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DREAM Act Defeated In The Senate But Illegal Aliens Remain In Country

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Harry Reid
The so-called "Dream Act", which had nothing to do with the dreams of American citizens and everything to do with the dreams of those illegally in our country, was defeated in a cloture vote today 55-41. It is one of those Saturday votes brought forth by "Dirty" Harry Reid who thought that bringing such things up on a weekend would not get the attention of the American people. The American people were paying attention though and to all of those out there who repeatedly reiterated to your senators that you oppose the Dream Act and amnesty for illegal aliens, I salute you.

It was a long, hard fought battle with arm twisting and the typical sob stories and dirty tricks that showed their dastardly faces time and time again over the last month or two. All the faces were dastardly because those faces of American kids denied a spot in college because of an illegal alien being given precedent were not displayed.

While a minor victory, this win for America does not change the reality that millions of illegal aliens continue to gallivant around this country openly flaunting their illegality and facing no repercussions. It is time in this country for the people to demand that our laws actually be enforced. The government will not do so. The government will not arrest and deport all of those who came out boldly and declared themselves criminals. They will continue to be allowed to remain here unabated.

So, I am not cheering this victory. I will cheer when our government gets serious about the rule of law in this country and actually prosecutes those who break it. A Republic does not work when the laws are not enforced. This Republic also is not currently working, as those who obey the laws are continuing to get the short end of the stick in college placement and in having their taxes going to those who openly break our laws.

The amount of man hours and time that has been spent defeating a reward for lawbreakers is staggering. If they'd just enforce the law the American people could get back to what they're best at - innovation and production - rather than having to spend every other minute of the day looking over their shoulder at how the government is trying to rob, beat and punish them at every turn for being a productive and law abiding citizen.

The current message being sent by our government is to not obey the law, to cheat and steal others identities, and if you do so you will be rewarded for your actions.

Oh and don't you just love this pro-amnesty, bleeding-heart headline from the AP?

"Republicans block youth immigration bill"

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It all seems so very simple: If an American citizen breaks the law he/she is punished for doing so; therefore, when a person of foreign nationality illegally crosses over our borders and is discovered, he/she should be deported IMMEDIATELY without fuss or muss or argument. All lawbreakers should be punished.

But first, the country must make a concerted effort to CLOSE AND TIGHTLY SEAL our now-porous borders so as to prevent any more criminals from breaching our boundaries.

If it takes some time to do these things, so be it; but let's begin right NOW with deportee Number One and quickly follow it up with Number Two and then Three and so on until we reach the twenty-millionth illegal alien inside our borders.

Posted by: Jerry on December 19, 2010 01:30 PM

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