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Life Sentence for Illegal in DWI Death

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(Grand Rapids, Michigan) Last month, Leonel Franco-Avina, a 39-year-old Mexican illegally in the United States, was found guilty by a Kent County jury on charges of second-degree murder and drunken driving causing death.

The conviction stemmed from a November 2009 incident when Franco-Avina was driving while extremely drunk, blood alcohol level measured at 0.425 percent.

While heading south in a northbound lane, Franco-Avina's pickup truck collided with a vehicle driven by 30-year-old elementary school teacher Aaron Haynes. It happened at 7:15 AM and Haynes died on impact.

Yesterday, Leonel Franco-Avina was sentenced to life in prison by Kent County Circuit Court Judge George Buth. Through an interpreter, Franco-Avina expressed remorse.

"I apologize to the family, and I feel bad," Franco-Avina said. "Believe it or not, I lost my family, too. Because of this, I'm here alone, and my family is in Mexico."

Franco-Avina wept as he talked about his ailing mother and the children he will never see again.

Meanwhile, the Haynes family is devastated by the loss of Aaron Haynes, first-grade teacher, husband and father. Sadly, his 10-month-old son is destined to grow up without ever knowing his daddy.

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Posted by Mike Pechar on August 26, 2010 09:23 AM (Permalink)

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Yet another innocent legal American killed by someone who shouldn't have been in the country! Had he not been Mr. Haynes would most likely be teaching and raising his children! Frankly life is too good for the scumbag! Wake up America and demand the invasion be stopped now!!

Posted by: tiredofit2010 on August 26, 2010 01:40 PM

So Leonel wants us to feel sorry for him and his family too?.....cry me a river.
A local nurse was killed a few months ago by an illegal behind the wheel (unlicensed, been cited three times before). He was part of our city's "catch and release" program.

Posted by: robbie on August 27, 2010 02:27 PM

This crap happens all too often, yet Boroko Bama and Nappy are going through the records tossing out deportation orders for those who don't have a criminal history. The problem with that is how do they know? Fake names are hard to connect to real named criminals, and given time........ things just like this will happen. No you say? What if he didn't kill this woman or never was caught? He would have been forgiven and given defacto amnesty the next time!

Posted by: ImNoSpaz on August 27, 2010 04:07 PM

Drunk driving laws are just another law that illegal aliens choose to disregard!They are criminals who come here under the guise of wanting a better life for their families! In reality they just want a more affluent life style! Our government accommodates them by not enforcing our immigration laws and doling out free services. Our congress critters believe that if they give them amnesty , they'll become honest tax payers and voters! Crimes committed by illegal aliens forever change the lives of their victims an their families! It's time to dump the leaders that continue to side with illegal aliens!

Posted by: Sonja on September 2, 2010 12:56 PM

At the end it doesn’t matter what person caused the accident most Mexicans come to this country to get a better education for their children and to work to get a better in life because in Mexico they get paid 50 dollars a day and it doesn’t do nothing image living in a crowded place with children and getting at least 250 a week if your lucky enough to get a job that is willing to pay that much a week and then to pay your bills and to buy food and the clothes that you have to put on your children backs if you really think about whose the person who cuts your grass whose the ones that are in a Chinese restaurant cooking whose the person washing your cars whose the person in the fields picking your fruit and veggies. Mexicans are and if you can every get all of us to go back to Mexico which cant happen who will pick your veggies and fruit black people aren’t because they ended slavery way back and they don’t plan to get in the sun jus for some dollars a day and who will build your houses a black person wont because they do other stuff and you know this is true because Mexicans are the ones who do everything in the united states and at the end we do go back to Mexico after we made enough money to have a house in Mexico and have money left over to live well in Mexico and die in peace but we wouldn’t if there ignorant Mexicans who don’t want us here to make a living and at the end we are not the only people that came from a different country because we all don’t come from the united states even though we were born here our roots come from somewhere else.

Posted by: w3tbak swagg on September 29, 2010 12:17 PM

Its really very hard to go into some place without proper documents. I know for a fact that when you are in the United States you will live life better compared to where you are right now, but I guess that is not all true. Life is also hard in the US especially when you don't have work. Don't bother and give yourself a start in some other ways.

Carmela Lee from Sonnette pour la maison 

Posted by: Carmela Lee on January 5, 2012 05:27 AM

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