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Farmers Branch, Texas Unanimously Passes Immigration Measures

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Another American town has passed legislation against illegal foreign nationals that have been invading our country unhindered. Farmers Branch, Texas passed several measures by a unanimous decision of the City Council.

The measures include apartment renters providing proof of citizenship or residency and making English the city's official language. In addition it lets police apply to participate in a federal program that would enable them to check the residency status of suspects in custody and initiate deportation proceedings in certain cases.

The English as official language measure does not restrict businesses or individuals from using other languages, but does mean the city will stop the practice of printing official documents in languages other than English, thus putting the translation responsibility on the individual, as it should be.

The renter measure, which will go into effect January 12, 2007, imposes a daily fine of $500 on violators.

Cookie Cutter American Flags Were Handed Out
The whole passing of the measures was protested by illegal aliens and their supporters arguing that these measures were targeting Hispanics, but ignoring the fact that Hispanics legally here wouldn't be affected except in the case of those who have not learned English and will now require a little help, just like every other immigrant to this country in the past.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Texas are already examining the language of the measures and I assume will file a lawsuit as they always seem to do with the wants of the American people to have a lawful city and nation.

Dallas Morning News

"Tomorrow in the courts. I'm winning tomorrow," said Jorge Rivera, an Irving community activist. When he addressed the crowd after the decision, he said in Spanish, "Don't worry, we are going to win."

I kind of wonder who the "we" is he is addressing. Is it the illegal alien "we" or the Hispanic "we"? Either way it's obviously not the American "we".

Luis Figueroa, legislative staff attorney for MALDEF, said he, too, was disappointed.

"Farmers Branch will likely feel the negative effects of this measure in its economy, as well as with increased racial tensions," he said.

Sounds like a threat to me. "If you pass restrictions on illegal aliens, we will riot". I've been hearing these threats for years and years and sometimes I wish they would just riot and get it over with. Who do you think will win in the end, the rioting of some radical Hispanics and illegal aliens, or the full weight of the United States and American people? I'd bet on the latter.

Your threats hold no water anymore MALDEF, LULAC, MeCHA, La Raza or any other racist groups you've organized yourself into this week. All Americans will win in the end, including those who you claim we hate, the Hispanic American citizens and legal residents of this country.

Outside, nearly two hours before the meeting, dozens of protesters stood outside waving American flags and chanting, "People united will never be divided," and "What do we want? Justice. When? Now."

They bore signs asking, "Mr. O'Hare, What would Jesus do?" and saying, "In God We Trust, O'Hare is unjust."


During the meeting, a flurry of shouting matches periodically erupted outside, the two sides separated by a few feet and exchanging slogans and accusations of racism.


As members of Hispanic and civil rights groups led their followers in chants of "We are Americans," one woman shouted back, "No you're not."

Chants of "U.S.A." by opponents of the proposals were met by shouts of "Enforce the law" by a small group of supporters.

"We understand we have some big problems. We don't support illegal immigration," said Luis de la Garza, a Farmers Branch resident and secretary for foreign relations for LULAC's national organization.

You have got to be kidding me. LULAC doesn't support illegal aliens? Somebody ought to tell that to Joe May the former two term President of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) and trustee of the Dallas Independent School District, who just this past February tried to sanction hiring illegal aliens as teachers. Don't believe the BS.

The City Council did discuss cracking down on businesses that hire illegal aliens and on social services that illegal aliens and their children receive, but decided not to impose a measure on these at this time. While that is disappointing, drafting an ironclad measure that would withstand the massive amount of lawsuits filed by traitorous organizations that support illegal aliens takes more than an evening.

We here at The Realm hope they get to work on putting something solid together on sanctioning businesses and putting it through, because that would have the most dramatic effect on reducing illegal immigration. No job and no services means no reason to come. They certainly aren't coming for the American culture and freedom because they are trying so hard at every turn to defeat those two things.

Immigration Watchdog's

Click here to contact members Of The Farmers Branch City Council Especially Tim O'Hara and thank them for passing these anti illegal immigration measures. More patriots to salute.

I would also encourage everyone to write an email to City Manager Linda Groomer at: linda.groomer@farmersbranch.info and tell her that you support the O'Hare Proposal. You can also show your support by giving a donation or buying a bumper sticker at www.supportfarmersbranch.com Let your voice be heard!

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Posted by Digger on November 14, 2006 05:05 PM (Permalink)

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Ya know, looking at your picture and the caption- I just wonder what the area looked like when they got done.

I'd almost bet money that most of those flags were on the ground like trash.

Posted by: Kurt P on November 15, 2006 03:30 AM

I wouldn't be surprised either. After the Marches earlier this year with tons of backlash at the flying of the Mexican flag, the leaders of these groups have made sure there are plenty of American flags on hand to make sure that any pictures don't make them look like the foreign invaders that they are.

These people don't care about America, they care about the free money and services we provide them and the green they can send back home. If they can somehow destabalize America in the process and give Mexico a foothold in the Southern United States making things easier on them, then it's all the better in their opinion.

Posted by: Digger on November 15, 2006 12:19 PM

Hey digger -- did you know that the Farmers Branch city council tabled a measure to require businesses to do the same thing they will force landlords to do?

Now that's some mean city councilin' I tell you what!

These people on Farmers Branch city council "don't care about America." Damn skippy.

Posted by: Michelle on December 21, 2006 03:12 AM

The Farmers Branch City Council is doing nothing more than asking the judicial system to enforce the laws. When a person crosses the borders of the United States or any other country illegally, the become a criminal. When anyone gives these criminals a job, rents them a house or helps them in any way, they are breaking the laws of this country. Aiding and abedding a criminal is a crime and the FB City Council is just bringing that to light.

Posted by: James Smith on December 23, 2006 03:29 PM

I applaud all voters and it's about time something started moving on ILLEGAL immigration. I find it interesting that they use the "RACE" card and the "WE" hate...So the ILLEGALS threaten riots, and work slow downs, and have MORE and MORE babies that are made in Mexico and delivered in the US and that makes them citizens??? if your an illegal, then your kids are TOO!!! Maybe you should take the hard way out and FIX your own country, and if you still want to come here...do it LEGALLY, and you may find open arms from Americans.

They say they are afraid to be known as being here illeally, but I see their faces on tv every night, and they do rallies...good time for the immigration people to be working overtime. And the church's are doing santuaries to try and get us to break our own laws.

In in 1986, U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed the landmark immigration reform bill, the first U.S. immigration law authorizing penalties for employers who hire illegal aliens. And yet, here we are 21 years later debating the issue.

And lately on the news...I have seen people bragging about being here ILLEGALLY for 20-30 years. So they think that makes them citizans because they were about to stay under the wire of deportation.

I love the phrase, "We are doing jobs that no American wants to do" Well, let me tell you! My husband and his crew went into work one day...(he was head of the maintenance dept. for 2 years) and they were told they were let go..and the next day all NON-SPEAKING ENGLISH Hispanics were hired. So, I guess that means our family didn't want to eat, pay rent or survive.

And to try and change our Anthem!!!!!!! that was the last straw for me! If I tried to change the Mexico anthem there would be rioting from them! and to spend so much time here illegally and still not speak the language and have the audacity to say this county should HAVE to speak SPANISH!!

I could go on, just from what's going on in my town and how they send their money to Mexico, you should see the lines, while they make more babies, put 10 -15 families in one house...stand on corners in large groups, yelling at me when I walk past, driving without licenses, paying no insurance, getting drunk and killing people..THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!!!!!! and you bleeding hearts out there....you may be safe in your job and no one will hire and illegal to replace you, but the rest of us aren't! we have to walk past these groups, we have to deal with it daily...get your act together and if your so sypamthic to their cause...go to Mexico and change their culture and make it a better place for them in their own country. But considering what goes on there, I don't expect to hear from you again....AMEN, Brother, AMEN

Posted by: Jody on May 13, 2007 10:52 AM

I applaud Tim O'Hare for pushing this vote, and I applaud the voters for passing it. I find it interesting that people from the government were sent to be sure that the SPANISH people were not HARRASSED in voting. Another good reason for this. Were they legal or illegals that voted.

It's time to stop the insanity! When an illegal has more rights, and gets more help then I can, and I am disabled and in my 60's, was born and raised in this country and can follow my line back to the American Revolution, then it's time to stop this crap!

And don't give me the crap about the elderly..the children and the like...they are sending enough money to Mexico let them now go home and live on it.

There was a Senator, I wish I could remember his name, that suggested that the money we send to Mexico, should have deductions for illegals who use our hospitals, welfare and other stuff they don't pay for, and that's all the more money that stays in this county.

Mr. O'Hare, find out who this Senator was and team up...you two would make awesome adversaries against the illegal population and my money is on you two.

Posted by: Daniel on May 13, 2007 11:10 AM

What the FB city council is accomplishing is what the majority of Americans want. I encourage any of you to watch Immigration by the Numbers.


Stopping Illegal Immigration is not about hate, racism, or Anti Immigration. Write your representative and tell them you do not agree with amnesty for illegal immigrants whatsoever.

Posted by: Eric on May 13, 2007 01:10 PM

I, too, like millions of people around the world want
legal immigration for every Country. It happens all over the world, not only in California and/or Texas.
Any drastic reform will have bad repercussions in the future. We have nutured over the years, especially, in California and Texas, cheap labor from Mexico. The borders were basically open to anyone willing to come to the United States and do the work, we, as American
felt was beneath us; so Americans preferred to go on welfare instead to do the work they felt was Mexican labor. We encouraged them over the years to do what they are still doing now. Who is to blame?
On the humanitarian side, who would blame anyone who crosses illegally a border in order to save their own or a relative's life? Do you?
I do not know the solution to this problem but, be aware of the zealous type who thinks he can eradicate
this problem overnight! Mr. O'hare should go back to Ireland to solve his Ancesters Country problems which have been going on for Centuries instead, to be adamant in solving our border problem overnight!

Posted by: Michel Meyer on May 13, 2007 09:53 PM

Although i do agree in part with Michel Meyer, I don't believe that being negative back to Mr. O'hare is going to help in any way. What most people think is that people are here undocumented because they are to lazy to seek a legal venue. Many don't realize that legal venues are almost non-existent and the work program that is in effect in the United States has the worker being almost like a slave to the employer. Also, What most people don't realize is that the actions of the United States on the rest of the world are now having repercussions here in the United States. For those who are familiar with Latin American history, they will know that the U.S. is one of the Imperial powers that drained the wealth and natural resources from these countries. That the US was responsible for placing in power many dictators in Central America that caused great number of deaths but always for the benefit and profit of the American companies located in these areas. Many people are quick to voice their opinion but are ignorant on the facts. People are ignorant on the great fault the US itself has in the migration of many people here.

Posted by: angie on May 14, 2007 12:58 PM

Your right Angie. These people who say that they follow the law and support the law. Never realized that American has broken many laws in other countries. Digger never responded how sad...

Posted by: rude on May 16, 2007 12:14 PM

I don't respond to trolls. Sorry.

As far as the US being able to set any immigration levels it wants to, they have that right. If they want to set the legal level to 0 they have that right. If they decide they want to shoot invaders, they have that right as a nation to defend itself as well.

You want to hate America for perceived evils, you have that right as well. But don't try to guilt trip some amnesty for illegal aliens or increased immigration numbers out of me. You won't get any sympathy.

We owe you nothing. I love the entitlement sentiment coming from the pro illegal lobby though.

Posted by: Digger on May 16, 2007 12:53 PM

Well, Digger from your previous comments I can tell that you are ignorant on American history, stats and current affairs in the United States regarding UNDOCUMENTED people, and I say UNDOCUMENTED people because no person is an illegal person we are all human beings. My family immigrated here years ago, and for you to say that we don't care about America is an insult after the sacrifices we have made for this country. I have family that was sent to Iraq after the 9/11 bombing. There are people of all hispanic countries enlisting to go to the war because they are so grateful for all that they have been able to accomplish her in the U.S. Most anti-immigrant groups tend to highlight the negative, and yes I admit there are negative aspects of immigration but people tend to ignore the positive. Social Security benefits that are paid for will never be claimed by those that are here undocumented and will leave more revenues to be distributed among those that do take advantage of it. And I have taken a look at the report The dark side of illegal immigrants, the lack of sources and inadequate documentation makes it mere speculation. OH and by the way...
Although most people think that those that attend the marches are the UNDOCUMENTED, the fact of the matter is that citizens like myself are the ones that make up most of the population present at those marches.

Posted by: Angie on May 21, 2007 11:45 AM

By the way looking at the sources you have they are outdated and biased making your report more of a persuasive essay than an actual report.

Posted by: Angie on May 21, 2007 11:51 AM

There are people of all hispanic countries enlisting to go to the war ...

Thanks for bringing race into the argument. Also thanks for bringing military service into the argument as well. I am Italian/Irish, but all American. And guess what? If you're an illegal alien from Italy or Ireland, go back home, we don't want you here! I also am a vet, as was my mother, father, brother-in-law and half-brother. Don't try and play the military argument with me it won't work. There are plenty of people from other countries in the US military. For instance Filipinos. You know what though, they did it the legal way!

Apply the legal way!

Angie, people like yourself always immediately try to turn this into a race issue and it's simply not the case. Of course you'll never believe that, but that's the truth. You seem to think it's all about "the brown people" (like my wife for instance, who happens to be brown). It's a straw man argument because it is all you have. My wife would throw all of the illegal aliens out of this country if she had the chance and she's not even a US citizen. You know why, because she's legal.

The reason only the negative gets presented is because they are illegal. There's an old saying about "Mussolini making the trains run on time" as if that is a good enough reason to excuse all the bad he did. When you are a criminal don't cry when people point out all the bad you do even if you do a little good.

And they are illegal. Read a few historical documents from the United States and you'll realize that the proper legal term is alien, both illegal and legal. Your trying to confuse the issue with you and your illlegal alien friends lame cry of "no human is illegal" does not hide the fact that they are criminals who broke federal laws of the United States.

Posted by: Digger on May 21, 2007 11:53 PM

I am a native Texan with a master’s degree in information systems. My family has fought in all the wars our country has been in, and we are getting ready to send my 19 year old nephew to Iraq. More of my family's blood has been spilt in defense of this nation then the average American citizen. We are proud of our nation, and we believe in the American ideology. I support obeying the laws of the land and I do not support the idea of illegal aliens. There is a citizenship process in place and it should be followed. All my children are of Hispanic decent, and I am educating them to believe in God, family, country, and to stay away from alcohol and drugs. I am teaching them to be strong, and they are. Our population will soon out number all else in Texas. For every 1-2 kids other races average, we are averaging 4-5. I have 5 children. I am not on welfare, never have been. I do not stuff my family in a small home. I am a great provider and we live in a nice home. I take care of my family. I am self sufficient. Soon my race will outnumber. When I was in college, I worked in many nursing homes. It was nice to see that there were no Hispanic people in them, yet sad to see so many other races giving up on their parents. My family owns several restaurants(40) that I have seen many of you people support. It is an awesome thing to see how our traditions help you get past your daily stresses. I have seen many people come in and enjoy themselves drinking at my Mexican restaurants, eating my ethnic food. They are upscale and renowned. We have been listed in your magazines as best places to see, we were even in the New York Times as a must see. These are serious problems we have, but why divide them by race? Hispanics are hard workers. I will teach my children to help all people, but especially be proud of their heritage and support it. My family has been in this country longer than most. My wife has an English/German ancestry. She had a child previous to our marriage. The dead beat father is white. His loss has been my joy. I am raising her now. She knows Spanish and loves Mexican food. I will teach her about my heritage. My families are not illegal, but we are Americans with Mexican ancestry. I call myself Mexican-American. My family is proud. My white brother in lawyer was instrumental in putting the restraining order on Tim O'Hare's plan. I laughed when I got word Mr O'Hares plan would not be allowed. The restraingin order was great. Tim O'Hare is a racist, and although I believe what he is trying to do with getting the laws of the land upheld is right, I believe his intentions are wrong. He is a racist like many of you, and I cannot agree with him because of this. He has made several comments that have exposed him. So, I will continue to support my heritage and teach my children to be strong and one day they will be leaders in this country. They will remember their heritage, and I will do everything in my power to support my heritage. This country is the greatest nation ever. If you want to divide,do, but it will only cause the tensions to increase. This isn't the solution. Although, my great grandparents might have been field workers, they worked hard. A few generations later, I am running the technology for one of the nation’s largest transportation companies, and civil engineering firms doing business globally. I am very young. Imagine how much my hard work and support will pay off. What will my children be? We are already owners in the major leagues, what’s next for Hispanics? I promise you this. Our children will not be mowing the grass and pouring your concrete in the future.

Posted by: Proud American on May 22, 2007 03:22 PM

Well it was not my intention to bring up the race argument, that comment is only highlighting the fact that the majority of undocumented people are of Hispanic decent. Legal terms are not important to me what matters is the intention behind them. Military service is only one of the many fields that the Hispanic population here in the United States has incorporated itself into. Assimilating to many of the restrictions that America puts on its foreign people whether legal or illegal. And don't try to talk to me about doing things the legal way. I know the immigration laws of this country and doing things the legal way is next to impossible. You are fortunate to be able to boast American Citizenship and your family is lucky to have made the decision to come to the U.S. when their laws were not as strict. Negative press is what you are trying to do with your confusing figures.

Posted by: Angie on May 22, 2007 11:34 PM

EXCUSE ME Angie? No human is illegal? Well then why does Mexico have immigration laws and so does EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. The reason is - there is a limit to how many people a country should take in. Furthermore, every country in the world who allows immigration decides what kind of people they will let in and most of them don't let in low income people or those who will take out more than they will contribute. That is what the current crop of illegals are - TAKERS. They think it is their RIGHT to come here and sponge of the taxpayers and judging by your SELF RIGHTEOUS damn posts I can tell you are one of those types who think we owe the world everything because we are a successful and prosperous country. Take your COMMUNIST CRAP somewhere else!

Posted by: Ruthiness on May 23, 2007 12:55 AM

angie said "And don't try to talk to me about doing things the legal way. I know the immigration laws of this country and doing things the legal way is next to impossible."

Well guess what! They are designed that way ON PURPOSE! We don't want just anyone - we want people who will come here to assimilate into OUR culture and improve OUR country and not take take take while they get paid under the table and send half their cash home to Mexico -which is the country they are loyal to while they take OUR food stamps and educate their children FOR FREE in OUR schools at OUR expense! If illegal aliens don't like the way they are treated here they are free to GO HOME! They cannot claim "civil rights" like black slaves because there is ONE BIG DIFFERENCE - they are not held here against their will! So go the hell home if you don't like how you are treated here. We will be happy to help you find your way OUT! We don't want millions of Spanish speaking lowlifes living in our communities. Mexicans are for the most part, a scourge in our society. They are uneducated, they disrespect our laws, our flag, our people - they are arrogant and demanding scumbags and we WANT THEM OUT!

Posted by: Ruthiness on May 23, 2007 01:00 AM

Proud American -you laugh while your brother-in-law stops the will of the people of Farmer's Branch? The people will get the last laugh. By stopping it you only force the people to channel their anger in other ways. They will not be stopped and Americans have had enough of the free-loading illegals.

ProudAmerican - YOU are the racist as you see a browning of America and that your "race" is going to overtake the whites. You are doing it like RATS by breeding but you are breeding uneducated curs that don't value education and that will not get you very far. By supporting a reconquista, you fuel the race war. And there will be a race war. It is people like you who push us ever closer to it. Stay in your own damn countries and improve your life THERE. Don't come into OUR country that we built and try to take it from us. WE WILL PREVAIL as we ALWAYS HAVE.

Posted by: Ruthiness on May 23, 2007 01:08 AM

well Ruthiness you missed the point on the whole 'no human is illegal' and I don't wish to explain it to you. And yes you are right Mexico has immigration laws. Laws that are considered laxed compared to the ones here in the United States. And yes there is a limit as to how many people a country can take in but why give immigrants the impression that they are needed here for their hard work and labor but that they are not worthy enough to be considered part of this society. And you call them takers, what then would you call the American who would only take advantage of their hard work paying them low wages. Or what would you call our American government when it is only interested in their money, which is seen when it comes to filling out income taxes. The IRS turns a blind eye to the fact that many of the returns and payments it receives are from undocumented immigrants. That would be hipocracy wouldn't you say. And you may say that they have to pay for all the benefits they receive from this country. There are no benefits to be had here. Undocumented immigrants can't apply for the social services that you mention. And guess what the schools want the students to go to school whether undocumented or not citizen or not. And guess what we live in a global society where every country is dependent on several others. We as a country can not stand alone and survive and if your don't believe me go educate yourself.

Funny you should mention communism because the United States overthrew many governments saying that they were communist. I am not surprised that the mentality of anti-communism still exist and again I reiterate go educate yourself on the history of this country in relation to others and realize the atrocities that our country has committed against others, realize that the NAFTA agreement destroyed many economies and that the consequences of that are now being seen with the increased migration of many people to the United States. It is obvious to me that you are not educated enough to know about or that you choose to ignore the flaws of this country. We as Americans can not stand by without doing anything because we are convinced that our country is right and that it is the best. We can not allow injustice. If you wish to remain blind to the faults of your own government that is your problem but you will never have the excuse of saying that nobody told you.

As for being uneducated there is a good percentage of the immigrant population that has high school and college degrees. They speak better Spanish that the average American speaks english.

Posted by: angie on May 25, 2007 08:31 PM

I was born and raised in Farmers Branch Texas for 14 years. The crime was horrible, the drive bys by the illegal immigrant drug dealers, the kids in school that did not want to learn to speak english, kids getting deported left and right. My brother and I getting threatoned because we were white. The illegal aliens would fire guns at night, they'd catch illegal aliens that were commiting sexual offenses left and right, all of the property values decreased, and we had to move for our lives... seriously (girls getting raped in the alley the whole nine yards)

My stepmother is Korean, she came to America thirty years ago Legally, she speaks english, contributes to America, and became an American Citizen. She can not stand how the illegal immigrants get away with this crap after all she did to become an American.

My cousins are Hispanic, and you know what, they are Legal, and they HATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. IT is not racsit to say get out of here. Has anyone looked at Mexico's immigration laws, they are 2 times as harsh as Americas!!!! Holy Cow!!!

You know what they used to do, when someone would Invade the Border Illegally, they would KILL THEM!!! Shoot them. What would happen if I flew to another country, and then tried to sneak in another country Illegally... Hmm they would either THROW ME IN PRISON.... or KILL ME. HMMMM what is the more humane thing to do.
1. We ask you to leave.

2. We throw you in prison (since that is a serious offense)

3. Worst comes to worse... we have to kill you.

I don't think saying get out, is inhumane. It is not because you are brown, HALF OF MY FAMILY IS BROWN!!! It is because you are illegal. If you are here legally, fine. Welcome. If not get the Hell out. I am sick of it. Has anyone been to a Social Security Office lately? Has anyone been to Parkland Hospital Indigant Sign up Room? Has anyone tried to get charity for food to Feed Your Family? Go, and see what I see. REALITY!!!


Posted by: Jessica Half Hispanic on March 14, 2008 07:02 PM

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