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Obama Lies: 'There was simply no reason not to pass' Dream Act - Illegal Aliens Cry

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How much can you believe a president? There was a time in this country where people actually believed that the president would not come right out with a lie. Of course those days died long before most of us were born, but openly lying by a president just loses them support.

Such is the case today with President Barack Obama and his outright lie about the the Dream Act In a statement after the Dream Act was defeated on the senate floor, Obama came out and said: "There was simply no reason not to pass this important legislation."

There are two scenarios for this statement:

1) He is completely ignorant and has not paid attention to the fact that many in this country have presented a whole host of reasons as to why the Dream Act is bad.

2) He is lying.

The AP has jumped on the "bash the opposition by lying" bandwagon by posting this ridiculous headline after the failure of the Dream Act to pass in the Senate.

"Republicans block youth immigration bill"

Senate Republicans on Saturday doomed an effort that would have given hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants a path to legal status if they enrolled in college or joined the military.

Yes, Republicans = Doom = hate youth

Republican Senators Lugar, Murkowski and Bennett voted for amnesty

They were right in one regard - three republicans were in favor of doom - for the American people. Robert Bennett of Utah, of Alaska and Richard Lugar of Indiana voted in favor of the Dream Act amnesty.

The AP goes on to paint the picture of the disappointed illegal aliens who were standing around and expecting their free handout of citizenship.

Dozens of immigrants wearing graduation mortarboards watched from the Senate's visitors gallery, disappointment on their faces, as the 55-41 vote was announced.

Wait one second while I wipe the tears from my eyes.

Nowhere in the article does it point out that the act would have granted citizenship to those upwards of the age of 30 who absolutely knowingly entered this country illegally.

But lets get back to the important part the AP wants you to focus on... the hate of the downtrodden.

Hispanic activists and immigrant advocates had looked to the bill as a down payment...

It targeted the most sympathetic of the millions of illegal immigrants — those brought to the United States as children, who in many cases consider themselves American, speak English and have no ties to or family living in their native countries.

Oh really? They have no ties to their native countries? I thought the illegal aliens coming into this country were the epitome of family values. That is what President Bush and the press have been telling us for years. If such is the case they very much would have close ties with their relatives back home. Yet, we are fed the lie time and time again that they absolutely and unequivocally know no one back in their home country. The ties were severed. Their family back home is dead to them. Such great, deep family values.

It's all a game whose time has run its course. Most of the people in this country realize the propoganda and lies that the media spreads every time they post something on illegal aliens. The media has fatally shot itself in the foot over the years by becoming so openly against the law that their stories carry no weight or meaning with the people.

Back in the old days they were much more slick. Over the years though, with our declining education system (in part due to the flood of illegal alien children into the system which has overwhelmed it) it is obvious that they are not being taught anymore how to be as slick. They have no debate skills. They have no skills at presenting an argument. They are partisan and pro-amnesty and don't try to hide it. Their rallying argument time and again is simply the bleeding-heart one.

Well, Americans are fed up with it. They realize that there are plenty of Americans that are suffering that their hearts are bleeding for. There are plenty of people in this world who are suffering much more than some illegal alien kid standing there in the latest fashion jeans and shoes and demanding further handouts.

Through all of this we are presented a story that points out that poor old President Obama find the failure of the Dream Act "incredibly disappointing." As if the reader of their sham of an article is supposed to fold and say "Well, gosh durn, if President Obama is incredibly disappointed, well then I musta mist the train on this one. Give those gosh durn illegal aliens their cit'zenship. I justa been hateful not to agree to 'dis here demand."

It is becoming quite evident to even supporters of Obama that if he is "incredibly disappointed" with an outcome, then it is a good thing for this country.

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Posted by Digger on December 18, 2010 02:43 PM (Permalink)

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Posted by: America First on December 18, 2010 04:43 PM

I usually get to bed around 3 am and was up at 7 am to watch this on cspan2. Glad I did! BUT.............
I would not put it passed Hairy to tack it back onto another bill before the session ends... That's the kinda creep my senator is.

Now I still want to know why all these dreamies never started the process to become legal when they "found out" they were illegal? And they're how old now? Up to 30+? It looks like the majority of them had 14-15+ years to get the ball started on citizenship to me!

Merry Christmas dreamies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Nightowl on December 18, 2010 06:51 PM

American people don't even know how hard it is for these guys to keep going. There is no way to become legal in this country but to get in a fake marriage or if you are luky to be granted asylum. 100 years its not enouth , not talking about 30 years or 15. Some times people are so ridiculos when talking about immigration. There is no immigration in this country , we should call it illegalization or deportation. I'm pretty sure that these young kids are a lot smarter then the guys like Amenies.... How to start the process to become legal? Does anybody know? Does Amen know? There is no way. They came here 15,20 years ago and they are in shadow all their lifes. Wake up America,all the world hates you, don't let people that are here to hate you....

Posted by: Ovi on December 19, 2010 01:14 PM

Listen for a minute. These people BROKE THE LAW. Do you get it?? Other countries in the world do not put up with the crap we do. We're finally sick of it! Go to Mexico and see how far you get protesting to be given citizenship.
You say there is no immigration to this country? You prove how little you know about this subject. Every year 1.5 MILLION people immigrate to this country, more than all the other countries in this world COMBINED. If you don't like it, go the hell back to where you came from. We're sick and tired of you coming here breaking our laws and then complaining about the penalties for doing it.
American citizens are paying to educate you illegals, we're paying your medical bills and the birth of your babies and we're paying to imprison the dam thieves, rapists and murderers that many of you are. We're tired of the illegal alien criminal leeches coming here and it's finally come to a head.

Posted by: Tom J. on December 19, 2010 02:09 PM

Poor poor ovi. Please use that free education you stole from us tax paying citizens and LEARN HOW TO SPELL. Then go back to your home country.

Posted by: Nightowl on December 19, 2010 07:19 PM

I think you are too harsh on "aliens", as you call them. Actually, speaking about the USA all of us are aliens in this country. Imagine what Indians may be thinking about you???

Posted by: Douglas@Israel on January 4, 2011 04:23 PM

I agree. There are illegal aliens who do not pay taxes, but there are others who do and yet they do not get any of the benefits that we do. Illegal aliens have NO way to apply for citizenship in this country and most of them were brought in as minors who had no choice but to follow their parents seeking a better life. We ought to open our eyes and do the math so that we may see how much the so called Dream Act would benefit the economy that we claim illegal aliens have destroyed. If you truly love this country of ours, you must see the facts... study them and then talk.

If you don't have time to do the research, take a look at some points I have listed below.

Published on "Immigration Policy Center":
"...It is especially troubling and wasteful that some 2.1 million unauthorized children, American in spirit but not in law, are now enrolled in U.S. schools but will not be able to lawfully gain employment at the end of their education."

This is what Robert J. Sampson said in a study:
"Notably, we found a significantly lower rate of violence among Mexican-Americans compared to blacks and whites... first-generation immigrants (those born outside the United States) were 45 percent less likely to commit violence than third-generation Americans. ... Cities of concentrated immigration are some of the safest places around."

Lets face it, we can't deport every single illegal alien. And as long as we build a fence, they will find a way to jump it. We can't stop it. Now, having this in mind, would y'all rather have 2.1 future criminals OR 2.1 educated people who will no longer be a burden to the government? Think about it, once they are given the opportunity to gain citizenship, they will be motivated to continue studying at a higher level. Then they will be able formulate arguments that will worth listening to. The reason they can not come up with a valuable argument supported by facts, is because our education system has failed and has lost the mindset to "educate" our youth. I think we would be better of not being so close-minded. We ought to think about the future of our kids and grandkids. We lost vision and compassion to help he needy.

So having said this, What do you want for your kids? To be safe among an educated workforce, or not safe among a group of criminals who are upset with this country and with racist people who claim to know it all but are afraid to look the facts. Wake up people. Wake up.

And if you still don't change your mind, then I am truly sorry for us. Our future generations will suffer from our ignorance and negligence.

Posted by: Bob S. on January 18, 2011 06:48 PM

Thank God for people like Bob. You said it all man we need vision and compassion with the needy. I believe America can fix the immigration problem if we stop being so selfish sometimes.

Posted by: Lou on January 24, 2011 05:26 PM

What I want for my children and grandchildren is to live in a country where the law is followed by everyone. Please don't whine about these poor children whose parents brought them here when the were young. Since the parents did not speak English, these children are bi-lingual and could easily assimilate back to their home countries. Why do they cone here and fight for their so called rights? Why not do that at home? How long must the American taxpayer continue to give handouts to the illegals? America allows more immigrants here legallay every year than the rest of the world combined. Apparently that is not enough for the parasites who want everything handed to them. We provide a free education, meals and after school Spanish lessons AKA free day care for 12 years. That is 5 more years of schooling than the average Mexican receives at home. 50% of Mexican women give birth before they are 20 so the cycle continues. Build the double fence, elerctified with land mines in the middle. If you think that is cruel watch some of the videos of illegals abusing Americans everytime someone doesn't want to be taxed for another handout or for flying the AMerican flag in America. This country can't support the entire world and the Mexicans make up the majority of lawbreakers. YES COMING HERE ILLEGALLY IS BREAKING THE LAW. We have plenty of needy Americans. What compassion are we providing them? Instead of being grateful for all America has done for them, they are racist parasites. Legal immigrants are fine and again this country takes more every year than the rest of the world combined. Let's stop with the LaRaza, MALDEV LIES and be honest. There is a legal way to come here and the only reason they are here illegally is because they are not willing to wait their turn. They are not here to help America; they are here to help themselves because even at minimum wage we pay better than Mexico which is not a poor country but a corrupt one. Why does Calderone send books so his citizens (if they are born of Mexican parents, the Mexican constitution considers them Mexican citizens) can learn the Mexican propaganda on Aztlan. They sold the lands that initially belonged to Spain 20 years after Spain gave them their Independence. Last time I checked Spain was in Europe. Spain gave New Spain their freedom and those lands that became part of the US disn't fight to stay with Mexico. In addition, we paid Mexico for those lands. So if Mexico cashed the check, we didn't steal them. Compassion for law breaking parasites my butt!!!!!

Posted by: ann on March 20, 2011 03:09 PM

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