The police could have been more empathetic but the fact was they weren't a bunch of patsies bending the law, unlike politicians; police and judges are here in Ca.

You guys need to start protecting the rights and lives of legal citizens and make our streets, freeways and communities safer or step down from office and let some one else who has the gonads to start doing the right thing rather then trying to be politically correct and kissing the backsides of illegals who pledge no allegiance to this country and don't give a damn about the courts, American laws, civilians and children's safety.




Thanks for sending this in Kenneth

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