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Illegal Aliens And Immigration Reform Report #2

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These are some of the latest stories breaking regarding immigration reform, solutions to the problem and active immigration reforms from across the nation.

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Michael Williams at Master of None follows the money trail.

Whenever something shady is going on that no one seems to like, just follow the money to see who's profiting. In the case of illegal immigration, look no farther than the banking industry -- they're making a killing opening accounts for illegal aliens using the Mexican matricula consular card.

Michael goes pretty in depth investigating not only how the banking industry is making money off illegal aliens, but which companies are supporting MALDEF, a group that actively fights against immigration reform and wants illegal aliens to continue to stream across our borders uninhibited.

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Lonewacko looks into how the ACLU is suing for access to records of sweeps in Temecula, California that arrested more than 400 illegal aliens last summer.

In June, a small group of Temecula-based Border Patrol agents set off a panic among immigrants by beginning to patrol and arrest people in cities far north of the border, including Corona and Ontario.
Set off a panic indeed, but not in the legal immigrant community. It set off a panic in the illegal alien community that once further away from the border felt secure that they had made it into the country and wouldn't be found. I mentioned the Temecula sweeps in my last immigration report.

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The Education Wonks has an excellent piece on immigration reform.

According to the United States Department of Justice, there were a total of 7.0 million persons residing illegally in the United States as of January 2000. The January 2003 Executive Summary of a study by the Immigration and Naturalization Service shows that as of 2000, 69% of all persons residing illegally in the United States are from Mexico. Further, the following countries are identified as having 100,000 or more of their nationals living illegally within the United States.


Clearly, there is an emergency situation that needs to be addressed. Not only do we need to be worried about the ramifications of greatly increased economically-driven illegal immigration, but in this post 9-11 world, there is a genuine danger that the next terrorist attack may begin with an infiltration of our vulnerable (especially southern) borders.

This is such a great piece you just need to go read it. The excerpts above just cannot possibly cover all that is in the story and the great writing of EdWonk who lives right on the southern border.

* * *

Absinthe & Cookies pointed me to this article written by William William F. Buckley that covers immigration reform.

The new intelligence law, courtesy of 9/11, is mystifying because it does not face directly what is the most prominent threat to homeland security. It is: inimical action by non-Americans. All the people who participated in 9/11 were foreigners, here under various auspices. And yet the bill that has evolved from the findings of the 9/11 commission reads like an elocutionary exercise by a national committee to avoid saying anything unpleasant about unpleasant people born abroad.


The immigration problem is the primary unmet challenge of modern times. It is so because the whole of our political establishment cringes at any suggestion that the United States is inhospitable to immigration. We do have laws on the books, but they are apparently made for the sole purpose of flouting them....

We have the piquant problem of what to do with illegals. It approaches the problem of what to do with drinkers during Prohibition. You couldn't put them all in jail because there weren't enough jails.

An excellent and concise article. Go read it.

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That covers this edition of Illegal Aliens And Immigration Reform Report. Make sure you bookmark Diggers Realm as we cover illegal aliens and immigration reform on a regular basis and not just in these reports.

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