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Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars For October 2004

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This is a new feature on Diggers Realm that I'm planning to do every month to sum up silly searches, stats and sites that have been helpful.

Diggers Realm Stats And Growth For The Month Of October
The month of October surpassed September in page views clocking a modest increase. There were 233366 page views for October up from 209029 page views in September. We're not sure how November is going to go, but if things fall in line as we expect we'd anticipate a quarter of a million Page Views for the month.

To put this in perspective Daily Kos's average Page Views Per Day as of November 2 was just about 600,000 and InstaPundit was near 280,000.

So we're small potato's, but growing.

Diggers 20 Superstars Of The Month
Every month I'll be highlighting the twenty Superstar sites of the month that have been helpful to Diggers Realm in one way or another. If you haven't visited them give them a click and check them out.

The Command Post

The Jawa Report

Backcountry Conservative

Rooftop Report

In Search Of Utopia

Blogs of War

Michelle Malkin

Outside The Beltway

Just One Minute


Passionate American

Six Meat Buffet

In The Bullpen



Armies of Liberation

Joe Grossberg


Right on Red


Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches
These are searches that brought people to Diggers Realm during the month of October. Note that they didn't just search for these things, but they actually clicked through to Diggers Realm after the search was made. I did another entry awhile back called Oddities that may have included some of these before. From now on they will be included in the monthly Silly Searches. Actual searches are in Bold below.

[search terms deleted]

Other related entries Oct. 18 - Ho-Ho's And Hot Chocolate

Until next month, see ya on the site!


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Posted by Digger on November 3, 2004 06:19 PM (Permalink)

» InTheBullpen.com linked with Democratic 2008 Nominees

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Nice wrap up and some very funny search results. I'm not sure how "bill O'reilly used vibrator on himself" would show up on your site. Do you have some sort of hidden site that I'm not aware of?

Posted by: Chad Evans on November 3, 2004 07:26 PM

No comment.

Posted by: Digger on November 3, 2004 09:44 PM

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