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Illegal Aliens And Immigration Reform Report #3

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These are some of the latest stories breaking regarding immigration reform, solutions to the problem, active immigration reforms and outrages from across the nation.

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President Bush continues to piss off those of us -- and the majority of the nation that want true immigration reform -- by his continued stance on the guest worker program he's put forward. The program is a basic amnesty in most peoples opinion and he's going to face a very tough fight from Republicans in congress on the issue. With all the other things that President Bush has on his plate for his second term this issue, which was promised to be the first brought forth by congress in the new session, could really show us how much support he'll get on all the reforms he wants to complete in his second terms.

Yahoo/AP (via The Moderate Voice and Say Anything)

President Bush faces a major rebellion within his own party if he follows through on a promise to push legislation that would offer millions of illegal immigrants a path to U.S. citizenship.

The chance seems slim for finding common ground between those in favor of liberalized immigration laws -- Bush, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for example -- and those who want fewer immigrants, tougher border controls and harsher penalties.

Let me stop here and point out that the majority of us who support reform want fewer illegal aliens not fewer immigrants as the article states. Wanting people here legally, who are not criminals, have been checked out and do not have terrorist ties is not an anti immigrant stance. I believe we do need to put caps on the amount we allow in each year as to not flood our lower paying job workforce with so much manpower it is impossible to find a job.
"In our party, this is a deep division that is growing deeper every minute," says Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. He heads a group of 70 lawmakers who are against easing immigration laws.

Tancredo said Bush's guest-worker proposal is "a pig with lipstick" and will not pass.


An estimated 10 million immigrants live in the United States illegally; the vast majority are from Mexico, with an additional million arriving every year.

Estimates are that three million may cross our borders this year because of the chance for an amnesty program being put in place by the President. This has increased border hoping and illegal aliens making the trek.

For more from Congressman Tom Tancredo see my entry from Dec. 14 entitled "Congressman Tom Tancredo Has Some Questions For President Bush On His Immigration Stance".

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From Los Angeles we have the story of a sheriffs group joining other law enforcement agencies urging the boycotting of Mexican products, vacations and services until Mexico agrees to extradite fugitives hiding out in the country.

Free Republic

The association president says residents in Mexico don't want the suspected killers in their neighborhoods.

The boycott movement began after the April 2002 killing of a Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy while he was on patrol in the town of Irwindale.

The suspect fled to Mexico.

Mexico refuses to extradite suspects facing the death penalty or life in prison without parole

There are a ton of other countries -- notably France -- that refuse to extradite fugitives as well.

* * *

Senator John McCain and Senator Edward Kennedy have teamed up to put together a bill for the new session of congress regarding immigration reform. It seems they are trying to get something together quickly before the Republicans against illegal aliens can put a real bill that will work and make its way through congress successfully.

The Arizona Republic (via Lonewacko)

... many Democrats remain skeptical about Bush's vision for a new guest worker plan that may or may not lead to permanent legal status for the millions of undocumented workers in the United States. They argue that few would come forward to register for temporary labor cards or visas, if only to risk losing them after three years.

At the same time, immigrant advocate groups say they will not be satisfied unless any immigration reform includes a way undocumented workers could earn permanent legal status, an area in which they say Bush falls short.

"We are going to continue to push for a path for permanent residency," said Michele Waslin, director of immigration policy at the National Council of La Raza.


In the just-completed Congress, McCain joined fellow Arizona Republican Reps. Jim Kolbe and Jeff Flake in sponsoring legislation that would grant a path to citizenship to qualified undocumented workers.

Kennedy also favors granting legal status - and eventually, citizenship - to undocumented workers who already have been in the country for several years, have jobs and pay taxes. His past bills also called for expediting citizenship for the spouses and children of undocumented immigrants.

Yeah, lets reward them for successfully avoiding law enforcement and fraudulently working in the country.

Senator John McCain was also against Proposition 200 in Arizona, which requires proof of legal status to receive welfare, vote, get a drivers license and receive other government services. How can you call yourself for immigration reform when you oppose enforcing it?

For more on Proposition 200 see my entries "Dec. 29 - Proposition 200 Given Full Go Ahead In Arizona" and "Nov. 3 - The Election And Immigration Reform"

* * *

Michelle Malkin has here new column up entitled "HOMELAND INSECURITY: THE YEAR IN REVIEW".

In it she covers the major failures this year of our country in immigration enforcement and the growing problems we face.

Here's an excerpt.

Jewish World Review (via Michelle Malkin)

The savage El Salvador-based gang, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), has now penetrated more than a dozen states. In May, a Fairfax, Va., teenager had his fingers chopped off in an MS-13 machete attack. In November, Washington, D.C.-area police received warning that MS-13 is plotting to ambush and kill them when they respond to service calls. Active in alien, drug and weapons smuggling, MS-13 members in America have been tied to numerous killings, robberies, carjackings, extortions, and rapes. The gang has also been linked to efforts to help al Qaeda infiltrate the U.S.-Mexico border.


In April, a suspected al Qaeda agent arrested in Queens, N.Y., revealed a scheme to smuggle terrorists across the U.S.-Mexico border.


The year ended as it began, with President Bush dangling his abominable proposal to grant a mass governmental pardon to millions of illegal alien workers and their employers.

Go read the whole article at the link above.

For more on Mara Salvatrucha see my entries Sep. 28 - al-Qaeda Operative Enlisting Help Of Violent El Salvador Gang Leader and Dec. 13 - Illegal Alien With Al-Qaeda Ties And Mara Salvatrucha Gang Member Caught At Southern Border.

* * *

From Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN we have this transcript of the show which focuses on why so many are fleeing to America and why Mexico is doing nothing about it. Lou Dobbs (via Lonewacko)

DOBBS: Tonight, an estimated 15 million illegal aliens live in this country, at least half of them from Mexico. Many are here because they chose to flee crushing poverty in Mexico.

But, in point of fact, Mexico is one of the richest countries in Latin America, amongst -- the millionaires, billionaires and its wealth concentrated in the hands of very few.

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): They sneak across the border seeking jobs they can't find in Mexico. The question isn't why they come, it's why can't Mexico's economy support its own people.

Nearly half of Mexico's population lives in poverty. Ten percent are indigent, existing on a dollar a day. Yet the nation has vast wealth. Mexico has more "Forbes" billionaires, 11, than all but eight other nations. It has more billionaires than Saudi Arabia, Switzerland or Taiwan. It also has more than 85,000 millionaires.

GEORGE W. GRAYSON, COLLEGE OF WILLIAM & MARY: There is a small economic elite who live like maharajas, and there's a political elite that protects them. Our border provides an escape valve which really lets the Mexican political and economic elite off the hook in terms of providing opportunities for their own people.

WIAN (on camera): About 10 percent of Mexico's 105 million people live here in the United States. They're called national heroes by President Vicente Fox because this year they'll send home about $16 billion, more than any Mexican industry except oil.

(voice-over): The country sits on oil reserves worth about $400 billion, but Mexico's state-owned oil company, Pemex, doesn't have the investment funds to tap those reserves, and Mexico's Congress refuses to allow foreign investment in Pemex.

It's really sad that their own people don't care about them and force them to leave their homeland rather than to build it into a economic powerhouse that can support all of its people. A handful of greedy Mexicans are forcing their brothers and sisters to risk death and criminal prosecution in order to have them send home billions of dollars that will surely just end up in the already rich of the country. If the same was happening in America there would be massive revolts and that is what Mexico is avoiding by encouraging their people to flee to the north rather than revolt against an oppressive, corrupt government.

By comparison look at the Philippines. The people could only take so much and not having anywhere to directly flee to ousted the Marcos regime. I have a feeling the same would happen if Mexicans didn't have a direct land route to a potential life without their corruption and oppression.

* * *

They're not even in the country legally yet they want in-state tuition rates for college. The fight goes on over this unfair practice that punishes legal citizens of the U.S. who would like to attend college, but can't afford it.

In Boston a bill has been reintroduced to allow illegal alien's that have managed to avoid capture, broken our laws and put their kids through at least 3 years of ducking and hiding through our educational high school system, in-state tuition rates.

South Coast Today (via LW)

Legislators have reintroduced a bill that would allow the children of undocumented immigrants to attend state colleges and pay regular tuition.

In June, Gov. Mitt Romney vetoed the legislation, known as the In-State Tuition Bill. This month, Rep. Marie St. Fleur, D-Suffolk, and Sen. Jarrett Barrios, D-Cambridge, re-introduced the bill.

Immigrant students gathered at the Statehouse recently to support the bill.

The proposed legislation would allow the children of undocumented immigrants, who have attended state high schools for at least three years and graduated, to attend state public colleges and pay the in-state tuition.

Children of undocumented immigrants are currently forced to pay out-of-state tuition when they try to attend public colleges and universities.

Undocumented immigrants. How about using the true term of illegal aliens? Here's what's wrong with our law enforcement system, you've got illegals standing around in groups protesting and hanging out and no one shows up to arrest them all. Ridiculous.

* * *

What would happen if someone on the board of education proposed to have the facts on the costs of illegal immigration to our society taught in classrooms when immigration is discussed? Well to find out we head to Kansas where Board Member Connie Morris did just that.

Kansas City Star

A state Board of Education member says students studying immigration should learn about the effect illegal immigrants have on crime rates, education costs and language barriers.

Connie Morris, no stranger to criticism for her opposition to state-funded education for the children of illegal immigrants, says proposed curriculum on immigration should include study of possible drawbacks of illegal immigration.

"It's facts; it's history," Morris said. "Our children should not be subjected to inaccurate, one-sided dogma."

Morris was responding to proposed additions to state social science standards. Earlier this month, the state board adopted one of her suggestions on lessons regarding illegal immigrants, but it toned down her language, removing negative connotations.

"It's typical Connie Morris," said John Martellaro, board president of Kansas Families United for Public Education, "using the education of our children to grind her personal ideological ax."

Elias Garcia, executive director of the Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission, called Morris' recommendations "unfortunate" and "negative" and said they unfairly singled out Hispanics.

"They're divisive subjects," Garcia said. "It imposes a sense of superiority from one class to another. It pits one group against another."

Morris was elected to the state board in November 2002, while criticizing rules that let illegal immigrants study in public schools as a drain on public funds.

She also said that limited English-language instruction for non-English speakers ought to end after a year, with students placed in mainstream classes after that, regardless of their level of preparation.

Well John Martellaro, you asshat, isn't omitting potential negatives of illegal immigration "grinding your personal ideological ax" by not presenting a full picture of immigration? Not presenting all the facts on something when teaching it is just as slanted as presenting only one side to a story.

How about we teach about investing in Futures, showing only the great return potential and not mentioning that it is highly risky investment where you could potentially lose all your money?

They play the race card instantly of course. The fact of the matter is that Connie Morris is simply an American who wants those coming here to fit into society, embrace our culture and society so that they have the best chance when they get out of school.

As the last sentence in the excerpt above states, she wants the school system to help the child, but if the child isn't willing to put forth the effort then there is no sense in continuing to drain funds.

Lonewacko has done some digging on who these people that are speaking out against Connie Morris. First he found who is funding John Martellaro's group Kansas Families United for Public Education, which is a Political Action Commitee (PAC). You can see for yourself here.

The second thing he found is another statement by this race card playing Elias Garcia. At a protest in Kansas for illegal alien drivers licenses Mr. Garcia said the following:

"Hispanics are doing the Lord's work -- we're populating this earth, basically," said Elias Garcia, executive director of the Kansas Advisory Commission on Hispanic Affairs. "Quite bluntly, let me say that we're not going anywhere. This is our home."
We shall see Mr. Garcia, we shall see. The majority of Americans are sick of illegal aliens and it's only a matter of time before they get fed up enough to throw your asses out.

I dug up a little more on Mr. Garcia. From the Garden City Telegram we find out a little about his background.

"How the heck are we going to know in Topeka what the issues are," Garcia said. "We have to go out and learn what they are, then be sure that the Latino Hispanic community has one plan at the state level so that we can be one body, one voice. It will give us more power."

"Then we can structure what our agenda will be. As one body, one voice we have more power," he said. "If we work separately, we'll be in the same place 20 years from now."

The son of undocumented migrant workers, Garcia's childhood was spent picking apples, melons and potatoes. He said he didn't learn English until he was in kindergarten.

He's obviously talking about illegal aliens. Hispanics that are here legally in the United States often hold good jobs and have homes. They have no need to be singled out as a group for causes because they are succeeding and are a part of our society.

The Morning Sun covered the rally back in January 2004 for an illegal alien drivers license bill where his "populating the Earth" statement was said.

The bill would create a new "temporary" residence license and eliminate a prohibition in Kansas law against issuing a license to anyone "not lawfully present in the United States."
Why should any type of license be given to anyone not in our country lawfully. What idiot would rationalize giving a foreign criminal identification? Well apparently Mr. Garcia would.
Topeka resident Paul Degener expressed frustration that the state provides an education to the children of illegal immigrants and medical care in hospital emergency rooms.

"It bothers me that I have to obey the law, but we are ignoring and in fact rewarding illegal aliens," he said. "Why are we not requiring these folks to abide by the law?"

Amen, brother Degener. Amen.

* * *

Homeland Security failures are reported by the former inspector general for the DHS.

USA Today (via LW)

The government agency responsible for protecting the nation against terrorist attack is a dysfunctional, poorly managed bureaucracy that has failed to plug serious holes in the nation's safety net, the Department of Homeland Security's former internal watchdog warns.

Clark Kent Ervin, who served as the department's inspector general until earlier this month, said in an interview last week that airport security isn't tight enough and that little has been done to safeguard other forms of mass transit. Ervin said ports remain vulnerable to terrorists trying to smuggle weapons into the country. He added that immigration and customs investigators are hampered in their efforts to track down illegal immigrants because they often lack gas money for their cars.


Government watchdog groups complained when Ervin had to go. "Homeland Security Superman Canned," read the headline on a press release from the non-profit Project on Government Oversight.

Sheesh, couldn't afford gas for their cars. What's the budget for the Department of Homeland Security again? Oh that's right it's an illegal alien thing, so it's not important to fund that part since all illegal aliens are fuzzy, helpful individuals just looking for a job picking grapes for 35 cents a day.

One of the things Ervin uncovered was

The TSA spent nearly $500,000 on an awards banquet for employees in November 2003. The cost included $1,500 for three cheese displays and $3.75 for each soft drink.
Wow!, that's a helluva lotta gas that could have been bought!

* * *

For more stories see Illegal Aliens And Immigration Reform Report #2

That covers this edition of Illegal Aliens And Immigration Reform Report. Make sure you bookmark Diggers Realm as we cover illegal aliens and immigration reform on a regular basis and not just in these reports.

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Yeah, we tried a "guest worker" program before in the 40s and 50s. It was called the "Bracero Program." It didn't work then, either. The Braceros in fact were the first wave of illegals from Mexico. "Guest Worker" programs have also failed miserably in Europe too. I would like someone to give a good example of a "Guest Worker" program that has worked.

Since neither political party will address the issue of run-away illegal immigration, the great majority of the country that is interested in securing our borders from illegal infiltration are basically screwed.

I live near the southern border, and see the results of the governments failed border-enforcement policy everyday.

Posted by: EdWonk on December 30, 2004 11:06 AM

Don't be so ignorant EdWonk. The need for "guest workers" was really just a dressed up version of slaverly. Many people were treated as animals only because they wanted to work to overcome and better themselves. If the government moderately embraced the undocumented individuals of this country by analyzing their background and merits, the country would be better off in that it would allow upright human beings to positively contribute to our society, rather than degrade it as so many narrow minded people preach.

Posted by: OmnipotentBlight on March 14, 2005 08:59 PM

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