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Farmers Branch Texas Needs Your Help!

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Farmers Branch, Texas, like Hazleton, Pennsylvania is on the front lines of passing local enforcement of immigration laws. Their ordinance includes the "landlords who rent to illegal aliens" portion. They are also facing the full weight of the big groups that support illegal aliens with a lawsuit being filed against them by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund).

If you want to end this illegal alien nightmare we need to support these front line cities and here's where you can help.

Head over to Support Farmers Branch and donate funds. If you are in the area please contact Tim Scott and David Koch at that website as well and give them a hand getting re-elected. if they're not re-elected all their efforts and successes could be reversed!

Get out there and rally for them. Volunteer to distribute flyers!

Here's some more information on their successes so far and the obstacles they face.

We need to stick together America!

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Posted by Digger on May 7, 2007 09:51 AM (Permalink)

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We need to be more consistent here. When a six year old goes into a store for a candy bar, we must make sure she's legal. When selling gas, make sure your customer is legal. Don't sell a pair of jeans to an illegal.

We should criminalize all the above behavior. If we don't sell anything to illegals, they won't stay. Of course, many of us will go broke.

Remember, check everybody's papers for everything. Once we've turned this entire country into a Checkpoint Charlie, we will succeed!

Has anyone seen the papers of the mayor of Farmers Branch, Texas? Is s/he here legally? Hmmm. Could be a cover. We better investigate.

In fact, aren't all Texans illegals? They like to pretend they're their own country. That is until they need federal assistance. Suddenly, they're Americans! Go figure.

Posted by: Karlos on May 9, 2007 02:54 AM

Farmers Branch is trying to back up Federal Laws that already exist but are not being enforced. If that makes it uncomfortable for "Undocumented Aliens" to live here, then so be it! That's the point.

Please help us continue the fight. Once we win on Saturday, the fight will enter it's next stage. The Courts. With enough support, we can and will win the fight to protect our town.

Many say that this is a Federal issue. Well, so is Bank Robbery and kidnapping. Oh, so is tax evasion and identity theft. Should the local police stop going to bank alarms or stop arresting people with stolen checks?
Please help Farmers Branch. Our town will need help from all its friends.

Posted by: Barb on May 10, 2007 04:05 PM

Dear Mayor,
I am an Entertainer living in Nashville and I wish to compliment your community for taking a stand on Illegal Immigration. Here in Tn we are inundated and overrun with illegals. They have literally taken over the city and most of our neighborhoods. The municipality here haven't the guts to make any changes such as your citizens. In time we will come to our senses and deport every last one of them until they understand the meaning of the word "legal." Please do not give in to the idiots who have other agendas and who wish to dilute the beauty and the splendor of our country.
Joe Savage

Posted by: JOE SAVAGE on May 13, 2007 07:16 PM

To the good People of Farmers Branch, Texas.

I lived in central Florida during the 60's and 70's and I am very familiar with the manner in which Illegal Aliens displaced American workers. It is not my intent to condemn anyone for trying to make a better life for themselves and their Children. As an American Citizen I have a duty to uphold and defend the U. S. Constitution, and so does every other Citizen of this Country. It is the "Suppreme Law of the Land".

No where in the U.S. Constitution does it Guarntee that an Illegal Alien has any Constitutional Rights in this Country. It only applies to the Legal Residents and Citizen's of this Country. Your opponents can win only if you let them confuse the Constitutional issues.

Following is a web site that may offer you some ideas and some links to court cases that may assist you. Good Luck to you all.

Posted by: John A. Poston on May 16, 2007 07:11 PM

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