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Black Americans Discuss The Impacts Of Illegal Immigration On Their Communities [Video]

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Reverend Wayne Perryman, Ted Hayes, C. Mason Weaver and others address the impact of illegal immigration on the black community in the video below. Unemployment is higher in the black community than in the hispanic community, yet there are those urging an amnesty for illegal aliens. As Ted Hayes points out, some so-called "black leaders" in congress and members of the Congressional Black Caucus do indeed see the devastation of illegal immigration, yet they are afraid to speak out. They don't want to lose votes, they fear violent retaliation in the streets against blacks by hispanics and "they don't want to be called racists".

Enough is enough though! Why would you sit by and watch your communities be destroyed? What kind of leader would do such a thing? It doesn't matter if the community is black, white, hispanic, asian or any other ethnicity, these are Americans we are talking about and they should be defended against this influx of law breakers who are making the lives of the poorest among us a living hell.

Watch the video below and pass it on.

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Posted by Digger on August 26, 2010 06:39 AM (Permalink)

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It's a joke that Blacks like Al Sharpton can go to Arizona and support illegal aliens! It is a travesty that Barry doesn't even address the impact that illegal aliens have on the largest unemployed group in America. They are traitors to America and what it stands for, and a denial of self! I shudder that the ethnic cleansing that Mexicans are systematically doing to Blacks in what was formerly Black neighborhoods in L.A., and no one acknowledges it beyond periodic newspaper reports. The Mexican gangs have literally called it ethnic cleansing, no ambiguity there! This is a microcoism (sp?) of the future of America. Everywhere they go, they set up barrios, no assimilation, just support for Mexico!
America has been brainwashed that the only poor people who really work are Mexicans...they never take the time to look at Mexico and see where these people are coming from. America has forgotten that for generations, including post slavery, Blacks did ALL of the work...and America continued to be a great nation! If Mexicans are so great, then Mex would be a better place.

History will right this as the beginning of the downfall of America, and the disappearance of Blacks. Our leaders consideration of the individiual rights of illegal aliens far outweighs the rights of US citizens. Don't laugh, every ethnic group in America has somewhere to go besides America, Black Americas don't!

Posted by: Lois on August 26, 2010 11:29 AM

America has been brainwashed that the only poor people who really work are Mexicans...America has forgotten that for generations, including post slavery, Blacks did ALL of the work.

I agree with most of your comment - except the above portion. It seems you have also been brainwashed into thinking that ALL of the work was done by blacks in this country.

I'll start off by pointing out the fallacy that there is such a thing as "white privilege". That is another brainwashing. There is indeed privilege, but it is based along the lines of class, not race. There have always been and will always be poor whites who can barely scrape together a nickel after expenses even doing backbreaking work.

There have been more whites, asians, hispanics and blacks who have come to this country as legal immigrants - or been born to law abiding parents - who have worked away at building this country, from physical labor to excruciating reasoning labor than all of the black slaves of the past.

To assert that ALL of the work of this country has been done by blacks is an insult to all of the people of the past who have struggled; from the Irish poor working in ill suited soil to the Chinese mercantile man who risked his life in the west to the American Indian craftsman to the Hispanic field-hand - who all legally put forth an effort to advance not only themselves and their posterity, but to the great benefit of others in this nation.

Posted by: Digger on August 26, 2010 05:50 PM

Excellent video. We should all be doing the same. I'm a resident of Arizona living 5 miles from the border in Cochise County. The mainstream media needs to review what real unbiased factual reporting really is.

I'll be damned if I'll move because some folks don't have a clue. I'm here to stay and I fully support the stand Arizona has taken to protect its citizens.

Posted by: Laura Roberts on August 27, 2010 04:30 PM

Great video and truthfull. As a white legal immigrant raised in L.A. in the construction, landscape industry along with other employment, I have lived in mixed neighborhoods and what is now, predominant Hispanic neighborhoods and I can tell you that whites got a bad rap as racists and that was a lie, the Hispanics are very racist towards whites and mostly blacks. They've told me numerous times their desire is to push blacks out, kill them, don't allow them near their women. Whites they don't like but work with us as they say we have the money. I'm white without the money and too many times I've heard, argued with them over this attitude over reconquista and the ethnic cleasning going on. Sheriff Baca talks of the ethnic cleansing. Gone are the black communities, they are surrounded and assaulted for their skin color, yet these folks are Americans. I've said it for years and was called racist. I support the black community and don't want to see them pushed out or denied jobs. Fight back, for the leaders in Congress have sold them out, due to Democratic votes and flaming the fire of racism every year focusing blame on whites. This is BS !, how many blacks, asians or whites work at Hispanic businesses....few to none.

Posted by: sickoffools on January 17, 2011 04:28 PM

Great video. I agree with you. Until now, I really don't understand why discrimination between the black and white Americans is still present.Their is already Black American leaders in the congress and even the president of the United States is Black. But why do this unemployment is still ranging in your area? I will describe it as racist. Be Fair..Be the Leader..

Anna Marie

Posted by: Anna Marie on January 18, 2012 03:08 PM

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